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Affiliate Links - Open in New Window or Same?

Affiliate Links - Open in New Window or Same?

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This weeks question from Renato: When building an affiliate website should affiliate links Open in new window or same?

Mark recorded a quick video explaining his thoughts on best practices for opening affiliate links for your visitors. Enjoy!

New or Same Window, whats your preference? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Reply manuel cadag3372 days ago

    Thanks for this info, it helps me with my under construction blog site.

  • Reply Tony Jallit • 3371 days ago

    I usually make the page open in a different window too. But I don't think it makes much of a difference either.

  • Reply marco harkema3368 days ago

    well, i caught my self allot when there is a site, that has a link, an doesnt open a new window. when i have readed it i clik the close button, and than i lost the site. and i not always want to search for the site again. so i think it is better to open a new window. so people will not exedently cloe the YOUR site

  • Reply Rich Beagle3365 days ago

    How would I go about it as opening a new frame without leaving the site?

  • Reply ampie_g3364 days ago

    @Beager You can open your links open in a new window by setting target = "_blank". Check out this forum post http://www.affilorama.com/forum/post19505.html

  • Reply Jeam • 3363 days ago

    Thank you for the info this info helps my site.

  • Reply amadeus schneider3358 days ago

    i've signed up for the affiliate program and can not see my affiliate id. also how it works, is it trough click bank or what? thx so much and looking forward to hear from you

  • Reply ampie_g3357 days ago

    @onlyamadeus You do need to enter your Clickbank ID to complete the registration as an affiliate of Affilorama. You can do that here https://www.affilorama.com/affiliates
    If you need further assistance, please email us at support@affilorama.com.

  • Reply joe • 3354 days ago

    thanks for the info. I was always unsure how to handle this.

  • Reply GlobeSpot.Net • 3350 days ago

    in new window is a good solution, main page is still open too

  • Reply VeryCoolCases (for iphone, ipad, ipod, etc!) • 2561 days ago

    I always make my affiliate links from photos or text open in a new window, though each time I do I wonder to myself if that's the way I should be doing things.

    My logic is the same as yours, Mark, that since I have multiple links or products on a page, I prefer readers to stay and browse longer. Plus, since the internet is so distracting, if they get lost on the site that opens in a new window for a few minutes or even hours, when they close that window, my page will still be there as a reminder of what they were looking at before they got distracted! (Based on my own experience of internet ADD of course :)

    It's much less likely that they'll come back to my site through the back button or not if they've spent a lot of time browsing since they left.

    Thanks for the video!

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