Best software to create squeeze pages?

By Simon Slade
Best software to create squeeze pages?


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This weeks question from John: What is the best software to create squeeze pages?

We have recently had a lot of people writing in asking us what the best software for creating squeeze pages for affiliate websites. So I got Mark to record a quick video explaining what he uses to create his squeeze pages on his affiliate sites. Enjoy!

What software do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

Rudolf vda 14 years ago
Say Mark it would be great if you could offer us landing page and squeeze page templates! I find it very tough to find any of these templates and if I do find a free one it's often rubbish - amateuristic looking and simplistic. I could just really use a templates that have the basic building blocks so I can fill them in myself, perhaps even in different levels, e.g. you've got those extremely long sales copies but also shorter ones, squeeze pages, long short and with or without video and whatnot. Thanks!
Andi | Web Marketer Depot 14 years ago
@ Rudolf55
You can just customize the basic squeeze page with free web design software like NVu. It's so simple to customize anything in the design mode.
jackie baird 14 years ago
the guy talked to fast i could hardly hear him, i didn't get the last thing i got dreamweaver but the other one i didn't.
Bill Wynne 14 years ago
I use Dream Weaver as well but it is an investment. My friend was using Komposer but it wrote some really bad code and was hard for him to clean up. There are a lot of compatibility issues from browser to browser so make sure you test.
Steve Benedict 14 years ago
That comment on the guy talking too fast really hit home. I thought it was just me. I also noticed it on George Browns webinar. Between the slight accent, his penchant for fading out the last part of his if he were unsure of himself..or maybe just his manner of was difficult to hear him and make my brain translate what he was saying. Mark is better, but still goes a little fast, especially if I'm taking notes. I know I can rewind, but that ruins the flow.

Just my 2 cents worth ( isn't that about what the US dollar is worth down under).
jonnyandrews 14 years ago
Hey all im new here my name is jonny andrews, hopefully I will be a good contributer to this forum!jonny andrews
Keith 14 years ago
I use the squeeze theme plugin and for wordpress sites, there's nothing easier or better. (And no, that's not an affiliate link.)
Chris 12 years ago
The best squeeze page software is

It's easy to use and comes with hosting and a free autoresponder. Has 60+ squeeze page templates to choose from and setup takes seconds.
NichesMarket 12 years ago
I normally include freebies in my squeeze page to increase opt-in rate.
sar 11 years ago
Is it possible to get a free opt-in pop up box for wordpress?
11 years ago
I am a Rookie and wanted some more detailed information. For me , this video was too short.
Audrey Ree 10 years ago
Should I buy a software for a video squeeze page or go to a website maker for it?
Cecille Loorluis 10 years ago
Hi Audrey,

The are plugins you can use to create a squeeze page and a squeeze page with embedded video like WP Lead Plus.

Affilotheme includes a squeeze page creator that allows you to upload videos on it:

Hope that helps. Have a good day!