Wine Accessories Affiliate Programs

By Cecille Loorluis
Wine Accessories Affiliate Programs


I like a good bottle of wine as much as the next person, but for the most part, I like to drink straight up. I am not that much of a wine drinker yet to know or appreciate that some wines need to "breathe." This means exposing it to the surrounding air. This "opens" the wine and gives it better flavor. The usual way to do it is through decanting, but if you're the modern-day wine drinker, you could use wine aerators.

A wine aerator is an accessory that mixes air into the wine as it flows through (or flows over). This causes the wine to become aerated, and therefore, better-tasting. Wines also need to be stored in special cabinets, or in temperature-controlled coolers to maintain their quality. With the US being the largest wine consuming-nation in the world since 2010, you can bet that there is a high demand for wines and wine accessories.

"Wine Aerators" and Other Keywords

Most of the keywords you will target for this niche are high competition: "wine aerator," "wine decanter," "wine openers," etc. In particular, popular brands like "vinturi" have passable monthly values but are also high competition.

Wine Aerator - Traffic Travis Results

There are some information keywords that you can target that are medium competition, like "wines," "what is wine," etc. You can mix these with some of the high-competition keywords. Make sure to choose keywords that have buyer intent, regardless of the competition.

What Is Wine - Traffic Travis Results

If you ever run out of keyword ideas, you can always to websites like Ubersuggest to find more keywords.

Wine Accessories Affiliate Programs

I always go to Clickbank to check out affiliate programs for any niche. Unfortunately, they have limited programs for wines (a topic I've covered before) and wine accessories. Most of the wine affiliate programs are on how to make it. I went online to look for wine aerator affiliate programs. - Wine Accessories Affiliate Programs is a large online seller of wine accessories. Aside from wine aerators, the site sells glassware (wine glasses, decanters, carafes) and furniture (credenzas, consoles, specialty wine cabinets).

Affiliates receive 3 percent commission for each sale, which is not much if you just look at the percentage. However, this could mean a pretty decent amount in the long term, considering that the average sale is USD $150. 

Wine Racks America

Wine Racks America - Wine Accessories Affiliate Programs

Wine Racks America is similar to The only difference is this site does not have as many wine accessories. As the name suggests, the site offers DIY wine racks, cooling units and cabinets.

Wine Racks America offers a higher commission per sale at 10 to 15 percent. You also get a USD $15 bonus for signing up for the affiliate program. - Wine Aerators Affiliate Programs

Unlike wine Racks and, sells both wines and accessories. The site also offers wines at discounted prices and you earn commission even from wines on sale.

Commission starts at 10 percent for each sale and increases as your total monthly sale increases. - Wine Aerators Affiliate Programs

If none of the above interests you, or you're not able to find a more preferable affiliate program on wine accessories, then you can fall back to The great thing with Amazon is you may be promoting just wine accessories, but users can purchase anything from Amazon through your link and you still get commission for that.

Extending the Grape Vine

Link building and driving traffic to your site is one of the more challenging tasks in putting up your own affiliate site. In order not to waste time twiddling your thumbs over which link building method to start with, have a strategy ready.

You can jot down a few methods and then look them over once or twice while building the site. Your ideas will develop more as you build the site so by the time you're done, you have, at the very least, a rough guide on where to start building links. Below are some ways to drive traffic to your site:

Ad Swaps and Solo Ads

The keywords in these niche are mostly high competition, so you have to think of alternative ways to get traffic to your site. Building a list consisting of your target market would make it easier for you to promote products. But it can be quite challenging to build such a list. That's where ad swaps and solo ads can help.

I usually don't recommend this method because you need to have at least a few hundred subscribers before you attempt an ad swap. It's nice to have this on your inbound marketing list though as something you will eventually do because then you can start scouting for websites within the niche that are actively building their subscriber list. By the time you get around to doing ad swaps, you already have a few sources to check out.

Reverse Engineering

Don't try going head to head with your competitor sites by working hard. Work smart instead. Use SEO tools like Traffic Travis and Affilotools, and look at the sites your competition is building links on. Once you know where they build links, go and build links on the same sites. Doing so helps even out the playing field. You can then use the same tools and find new sites to build new backlinks on.

RSS Submission

It's kind of sad to have to spend time getting good content on your site and not have anyone read it. Make sure to ping any new articles on your site and submit your RSS feeds to various RSS syndication sites. You can also submit your RSS feeds on Web 2.0 sites to gain wider readership.

Wine Accessories Affiliate Programs: Accessory to a Successful Site?

The wine and wine accessories niches are great niches to go into, especially if you're already knowledgeable in wines, or have a healthy interest in it. The competition is high enough to make many reconsider, but the potential to earn is good enough to give this niche a go.

A good link-building and inbound marketing strategy can make all the difference so be sure to look into these, too, while you consider your niche.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Niche of the Week! I love to hear from you so please leave a comment, and don't forget to click on the Share buttons below!

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Nice and interesting write up.You almost lured me into the wine niche. I am actually looking for a niche on which to begin a blog, is there anyway you can offer assistance in that direction?
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