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Who else is sick of all the crap on the Internet?

Who else is sick of all the crap on the Internet?

I've just about had it up to here (imagine me with my hand up very high in the air) with the amount of endless crap on the internet these days.

I'm not going to name names (although very tempting), but there is a lot of aweful stuff that gets pimped around by so-called gurus, who promote each other's products to high heaven in order to joint venture with each other and grow each others businesses.

That's great if what they are promoting is top quality, don't get me wrong, I realize people need to earn a living. But why do they promote crap?

The answer is because they know that if they promote Mr X's product that Mr X will also send an email to their list to promote their product. You see it's not just in order to earn an affiliate commission, it's to get Mr X to promote their product (and to get Mr X to like them and hence joint venture with them in future).

So where does the customer fit in here?

I don't know if these people actually care about their customers. I really don't, and it frustrates the hell out of me.

Why am I writing this blog post right now?

Because I just met one of those kinds of people at the World Internet Summit today (which is a well run event by Tom Hua and Brett McFall).

It stuns me the mentality of some of these kinds of people, I would love to name names (and this guy is very well known), but I'm don't believe in public slander.

Anyway, I'll leave this post short and sweet.

I'll be more positive in my next one :)


P.S. I've just added new video lessons on making money from private label articles to the members area, so members check those out (more coming next week).

P.P.S. If you want to keep up to date with what's crap on the internet these days, then www.lostballinhighweeds.com pulls no punches in it's honest reviews of different internet marketers activities. It is run by a struggling internet marketer who is not shy to tell all when he purchases a poor quality product. Also a very good read.

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  • Reply Mr Ross D Giddings4414 days ago

    New York doesn't seem to have done you any harm. Yes, I agree. What p****s me off even more are the "testimonials" these creeps give each other. Read them carefully. It would be hard to find anything more specious. As for the "customers" -- well, why does one well-known "guru" give away mailing lists as bonuses? What happened to building a relationship with your customers? Seems more like "Sell 'em and ditch 'em" to me.

  • Reply Mark Ling4414 days ago

    Very true Ross, how can someone give away a mailing list as a bonus? Sounds rediculous.

  • Reply Russell James4414 days ago

    I have now a healthy dose of sceptism of the Guru mailers

    especiallly in light of the big JV push everybody seems to

    be riding on

  • Reply Manoj 4414 days ago

    May be we can have a guessing game here who is that guru Mark is refering to?

  • Reply Kurt Naulaerts4414 days ago

    The question is: Is there still anything left to believe in? And the 'gurus' know that 1000's & 1000's of people are looking for that one opportunity but these people are not able to see the true value of an offer when they read a SALES letter. They follow their desire (to make money) & they buy. That's just what I have done 2 years in a row!
    It's disgusting!
    But, I subscribed to Affilorama now!!

  • Reply Mark Ling4414 days ago

    Hi Kurt,

    Glad to have you on board at affilorama, please introduce yourself to me and others on the private members forum. Remember, I'm here to help!

    Best regards,

  • Reply susan oak • 4414 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    Just to let you know that the c**p you've been telling us about is feet high. Not so long ago I received so many
    emails from 'famous' and 'very famous' names about
    that dammed Butterfly Marketing course I deleted myself
    from most of their subscription lists.
    Now about ads and the big search engines.
    I have just received info called thedeathofAdsense
    and again my reaction was oh yeh! But having read it
    I realised what the author was trying to tell us.
    The ole Internet way of advertising has changed yet again.
    Just to show good faith you will notice I have not entered
    my affiliate website address.
    Instead check out what I have read:
    See what you think?

  • Reply Bruce LeClerc • 4414 days ago


    I agree with you so strongly that I was tempted to go
    and pursue another line of work that did not involve interaction with people.

    I think it is a real shame that people cannot "name names" and yet in the USA we have evolved from Brand X to "Pepsi vs Coke" type of advertising as well as honest consumer reviews that are not afraid of "slander" but are out to protect the people from those promoting all kinds of stuff that is basically designed to fit right in with P.T. Barnums "There is a sucker born every day" mentality.

    It is interesting that an almost 2000 year old book is not afraid to name names and call a hypocrit a hypocrit* and yet today there is an incredible lack of integrity with many of these "JV Partners" that it makes me want to shout it from the housetops to run away while you can or you will get trapped into a cycle of "guru" crap emails and WWW sites.

    Of course there are some like you that have a high level of integrity and it is interesting that a good number of these people are not afraid to tell their readers not to buy a certain product, but this is IMHO too rare and thus much of the stuff the "gurus" turn out daily stinks of pure greed dressed as "Hi Friend", etc.,

    *Galatians 2:14 But when I saw that they walked not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel, I said unto Peter before them all, If thou, being a Jew, livest after the manner of Gentiles, and not as do the Jews, why
    compellest thou the Gentiles to live as do the Jews?"

