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Top 11 niches for newbie affiliates


#1 Weight loss

This is a HUGE niche that appeals to a very wide audience. Pretty much everyone is interested in losing weight at some point in their lives. You don’t even necessarily need to focus your website on weight loss. Any website that appeals to women aged 35+ can make good sales of weight loss products.

#2 Dog training

This is an unusual (and fantastic) niche because with 500 dog breeds and around 15 common dog behavior problems there a THOUSANDS of search terms to target. A misbehaving dog is a big problem, so these people are willing to spend money on a solution. People in this niche are passionate about their dogs and love learning about them and spending money on them. Good news for you!

#3: Self-help

I call this the “health, wealth, romance and mindset” niche. It’s actually a cross-section of a lot of other niches — basically anything to do with improving yourself, your relationships or your situation in life. People in this niche tend to be ADDICTED to self-help products. They don’t see a problem in spending money on multiple products because they’re investing in themselves. Great opportunities for ongoing commissions here.

#4: Dating and relationships for men

Subscribers to a newsletter list in this niche tend to stay subscribed for years, because it's something that almost all men have an ongoing interest in, whether they're partnered up or not. It is, in essence, a men's "self help" niche. If you have a list in this niche you can promote products even if they're not directly related to attracting women: General relationship products, self-help products, muscle-building products, weight loss products ... even make-money-online products!

#5: Dating and relationships for women

I have a lot of personal experience in this niche. I myself have done 7 figures in revenue in the past 12 months, and I personally know dozens of others doing 6-figures or more. There are a LOT of high quality, high converting products to promote. It’s an absolute dream for affiliates. There are also a lot of places to advertise, and a lot of potential for traffic and conversions. I personally love this niche.

#6: Make money online (Internet marketing)

Of all the niches, this one delivers the average dollars per subscriber due to the high price of products you’ll promote and the passion/pain experienced by prospects. Many prospects will see these products as being good investments, so conversions can be relatively high. It’s not unusual for affiliates (like you) with a big subscriber list to earn tens of thousands of dollars from the launch of one $2000 product. (These sorts of launches happen very regularly in this niche.)

#7: Making money (in general)

Slightly different from the “make money online” niche, but with a lot of crossover. These people might not be specifically interested in making money online. They’re just interested in business opportunities in general: Things like equities and stocks, forex, real estate strategies, etc. Again, lots of big-ticket products for you to promote, with big commissions.

#8: Spirituality and alternative beliefs

Closely related to the self-help niche, with a big crossover in demographics. Subscribers in this niche love discovering more about themselves and their place in the universe. They particularly love getting free reports about themselves (which easily convert to paid products).

#9: Diet/nutrition

Closely related to weight loss, but appealing to a broader range of people. These people are interested in what they put into their bodies for different reasons: For weight loss, for muscle-building and fitness, to solve health issues, or just generally because they want to live a long and healthy life.

#10: Muscle building

If weight loss is largely oriented at females, muscle building is the male equivalent. It’s also a massive niche. People are willing to spend big bucks to pack on more muscle and get better bodies. This niche covers aspects of weight loss, diet, training, and health supplements.

#11: Survival

A lot of people are worried about potential future economic disaster or natural disaster, and they like to read about ways to protect themselves, their families and their interests if the SHTF (sh**hits the fan). There are a lot of people aged 50+ in this market, and they’re highly political, so there’s a lot of places you can advertise (political lists, blogs etc).