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Affiliate Marketing : How to Get Started?

A lot of people have the perception that affiliate marketing is a 'get quick rich' scheme and therefore not a real business. This just simply isn't true.

Affiliate marketing isn't a pyramid-selling scheme, and it's not a tool for scammers and spammers. Affiliates are regular people looking to earn some extra cash from their websites, or individuals wanting a serious work-at-home business that they can perform from anywhere in the world, with serious earning potential.

Mark Ling, the founder of Affilorama, started making money with a simple website linking to a dating website via a banner ad. At the time, lots of his friends were skeptical and didn't believe it would work. But they stopped laughing long ago now that he makes in a few days what they earn in one year! Today Mark employs 30 staff, has just built a new house and goes on regular world trips.

The point is, it takes time to become successful with affiliate marketing - but it's possible and lots of people do it all over the world. Mark has since taught hundreds of friends, family members and Affilorama students to supplement their income or make a full-time living from affiliate marketing. He's a proven teacher and you'll reap the benefit of all his experience in the Affilorama course.

When we say "affiliate marketing" we're actually talking about a bunch of things:

  • How to find good products to promote
  • How to build websites
  • How to do market research
  • How to get your site appearing in the search engines ("search engine optimization")
  • Creative ways to promote your products
  • Social networking and "web 2.0" strategies
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • How to find good content for your website or newsletter list
  • How to get motivated, stay motivated, and avoid potential mishaps
  • Earning money by displaying ads on your site (eg, Google AdSense)

... And there's quite a bit more.

It's always nerve-wracking stepping into a new business opportunity and there will always be people who think that it won't work. But as long as you have faith in yourself, that's all that matters.

We suggest that you start out slow. Don't give up your day job right away. Spend a couple of hours working on affiliate marketing in the evening until you start earning some money and become confident with the techniques and strategies involved in affiliate marketing. Then you can start to think about moving into affiliate marketing full time.

When you do start to make some money, it will be easy to prove to your friends and family that affiliate marketing is a valid business and not just another 'get-quick-rich scheme'!

We have free lessons on Affiliate Marketing to help you get started. Take advantage of them, and start your affiliate marketing site now!