    Bruce LeClerc

  • Reply Mike Thompson Jr • 4414 days ago

    Why don't you "name" names Mark? As customers and subscribers don't you owe it to us to let us know who we should specifically avoid? I guess I kind of know where your coming from, I think most of us are savvy enough to sort through the crap. All I know is everyone and their mother is using the "Butterfly Marketing" technique, coupled with OTO(One Time Offers), and it's getting a little bit redundant now. And all of the teleseminars now, with so called "Guru's" sucking each others #!@%...gag me with a spoon!

  • Reply Peter • 4414 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    It's nice to see that someone in your position writes it the way it is. You refer to just one person, or so called "Guru", but all or most of them are at it. To be fair, you can exclude some of the "legends", because either they are just too damn wealthy to get involved in this rip off, or perhaps getting involved is beneath them.

    Occasionally, I have written to one or two of these people to ask why they recommend something they haven't even read or used before and invariably I get deleted from the mailing list with no response. I can think of one in particular who is supposed to be an expert in copywriting -and lives in a very dry part of the USA :-), although I must admit I have never seen much of his copy - and all he does is recommend this or that, just to line his pockets. You never, ever get any copywriting tips or anything free from this man.

    I think the Butterfly episode was a landmark for many reasons. Firstly, the amount of "gurus" who endorsed the product, even though they hadn't read it or used it. I emailed another "guru"....actually a very nice guy...and he was almost apologetic and said that he had been through part of the course and mainly recommended it on the reputation of its creator! At least he was honest.

    But I too am fed up with the crap being peddled on the internet. Signing up for all "guru"'s mailing lists should carry a health and finance warning - that you finances could be severely and unnecessarily dented as a result of following what they recommend and that your blood pressure will go up, once you realise how much money you have wasted to line their pockets!!

    Best wishes to all.


  • Reply quamrul polash • 4413 days ago

    I got recently a "give away" mailing list as a bonus for joining one program. I sent verification email first before marketing to these people. Out of 50 thousands "hot" prospects, only one accepted the verification, few (less than 0.1%) opened the email. It tells you a lot about these "gurus". Good topic.

  • Reply splork • 4413 days ago

    Thanks for the plug Mark. I would like to think that the days of you reading about my ill-advised purchases would come to an end. I went through a massive purge of tons of opt-ins that I had subscribed to which was I believe was the crux of my malfunction. That helped alot as I stopped getting pitched, and falling for, every ebook and software product pimped by the guberus.

    I still fall for the occasional stinker though. I tell you though, I am very wary of a big name marketer pimping other big name marketer's products. There seems to be some kind of back scratching exchanges to keep the money flowing.

    Yea! I saw that CD thing coming through my emails too. I think it started with Reese and I noticed it from other folks that got dropped into my Bulk folder.

    It's no wonder everyone says to build a big mailing list.

  • Reply Scott • 4413 days ago

    Hey Mark

    Great thread, I think you hit a hot spot :)

    I stay on a handful of guru lists just to keep up with whats happening. What amazes me is the influx of new kids. They take the same offers put a slightly twist on the presentation and suddenly they're a guru. The worse part is, it wastes about an hour of my day.

    What amazes me is that some of the marketers I've come to respect will promote these deals. It really makes me want to puke!

    On the other hand, there's a ton of free material out there for the newbie to get stared with, of course, not all of it is good but its a great way to start learning on a budget. I've been sick for a long time, didn't have the money to buy anything and I could have learned more quickly with the material that's available now. Mark, after spending some time reading your emails and watching some of the videos....I really wanted to purchase the one time fee membership....like I said, illness has left me broke so I couldn't.

    The point is, I had to invest some time reading and watching material from a guy I never heard of and at the time I think there were 2 other big affiliate marketing promotions going on. I had to use discernment to determine who and what was the best and my bet would have been on you. For the person who is new at this game I don't think there is any other way to develop discernment than to wade thru the garbage until you find someone you can trust. Just like people who read your material, at some point they've screened thru the crap and now look to you for direction. The problem is that it takes a big man to stand up and say follow Mr X or I'd stay away from Mr Y.

    I have a list, not a big one, my promotions are more or less reviews since I never promote anything I don't use. I simply can't bring myself to pimping products once or twice a week.

    Oh well, in America we have the voters box, on the internet we have the "unsubscribe" button.

    Thank God for the "unsubscribe" button :)) and learn how to use it.

    To our Success


  • Reply Mitch • 4413 days ago

    Why bring this up unless you aree going to name names.

    I will,and maybe you will leave it up, I hope so.

