21 year old makes $54,000 a month

By Affilorama Group
21 year old makes $54,000 a month


How is it possible for a 21 year old to be earning over $54,000 a month and achieve in this in just over two years?

Ryan Moran is living proof that it’s not only possible but relatively straightforward to achieve.

In fact, in a 60 minute interview Mark Ling grills Ryan to get the low down on his system which has, and continues, to make him a lot of money. Some of the burning questions Mark gets answers to include:

  • What system do you recommend people use to find a profitable niche?
  • What makes you succeed in being a top affiliate where others struggle?
  • Why do targeted landing pages work so well?
  • Should you use bonuses to make a sale?
  • How can you effectively use video on your site?

Ryan discusses his own methods of building websites that became generic portals that were cleverly designed to funnel shoppers to specific, highly-targeted offer pages with product reviews that contained his affiliate links. He also talks about how he was able to build authority sites that became popular with Google, thus attracting even more traffic.

"…I did a lot of things accidentally that were correct, and sales started coming in, and from there I scaled that website into something that was pretty special…"

The interview includes a brief case study of a site that is still making sales for Ryan, despite being mostly unchanged in recent times. The site, www.dropshipprofits.org, nicely demonstrates the funnel system he uses to quickly generate high traffic volumes.

In another case study, Ryan outlines the benefits of video, how he takes advantage of the YouTube SEO benefits and gives a few tips for those thinking of using video on their own site, including those who suffer from camera shyness and don’t want to show their face to the world.

Listening to Ryan’s interview, you also pick up some interesting side points along the way. One that caught my eye (or is that ear) was why Google makes good use of concise little boxes for the majority of their advertising. When asked by a fellow internet marketer to describe a Google AdSense page, Ryan thought he was kidding and said "They’re narrow and off to the side." His friend replied "Yeah, you know why they’re so narrow and so boxy? ‘Cause that’s how the eye works. That’s how your eye sees things. It sees things in boxes. In small little concise boxes. A lot of e-commerce sites know this and they structure their sites around putting things in boxes."

Using Joomla (a CMS that makes it very easy to put things in boxes!), Ryan starting employing this technique and found his sites had a significant increase in stickiness, how long people stayed on his site. Ryan said it "sounded totally hokey" to him but when he tried it, it worked and his doing a lot more conversions as a result.

Ryan’s story is realistic too, he talks about starting with a minimal budget, $5 a day, and how he made some mistakes along the way, using a flawed AdWords business model that looking back he realises was never going to work.

The great thing about Ryan Moran is that he speaks from his own experience, what’s worked for him and what hasn’t. Ryan’s story is a useful insight into how the core fundamentals of affiliate marketing can work for anyone, even someone as youthful as Ryan. Ultimately the point of listening to Ryan’s story is so that you can go and copy his system and experience great success for yourself. Go to it! Listen to the 60-minute interview now.

ps To get an even more in-depth insight into tracking down smoking hot niches, Ryan decided to interview the big money earners and learn their secrets. For more information on this project and what he learnt visit nuclearnichesexclusive.com.

Magda van Dyk 14 years ago
Hi Mark,

I went to nuclearnichesexclusive.com and the following warning appeared after I clicked through on the link:

"Reported attack site.

This web site at www.theaffiliategod.com has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences."

Do you have any info on this?
Chris Goddard 14 years ago
The site might have been hacked - this sometimes happens. I would avoid the site for the time being.