Is There Still Hope for Cure Anxiety Affiliate Programs?

By Cecille Loorluis
Is There Still Hope for Cure Anxiety Affiliate Programs?


The cure anxiety niche has been around as long as the other evergreen niches (like weight loss and dating/relationship advice) have been. It's one of the more popular niches too. Today we will re-visit this niche and look at it from the perspective of a new affiliate marketer. Is it still relevant? How will we promote a site that features cure anxiety products? Is this niche still worth going into?

Anxiety Disorders: The Lowdown

I first read about anxiety disorders in Paulo Coelho's Veronika Decides to Die. One of the characters in the book suffered so much from anxiety and panic disorder that she chose to lock herself in a mental institution. While the part of locking oneself in a mental hospital seems extreme, her story is not far from reality. In fact, it is the reality for the 270 million or so people across the world who suffer from the various anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders are more common in females, and while these conditions are mostly found in adults, children can suffer from them too. This infographic is from Global Medical Education and it answers not just "What are anxiety disorders?" but proceeds to share the statistics and various treatments for these mental illnesses.

The large number of online products that promise to cure anxiety shows the high demand within this niche. This may be one of the reasons why this niche remains in the list of top evergreen niches. It's no surprise then to go into Traffic Travis and find that some of the good keywords in the cure anxiety niche have high competition.


Cure Anxiety - Traffic Travis

There are good information keywords and how-tos that are low competition, but the best ones with buyer intent are mostly in the medium- to high-competition range.


Cure Anxiety Traffic Travis Results


Most likely I'll be targeting keywords like "anxiety disorder symptoms" (3,600 global search, low competition), "how to treat anxiety" (2,400 global search, medium competition) and "how to cure anxiety" (1,900 global search, medium competition). This is just by looking at the keywords in Traffic Travis right now. I can still get more keywords once I have decided on what products to promote as I can scour the product sales pages for crisis keywords.

I went to Ubersuggest and typed in "cure anxiety," one of the keywords I had in mind while looking for information on this niche. I found several good keywords to look into like "anxiety cure book review." Some keywords are also specific enough for me to go into a sub-niche within this niche like "cure separation anxiety baby" and "cure anxiety in children."


Ubersuggest Cure Anxiety Results B Ubersuggest Cure Anxiety Results C

The Cure Anxiety Affiliate Programs

Now that we've looked at the keywords, let's take a look at the cure anxiety affiliate programs. The first place I went to was ClickBank and they have a lot of products on how to cure anxiety like The Linden Method, Panic Miracle and The How To Beat Anxiety Program 2.0.


The Linden Method - ClickBank


The best of the lot are The Linden Method and Panic Away. Not only do they have higher gravity than the other products, their sales pages are also the most appealing. They offer free eBooks and other materials that you can use to review their programs or provide to users. They offer 30 to 60% commission. Panic Away has an up-sell to a subscription product that gives you a further commission on each re-bill.


Panic Away - ClickBank

I found a few cure anxiety affiliate programs on E-junkie like Dr. Dufford's Self Help Tools. They offer a 25% commission for promoting their self-help MP3s and CDs.

Dr. Duffords Self Help Tools - E-junkie is another affiliate program on E-junkie. They offer eBooks and audio that help ease stress and fight anxiety disorders. They give out a 50% commission for each sale.

Anxiety Slayer E-junkie

David Bonham-Carter is a life coach and he offers life coaching books, including a stress and anxiety toolkit. You can get a 50% commission from Click2Sell for promoting his books.

David Bonham Carter - Click2Sell

Amazon and eBay offer a wide array of eBooks and audio that can help cure anxiety. If you are part of their affiliate networks, then you can tap into these resources and promote them on your site as well.

Promoting Cure Anxiety Sites: Ways to Keep Your Site Up

Once you've got your keyword list and your products and have the site up, the next great step is link building. This is crucial, and this is where most of us marketers get stumped. I find that thinking of link-building methods on the side, as you are putting up the site, helps you create a link-building strategy that you can use once the site is completely set up.

So how do we build links to a site that promotes products that cure anxiety?

Amazon Kindle Traffic

The Kindle Store is currently the world's biggest eBook store. There's plenty of traffic you can get from the Kindle Store and all it takes is creating one eBook about how to cure anxiety. You can make the eBook free (who doesn't like a freebie?), or paid (a little money on the side won't hurt), but make sure that within that eBook is a link to your site, or links to relevant articles on your site.

The great thing about about the traffic you'll get from the Kindle Store is that it's targeted. The people who need information on how to cure anxiety are the people who are most likely to read an eBook about curing anxiety, so you're getting people who are already interested in the niche onto your site.

Forum Commenting

I mentioned in a previous Niche of the Week post that people who share a common issue or concern tend to form support groups to spread information and help each other. There are plenty of anxiety forums that you can join and help out in. Again, keep in mind that your main goal in these forums is to help, not sell.

Members may criticize you for promoting products that promise to help cure anxiety. Be tactful and polite at all times, making sure to provide useful information and observe the forum's rules.

