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How do i get my affiliate links to open in a new window?

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How do i get my affiliate links to open in a new window?


When I click on an affiliate link on my site i'd like for it to open in a new window instead of just the same window that my site is on, can anyone tell me how i can do this please?
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Hi Jake,

All you need to do is type the following html

< a href="http://www.yourdomainname.com" target=_"blank">youranchortexthere</a>

Your anchor text is anything you choose, it could be your targeted keyword or simply 'click here'

Hope this helps,

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Also, If you are using Xsitepro you can just choose the _blank option when adding a link.

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Hi wall69,
Where would one type that html code at, How does it work with your link? Do you type it in as part of your link? I don't get it

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