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ClickBank Marketplace to fix Screwy Listings

ClickBank Marketplace to fix Screwy Listings

ClickBank have recently announced some major improvements to the ClickBank Marketplace in an effort to make it easier for vendors to rank higher and affiliates find relevant products to promote.

It appears in part that these changes have been driven by feedback from vendors that complained of competing products ranking higher than theirs, even though these competing products had nothing to do with their chosen category. Since vendors are limited to one category this proved frustrating and vendors felt they were missing valuable opportunities to be noticed by the affiliates they were desperately trying to reach.

Feedback has also come from affiliates saying they found the Marketplace difficult to use and had trouble finding good products to promote, leading to a lot of affiliates abandoning the search tool altogether.

The new and improved Marketplace due for release in January 2010 plans to include the following enhancements:

  • New categories and subcategories – This will address vendors’ concerns about competing with unrelated products and allow them to target their niche more accurately.
  • More relevant search results – The enhanced search tool will make it easier for affiliates to find great products for their niche. The search tool will even review the vendor's landing page, improving the relevancy of the search results.
  • More sort and filter options - For the first time, affiliates will be able to filter sites on specific product attributes, such as software, German-language, or upsell-enabled. Also, users of the Marketplace will be able to sort or filter sites using any of the ClickBank stats. This will make it much easier to find relevant and profitable affiliate programs to promote.

The changes will help bring vendors and affiliates closer together, helping more vendors get noticed in their target niche and affiliates to find great products to promote.

For vendors, the category change will mean they will receive notification in mid-December of their new category. Vendors can apply to ClickBank to change to a different category, or have their product removed altogether.

With more categories and better search relevancy, affiliates can look forward to finding new and interesting products to promote, (not to mention being better able to sniff out the high-performing affiliate programs!) and vendors can anticipate improved awareness in the marketplace and increased sales.

It's great to see ClickBank responding to feedback from users. Here’s to more of the same in future!

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  • Reply Bruce Mackay3511 days ago

    This sounds good but I wonder I always felt going there that of the estimated ten thousand products.Nine thousand were Forex and stuff no one wanted to promote.

  • Reply Robyn Howard3509 days ago

    This is great!!!! I had these same problems when searching through clickbank. Also, I couldn't find some products that used clickbank that I wanted to promote in the marketplace. I am excited about the change!

  • Reply elpatron3509 days ago

    Yeah Im exited with this news....

  • Reply Franck Silvestre3508 days ago

    Great, can't wait to see that.


  • Reply Lucky Hilderman3508 days ago

    Thanks for the Heads-Up! We can all use more help when it comes to earning money online!

  • Reply Roy Miller3507 days ago

    Already received prior notification of this from clickbank.Will wait to see how it turns out in practice.

  • Reply william eckard3506 days ago

    That's good news! They did not get the relevancy of keyword searches right in the past. I am sure this will be a nice improvement. Roll on January!

  • Reply Kathleen Vanbeekom3505 days ago

    There are a lot more Clickbank products that are not listed in the Marketplace. I found out as a vendor that if we don't make at least one sale within 30 days, that product will be removed from the marketplace. So there are TONS more Clickbank products than we see there. Our removed products still have workable buy buttons, but since they aren't listed in the marketplace, we can't get more affiliates to promote, only ourself as the vendor and the affiliates we had prior to our listing being removed. So either the removed products were not popular or the pitch-pages were not pulliing in sales.

  • Reply 3505 days ago


  • Reply Chris Goddard3505 days ago

    Hi Vianna - try our Lessons Section, or the Forum - both great places to get started.

  • Reply donateloads • 3504 days ago

    The people who're familiar with the secrets behind clickbank make HUGE profits online without hard effort.

  • Reply Wesley Gordon Carrington3504 days ago

    A. When do I start building my site ??

    B. Who is my host ??

    C. What will be my web site name.

  • Reply jossef salman • 3498 days ago

    Its time for click bank to be more easier to find products, instead of using other services to search clickbank products

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