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Internet 101

Few inventions have had the profound effect on the world like that of the internet. Everything seems to be about being 'online' these days. The trouble is for a lot of people, the internet can be a pretty intimidating place. There's just so much out there! Where do you start? What can you even do on the internet anyway?

All of these a fair questions – but finding the answers on the internet about the internet can be pretty hard! People who are already on the internet always assume that everyone else knows what they're talking about! Affilorama is an education which teaches how to build their own online business through affiliate marketing (Don't worry if you don't know what that is... we'll get to that!). But affiliate marketing, though a pretty simple way to make money online, still requires a basic level of knowledge about the internet and what goes on online!

That's why we've written this free guide on the fundamentals of using the internet. You may already know some of it, but hopefully by the end it will have filled in any gaps in your knowledge and shown you the amazing opportunities the internet can hold for you. So we hope you enjoy this guide! If you have any questions or something doesn't make sense to you, email us at support@affilorama.com. We're constantly updating this guide and any suggestions would be welcome.

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Internet 101 is arranged as a list of frequently asked questions. You can either go through it from beginning to end by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of each page, or you can go to an article directly from the table of contents on the side.

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