    This is known as the guru circle jerk. It starts at the top with Filsaime, Then he has his next rung which consists of Tellmen Knudson and gary Ambrose. Then below then you have all these young kids like Wellman, and a half a dozen others who we are supposed to believe are having $100,000 weeks because of some BS "Butteryfly" website.

    I am so sick of these guys I could puke. If you read their emails and sales pages, it is obvious they think that the masses are idiots. Their customers are units and percentages. They sell you some PLR pkg on a one time offer and move on the what the next guy has to peddle. It's all orchestrated so that don't step on each others toes.

    As far as I am concerned John Reese is the real deal, and the rest of these guys are a bunch of scam artists.

  • Reply Traderj • 4413 days ago

    You know.... what really annoys me about all these "so called" gurus is that they rarely practice what they preach, they all talk about building relationships with your list yet they basically send out crap every other day saying I just had to let you know about his... 95% of it is crap... I could name a few lists that I have taken myself off of in the last couple of weeks, trust me taking a bunch of old free books and re-writing it and calling it a course does NOT make you a Guru, it makes you a wanker....

    The other thing that is just driving me nuts lately is all these damn giveaway sites, I see stuff on them I like, a script I've wanted or something like that, so I pony up my name and email addy and 9 times out of 10 the darn script doesn't work and of course it was free so there is no support, you contact the author and he either tries to sell you a "working" version or says that product was not legally in that giveaway to begin with..

    Whatever happened to real products and quality????

    I hate to be a brown noser Mark, but I find your membership site to be one of the very few places on the net that I actually feel like I'm getting good value, I am in the process of getting a product ready to be marketed.. and it's NOT related to internet marketing and I am not going to plug it here I just wanted to say that a ton of what I've read in the back office has really helped me with getting it ready..

    Keep up the great work.. oh btw my guess for the wanker marketer you were talking about.. is that guy Eric from Eric's Tips.. talk about a total wanker.. anyone else try is BM ripoff MMS? What a bug filled piece of tripe.. you should check out their support forum hahahaha... they were deleting comments day and night from all the complaints...

    Anyway as stated keep up the great work. best 30 bucks a month I've ever spent.

  • Reply Bruce LeClerc • 4413 days ago

    Mark ,

    I am very gratified to see that there are so many others out there that are seeing how these "gurus" are actually causing nausea and more.

    What the issues are here are basically a duality of greed and lack of integrity and I honestly do not know which is the most prevalent.

    Anyone that has been on Mike Filsaime Instant Buzz for any time will tell you that it is one of the most biased and ostrich mentality forum on the internet. Any time one person attempts to post something that would be questioning the actions of other "guru's" they are rejected because they want to keep the tone positive.

    I imagine after this latest barrage of crap emails and "JV" WWW sites I am not alone in unsubscribing from many of these lists.

    How many of these "Guru's" would you invite to your house for dinner ? That basically is the criteria that I am using now and I will tell you that list is rather small and I can honesty say that none of them would be carrying a butterfly net.

    I still say that if you really want to help people, you will name names as long as your reporting is factual and not opinion.

    Necessity they say is the mother of invention and if that is the case we need inventions/products that are not simply clones of one another but are new and offer real value to both the newbie and the advanced marketers.

    Bruce LeClerc

    (removed broken link)

  • Reply Steve • 4412 days ago

    lol...yeah...one minute Joel Comm is pushing the "Adsense Templates", next he's hopping on the "Adsense is Dead" campaign. They have no shame.
    BTW, just joined Affilorama. Never heard of it until I stumbled on Splork's blog.

  • Reply Bruce LeClerc • 4412 days ago

    Hey Ross,

    I have no problems if my signature file is removed but I thought participating in forums was an avenue of becoming known and how is that possible by name only. If you notice my previous post did not have any signature but I saw Scott's so I figured (perhaps wrongly) that they were allowed. Sorry for making you sick. Pepto Bismol works wonders and the new cherry flavor is quite good :-)

    Bruce Leclerc

  • Reply Steve • 4411 days ago


    While I cannot afford to join affilorama, I do enjoy your emails. Yes there are far too many rip offs working the internet, but it is business as usual, just now the internet is the medium to use. The one thing that I feel is funny is that all of us here are doing nothing more than preaching to the choir. We all need to go and out these rip off 'gurus' and expose them for the greedy and insensitive SOBs that they are.

    It seems imho that the customer (as far as the internet goes) is good for only fleecing, anything else such as customer service is considered a pain in the ass and a complete waste of time and money. It's no wonder that brick and mortar stores still exist, at least the customer can walk in and yell at somebody should somethng go wrong! LOL! But that is something that businesses on the internet must address, the customer's need to see, touch, hear, smell and or taste the goods. Until that time comes, brick and mortar will always get the business.

    Again Mark, I do appreciate your emails, and if ever I should make money doing business on the internet, you can be assured that I will become a member of affilorama.



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