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Why do Internet Marketers sell their system to others?

Internet Marketers who create a training or software product related to affiliate marketing generally really enjoy teaching and passing on their knowledge to others. It costs a LOT of money and time to create a product, so it's not something that anybody enters into lightly! In fact, only successful internet marketers have the necessary capital to create one.

Creating a product is also a way for top affiliate marketers to reach the next level in their business. When they are already doing really well from affiliate sales, they start to look around for the next step – and that is invariably turning their success into a product and showing others how to achieve the same thing.

At Affilorama, we promote only internet marketing products that we've reviewed and usually used, and that we feel would be of use to Affilorama members. You can rest assured we do not promote products that do not work.

Of course, not every product we promote is going to be useful to everyone. But as we have members at all different stages of affiliate marketing, we try to promote a broad range of tools and training kits so that there is something for everyone, if and when they want it.