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Popular Internet Marketing Training Site Gets Back to Basics

New Zealand-based internet marketing site Affilorama has launched a new, free guide to the internet for beginners that aims to bust through the assumption of knowledge that is so common on the web. The new section, entitled Internet 101, is an online guide that teaches people the basics of the internet using a combination of simple, non-technical explanations and publically available YouTube video content.

“As an internet marketing training site, we’re constantly encountering people with a wide range of experience, from people who have never been online before, to web developers with an astute level of knowledge,” explains marketing manager Chris Goddard from Affilorama.com. “Obviously we have to assume a certain basic level of knowledge in our site’s lessons and training material to make it useful for the majority of our members, however, we felt that there was still a group of people that we were leaving out who didn’t really get what we were on about.”

So Internet 101 was created; a 25-page online guide that takes people through the fundamentals of navigating and searching the web, using the most common online communications systems – from email to social media - and using ecommerce services to buy and sell on the web.

“When we originally set out to do this, we were surprised how little there actually was in the way of up-to-date guides on using the web – most looked like they’d been written in the mid nineties and made no mention of the modern social media applications that are becoming such a massive part of the web,” continues Goddard. “We quickly realized that this guide could be utilized, not just by a small group of our members, but the huge number of inexperienced internet users that are coming online for the first time every day.”

The guide is offered for free on the Affilorama.com site and the creators hope that traditional word of mouth will help promote it to the right target market. “I think everyone has someone in their lives, whether it’s a friend, parent or even grandparent, who is just completely clueless about this whole internet thing. While it’s all very well to put a guide up on the web and hope people find it, the reality is that the people we’re trying to reach aren’t going to know how to find it. We’re hoping to get the word out to experienced users that this guide exists, who can then refer anyone they know who need this assistance.”

The Internet 101 guide went live on August 3rd, and can be viewed at www.affilorama.com/internet101. The company plans to review the guide every quarter and constantly add and update the content to reflect new developments and changes on the web.


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