Why I'm not endorsing PPC Classroom

By Affilorama Group
Why I'm not endorsing PPC Classroom


Hi Guys,

If it hasn't started for you already, here's some advanced warning: You're about to be bombarded with emails from well-known internet marketers as they all rush to promote PPC Classroom by Anik Singal. You've probably heard of Anik from such IM products as Affiliate Classroom. If PPC Classroom ends up being anything like Affiliate Classroom, then you can be assured that it'll be a good product. If its anything like his private label products on the other hand... I'd be hanging onto my money if I were you.

From what I've seen of Anik's marketing efforts so far, I'm guessing that PPC Classroom is going to tend toward the good-quality side of things. He's been going to great lengths to get the major "gurus" on board to promote it, so it better be a good product!

How do I know he's targeting the gurus? I've been getting emails on a daily basis telling me to promote it. And all the other IM marketers are getting them too. Nothing wrong with this, of course. I'd be worried if he wasn't going to this effort! (It would say a bit about his product, and about his skill as a marketer!) Obviously he feels he has a great product to promote, and targeting the big names in the IM business is a sure-fire way of getting things off to a roaring start.

But here's the reason why I'm not going to endorse his product. Yet.

Quite simply: I haven't seen or used it!

Now this isn't something you're going to hear a lot of IM gurus admitting. To do so immediately shoots your credibility in the foot. But I would bet my bottom sheet that most of the people who will be promoting this product (and filling your inbox) won't have seen the product yet either. Anik has clearly stated that we affiliates need to make five sales before we can get ourselves a free copy...

How can I be expected to promote a product that I haven't seen yet?

The only way I can in good conscience promote a product I haven't seen is... well... you've just seen it. Rather than make something up, reword his sales pitch, and generally bluff my way through it... you can have it straight. I'm not endorsing it, I'm not recommending it, because I haven't seen it.

If you are interested in PPC Classroom, here's what I think. I think it's probably going to be good (but it might not be). Will it be worth the high price? Who knows? But at least you have the security of a 100% money back guarantee, should it not live up to its price tag.

So it's up to you. Take all "reviews" you hear in the next short while with a hefty pinch of salt and a healthy dose of cynicism! If you do decide to purchase PPC Classroom, we've set up a special link (below) that will also earn you a lifetime membership to Affilorama, and a free copy of my next product which is due out in the next two months. (I've been working on it for over a year!)

I'm throwing in these freebies so that regardless of whether PPC Classroom turns out to be good value or not, you'll still be getting great value from the my bonuses. (Also because I get a reasonable commission if you buy through my link... hey! I am an internet marketer after all!) All you have to do is buy through the link below and then email your receipt number to us. Just make sure you clear your cookies before clicking the link, because otherwise it might not work.

Anyway... invest in PPC Classroom at your own risk. It might be a winner... but could just as easily be a dud. My gut feeling is that it'll be great, but like a lot of great internet marketing products, you're gonna find that the committed 5% of its users will absolutely rake in the cash, while the rest will struggle to make their money back from purchasing the product.

All the best!!


P.S: Reminder! If you're really interested in PPC and you want to hear from a guy earning over $1 million a year from PPC alone... then you missed a really great interview in the August Affilorama Update. You can still get access to it if you join Affilorama today... plus we have a host of other PPC lessons (and other great stuff), and all for the very reasonable price of $29.95/month.

Rich 16 years ago
Hey Mark, I can respect that you're not willing to promote a product that you haven't had a chance to review yet, but you didn't once mention that Jeremy Palmer is a co-creator of PPC Classroom. Actually, it sounds like he's the primary contributor to the content and Anik is just driving the launch strategy. Do you have any thoughts on what Jeremy might bring to the product?

Davin 16 years ago
Hi Mark,

Davin here.

Bombarded inbox! That's an understatement.

I like the way you don't endorse it fully, it's admirable.

With the bonuses, if it's a flop, it's a good choice through your link. It's a win for buyers either way.

I miss you guys at Affilorama, hope you're all doing well!

Rich 16 years ago
Hey Mark, I'm kinda surprised you've never heard of Jeremy Palmer. I would have thought you guys in NZ would have heard about him ;-). He wrote "High Power Affiliate Marketing" back in April of 2006. It was a huge seller. I'm also a member of Jeremy's members only forum and like you, he often goes out of his way to help members regardless of their experience level. This is the primary reason I will be purchasing PPC Classroom in about 8 mins.

Affilorama 16 years ago

So many 'gurus' around these days, can't hear of everyone;) But that's great that he goes out of his way, I'm sure he probably is top notch.

Ash 16 years ago
I'm confused. You say you are not ready to endorse or promote this product yet you have two links to it with your embedded affiliate link in this article alone. Am I missing something?
Maurice V 16 years ago
Hello Mark 1st time I found your site an it looks as an honest site under smart management. Thanks for being there.
Anyway I am still learning I hope soon be able to make it
About PPC classrom I am not sure if it is worth buying it or not yet, all I can say is I will just wait for the 1st reviews from original buyers to see what they have to see. Hope you get your copy soon in order to read your honest and clear review.

All the best
Phil Miranda 16 years ago
Hi Mark
I agree, how can you promote a product you have not used. One reason why you will not find anything negative about you or your site on my blog. As for all the other guru's?
Auction Trader 16 years ago
It's really good to see an honest approach to affiliate promotion, unlike the inbox barage that usually comes along. Well done, I'm a convert to your site which I only found through this post on Google!!
Best internet marketing training 16 years ago
mark, I know that this post is a bit old now. But you see, I am coming to your blog for the first time, and you can see this in my series of comments.

My question is this: Have you reviewed the PPC classroom now? If yes, what is your opinions? I will really appreciate your answers.

Mark, you've always been great internet marketer by all standard by my estimation, and this your review has indeed proven it all! The review clearly displays your authority on the subject of review writing: You're very exalt on the concept of the review of a negative form to equally achieve the desired result.
I appreciate it.
Shirley Bollinger 12 years ago
Hi Mark, I have recently put up a website about Affiliate Marketing and Product Reviews. I love your style and your honest way you inform your readers. No matter if your promoting the product or not. Its so refreshing to see a honest review telling the viewers you have not tried the product. Most Affiliate Marketers would just promote the product to make money even if its a bad product.

Shirley Bollinger