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PPC Direction?

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PPC Direction?

Hi, My question is, Apart from building your list, Is there any other reason why it is better to direct people from your ads to go to your own site? Why not simply direct them to your affiliated products sales page with your affiliate link in the ad?
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To capture their email address.

If you have their contact details you can develop a relationship with your customer and perhaps sell to them more than just once. If you just direct them to the affiliate product you promote, you'll never hear from them again.

You may also have your site set up to promote more than one product. Sure your ppc ad may only promote a single product but there's no guarantee you'll make that sale. If you have other products your prospect may buy one of those instead.

And directing them to your website also allows you to add more value in terms of a product review, or testimonials or other such supporting pre-sales info.

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You also want to link back to your main site from your PPC landing page to increase your quality score. Search engines want to make sure that people who are clicking on paid advertisements are getting a good experience out of it. So they want to see that your site has a lot of good, relevant and high-quality content. A higher quality score means better position in the search results and lower cost per click (CPC) of your ads.
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What you are talking about is direct linking.

The problem is that only one add can point to a page, so the highest bid wins if more than one PPC ads is pointing to a vendors page.

So if you bid on a keyword that would be profitable for you, there is a good chance that some one is already there. You would have to out bid that person for your add to show.

If the other guy has been there for awhile and has been split testing his adds and tweaking his campains, chances are that his bid cost have been dropping because Google will reward a good click through rate with lower bid costs.

If you are going where no-one has gone before and you don't have competition for your keyword by another affiliate, you will have to be ready to invest some cash, track all of your keywords,and split test you adds. Eventually you will weed out keywords that don't produce results, and versions of your adds that convert better than others. You would eventually end up with money makers.

In other words, it cost money to get rolling and it's a lot of work. Seems like an easy way to get in the game but SEO is actually much easier, and certainly cheaper.
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