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AffiloBlueprint Goes Live!!

AffiloBlueprint Goes Live!!

After months of long hours and late nights, we here at Affilorama are proud to bring you AffiloBlueprint 2.0!

Mark and all our team have put in a massive amount of effort to bring you what we think is quite possibly the best affiliate marketing training package on the internet.

In over 20 hours of video, AffiloBlueprint will show even complete novices how to create a successful and profitable affiliate site in any niche you choose, using easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

To find out more go to the Launch Page now!!


We hope you enjoy!

Affilorama Team

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  • Reply Christoph Dollis3709 days ago


    I'm in.

    Thanks, guys and gals.

  • Reply John Comley3708 days ago

    Yes, so how does one blog something on your site???
    This is a GREAT site . . . . just can't work this out!

  • Reply Franck Silvestre3708 days ago

    Another winner Mark.

    Well done,


  • Reply johnson lee3708 days ago

    I'm newbie

    hi, every one


  • Reply mastercands3708 days ago

    Tell me: even if i got your product :... do I need the PPCbully or your product cover everything

  • Reply Chris Goddard3708 days ago

    Thanks everyone, yeah we're really excited!

    @JohnComley Sorry, our blog is for Affilorama staff only.

    @MasterCands I'm afraid I'm not familiar with PPCBully. AffiloBlueprint teaches you everything you need to know to create a successful and profitable affiliate site.

  • Reply Nick Fauchelle3708 days ago

    and occasional guest bloggers do post ;-)

  • Reply MARK BARKOW3707 days ago

    are the websites that are created wordpress?

  • Reply mastercands3707 days ago

    Hey ...

    cool question: what should I do if my country does not appear at www.clickbank.com?

    I am From Mozambique (near south Africa).

  • Reply Joe Perez3707 days ago

    Hello everyone

    I have a quick question hope someon can help me out. Yesterday i purchased the affiloblueprint course, logged in, sorted through all the videos etc and everything was fine but now i cant access the affiloblueprint course and im showing up as a regular member not even a premium member anymore. Anyone had or has the same problem?

  • Reply Chris Goddard3706 days ago

    We have two main threads of learning in AffiloBlueprint - we have lessons on Wordpress, in which we also have a custom Wordpress template. We also do lessons in XSitePro, which is a pretty standard web-building software.

  • Reply Cathy Davies3706 days ago

    Yes I'm having a problem too. When I try to clik on affilioblueprint 2.0 button it takes me to the sales page. Everything was fine for me yesterday.

    Help - I was on a roll!



  • Reply Louis Cremony3706 days ago

    I also purchase the course for $197 and I am not able to access or download the course. Can someone help me with this . Thanks

  • Reply Joe Perez3706 days ago

    Never mind my question i has already been taken care of :)

  • Reply Dominique Falla 3703 days ago

    Hi guys. Loving the course. I'm up to week 5 already!! I'm obsessed! Only trouble is, I can't use Traffic Travis as I have a Mac. Any plans to release a Mac version? Any alternatives that I can use that are Mac compatible? All the search engine tools look sooo useful.


  • Reply Louis Cremony2272 days ago

    Hey guys. Do anyone know how to add a horizontal menu to a affiliorama website. I can't find any place where I can create a menu.


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