Grow-Taller Affiliate Programs: Take Your Earnings To New Heights

By Cecille Loorluis
Grow-Taller Affiliate Programs: Take Your Earnings To New Heights


Looking for new niches can lead to interesting discoveries. I was very much surprised to find out there are grow-taller affiliate programs. I guess if there are affiliate programs for curing acne and losing weight then it's only natural to have affiliate programs for other "beauty" issues like growing taller. I'd like to be taller, sure, but I have long ago accepted that I am way past my growth spurt and will remain at 5'2". I would really rather lose weight and get flawless skin, but I guess there are people out there who want to be it all: thin, tall and flawless.

So let's all take a look at these grow-taller affiliate programs and see if there's money to be made in this niche. 

What's Up with Height? 

I tried to look for statistics on grow-taller products but was not able to find any. All I found were products and affiliate programs. There are a lot, so I suppose there is a strong demand for these products. Now, why would there be a high demand for this niche? 

I went through Wikipedia and read a bit about human height. I found out that certain studies have shown that height can affect overall health. Taller doesn't mean better, as far as health is concerned, but when it comes to most sports and occupation, height IS might. Being tall does not necessarily mean more beautiful or more handsome, but then, no one has ever said "short, dark and handsome," right? 

Lofty Keywords 

I went to my favorite keyword research tool, Traffic Travis, and searched for keywords in the grow-taller niche. 

Grow Taller Keywords - Traffic Travis

Looking at the global monthly search results, it appears there's plenty of interest in this particular niche. There are a lot of keyword variations that I can use, most if not all of them with low competition. I can also make my site on this niche gender-specific or age-specific by targeting keywords like "how women can grow taller" or "grow taller exercises for girls."

I checked out Ubersuggest too for more keyword variations and just as I thought, I can target specific genders and ages in this niche. 

UberSuggest A UberSuggest B

Tiptop Programs

As I said earlier in my post, you would sooner find grow-taller products and affiliate programs than statistics on the products. 

ClickBank has plenty of grow-taller products that you can promote—in particular, Grow Taller 4 Idiots and How to Grow Taller. 

Grow Taller for Idiots

Grow Taller 4 Idiots is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, products among grow-taller affiliate programs. Judging by the gravity, it is selling well, despite claims by some in the grow-taller community that it is a scam. How to Grow Taller is another well-known product. Both offer a 50% commission. 

How To Grow Taller - Clickbank

Click2Sell is another affiliate network that has grow-taller programs. You can promote Grow Taller 4 Idiots using their network and earn a 75% commission. They also offer Grow Taller Dynamics as well as HeightChallenged. You earn a 75% commission on the former and 50% on the latter. 

Click2Sell - HeightChallenged

Grow Taller Dynamics

I came across another grow-taller affiliate program: Adding Height. Their affiliate network is ARI CASH. They offer a flat rate for each sale, instead of a percentage. The commissions are usually between $40 and $125, depending on the product.

Surprisingly, MarketHealth, the affiliate network for health and fitness affiliate programs, does not have grow-taller affiliate programs. I didn't find any CPA offers, nor were there any programs available through ShareASale or Commission Junction—at least, none that weren't already on ClickBank. 

Ramping Up Your Sales

Keep in mind that many people looking for ways to grow taller are searching not just for solutions, but for support as well. There are plenty of support sites out there, usually in the forms of forums, blogs, and communities on social media sites. Having said that, the primary outlets for promoting grow-taller products are:

Social Media Sites

Join groups on social media sites like the Let's Grow Taller group on Facebook. Join the group and connect with the users by participating in discussions and sharing content from your site, as well helpful information you find online about how to grow taller.

Forum and Blog Commenting

There are plenty of forums that you can participate in, like the Grow Taller Forum. I was not able to find suitable blogs. Most of the blogs looked a bit sketchy, with no option to leave comments, so forums are a better option. Always keep in mind that participating in forums is not just about building links—it's about building a reputation for yourself and your site. Make sure to provide helpful information to fellow members. 

Forum discussions are a great way to find new keywords to target, as well as to learn about new products or which products do not work. You can then share this information on your own site. 

YouTube and Other Video-Sharing Sites 

You could create video presentations or reviews of the products you're promoting and present testimonials from users of the products. Don't forget to place your affiliate link or a link to your website in the video description! 

Grow-Taller Affiliate Programs: Thumbs Up or Down?

This is an interesting niche, and the commissions look good. There's definitely earning potential here and while the niche is competitive, there are good keywords you can target that have low competition. 

The main challenges are promoting your site and the products. It's difficult to promote a product that you have not tried yourself or, in my case, do not wish to try. In the course of my research on this niche, I came across several sites listing some of the above products (and most grow-taller products) as scams. You will face these same critics in the forums. 

The amount you can earn could make it all worth the effort though. Before going into the grow-taller niche, make sure you've got a link-building strategy set up and that you've read about all the issues on increasing one's height. 

I hope you like this week's niche, and if you do, please share this article on your favorite social networks using the social share buttons below. If you want to know more about how to find your own niche, then be sure to check out AffiloBlueprint! 

Comments or suggestions? Leave them below! :) 

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