Social Media Marketing

I tend to include social media marketing in my link-building strategy for most niches. This is because social media sites are big these days. These are sites that get plenty of traffic daily. Search engines recognize the relevance of social media sites and are more likely to rank your page high if that page gets shared enough on social media sites. So, this particular method not only gets you backlinks, it gets you brownie points in search engines for relevance AND gets your site traffic. Definitely a link-building must-have.

The Cure Anxiety Niche: Will it keep you up at night?

Based on keyword research and the abundance of cure anxiety affiliate programs as well as the numerous anxiety forums and support groups, the cure anxiety niche is a very busy one. It's quite competitive, and it's really no wonder as there is a huge demand for products that can, at the very least, reduce anxiety. You can earn much from this niche if you set up the site right and promote it well.

The only sore thumb sticking out in this otherwise worthwhile niche is that you may not be able to get review copies of the product, and, if you're free from anxiety disorders, you will not be able to test the product and see if it actually works. This is a problem because, if you do forum/blog commenting, you will certainly come across individuals who claim such and such product is a scam, or doesn't work. It might be the product you're promoting, and if so, how would you put the product in a positive light then?

Apart from that, the cure anxiety niche remains as one of the most popular evergreen niches. There are plenty of reasons why—the biggest of all being that you get to earn while providing help and valuable information to those affected by these disorders.

I hope you find this niche of the week interesting and useful. If you do, then please share this with your friends and colleagues using the share buttons under this post. Feel free to leave your comments below!

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junaid ahmed 11 years ago
i totally agree
Leo Newbiesup 11 years ago
Thanks so much for sharing this niche and your thorough thoughts/methods.
I just joined your Email list yesterday and visited this post from the newsletter.

It seems I find the right place ;)

Cecille Loorluis 11 years ago
Hi Leo,

I'm glad to hear you signed up for our newsletter! You will find a lot of valuable content on our site, not just in the Affilorama Blog, but in the lessons and our forum as well. :)

Have a great weekend!
Lee 11 years ago
Hi Cecille and Mark,

Great article and interesting timing. I am a customer of AffiloBlueprint and built this site from the training. I was about to list it for sale due to other projects taking up majority of my time.

Since this article goes into depth on the topic and its great potential, I though I'd offer it to one of your readers if anyone was interested in taking this niche of the week further. I'd be happy for you to evaluate it based on your knowledge of the subject. You can keep this post private or edit it to suit the comment thread.

Please let me know your thoughts...

Many Thanks and Regards,

Chris Rogers 11 years ago
Thank you Cecille,
I understand the niche part, but I can never envision the actual site ....
"What would a site like that look like"
I obviously am not an expert in a topic like that,
Do I have to have my own name on it ?
Is it a blog or ??
Thx again
Cecille Loorluis 11 years ago
Hi Chris,

Thanks for your comment.

"What would a site like that look like"

>>> You could make the site look like an information or resource site where you have articles on anxiety (what it is, what triggers it, etc) and various cures for anxiety.

If you've experience anxiety, then you can share your experience through a blog and within that blog recommend cure anxiety products.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
Tony Lam 11 years ago
Thanks for this article
Its given me confidence in my website again
My site is basically as Cecille described lol, least I know im doing it right now
Just need to promote it
Cecille Loorluis 11 years ago
Hi Tony,

You're welcome! :)

I took a look at your site and it appears to be using Affilotheme. However, there are missing elements on the design. Please log in to your Wordpress Dashboard and go to Affilotheme > Design and Layout then pick the same child theme and layout, then Save Settings. That should re-insert the child theme.

I hope that helps. Have a good day!
MLM Marketing 11 years ago
Man you are giving away one of my niches lol.. great stuff i will incorporate this in my other sites.
Cecille Loorluis 11 years ago

Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you found my post informative! :)

Have a good day!

Tyronne Ratcliff 11 years ago
Solid content Cecille. I love these niche of the week blog posts. I plan on diving into a few other niches myself. Have a good one!
Cecille Loorluis 11 years ago
Hi Tyronne,

I'm glad you like our Niche of the Week posts! If you have any suggestions for Niche of the Week, just let us know. :)

Have a great week!
Patrick Welser 10 years ago
Hi Cecille,
thank you for describing this very popular niche. I have always been interested in the topic of panic attacks and anxiety, since I myself have been a sufferer of general anxiety for many years, even though I am doing a lot better now. I have also been involved in marketing online, and have offered a product on coping with panic attacks. Like you said, I have found this to be a very competitive niche, but the number of people who are looking for help is very large and there is still a lot of demand for stop anxiety programs. Take care,
7 years ago
Nice blog! I really enjoy reading about it. Thank you for sharing all the information about, Hope that i seen more of your reviews whenI'mi back. Once again thank you.
justin cabrera 4 years ago
Hey Cecile -

Great post, I personally suffer from an anxiety disorder for 15 years. Tho I am much better now, I do have my own anxiety related blog and you are right it is a very busy niche lol. However you are right about going into an anxiety niche and being anxiety free. I did my research on a a lot of anxiety blogs and based on their content I knew their reviews and experiences were not genuine and I could not trust their content off the bat. Great article !