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My Whiteboard Video Session

My Whiteboard Video Session

Even if you hate math, you're going to love this...

A couple of months ago I created a short whiteboard video series that shows how to scale from creating just a tiny website to generating 10k/month in 4 steps.

I removed the video only days after releasing it (when I was reshuffling the content on my website) and I've just put it back online.

I trust that you'll find this to be both motivating and inspiring...

I'm really keen to get your comments on this video (please post after watching the videos), it comes with a pdf version too, I hope it inspires a lot of you.

Important Note: I mention the launch of AffiloBlueprint in the videos which was in April, please ignore this date. AffiloBlueprint is reopening at 6pm - Wednesday 24th June. I have provided some more details below the videos on the reopening.

Here are the videos, enjoy!

Video #1: $10k commissions per month...



You can download the free PDF report "$10K a month AffiloPlan", feel free to pass it around.


Video #2: Your $10K/month AffiloPlan Questions Answered

I'd love to hear your comments on both of these videos or any questions you may have about Affiliate Marketing or AffiloBlueprint?

Reminder: AffiloBlueprint reopens at 6pm EDT - 24th June 2009

What I've decided to do is provide a series of advanced super affiliate strategies videos to add to the already comprehensive AffiloBlueprint 2.0 course.

These include several secrets that I've never revealed to anyone else and are worth the price of AffiloBlueprint just by themselves. These cutting edge recordings are for the *first 250 members only* and I am expecting them to be gone within the first hour!

In the meantime you can find out what time it is reopening in your area below and also bookmark this page which is where you will be able to purchase it from once live!

To find out the time in your local area click here.

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  • Reply HowInternetMarketing • 4421 days ago

    Good stuff. Does the course come with something that autobuilds websites that are 100% SEO using Wordpress (for particular keywords)?

  • Reply George Artz4421 days ago

    Great videos. Finally I have found someone who can help me be profitable with affiliate marketing.

    I get a great sense of integrity and honesty coming through and I like the no hype style.

  • Reply Anna • 4421 days ago

    Hi Mark and team, can you tell me if I get access to the whole 12 weeks worth of training instantly on purchase - or do I have to do it 1 week at a time?? Thanks :)

  • Reply Anna • 4421 days ago

    whoops :) also meant to ask, is that $197 American?? Thx :)

  • Reply Simon Slade4421 days ago

    @Anna Yes you get access to the whole course from day one. And yes the price is USD.

  • Reply Margaret Fawcett • 4421 days ago

    Hi Mark thanks for showing the video how to start Affiliate marketing.
    Started a website with namecheap.com.
    Margaret Fawcett

  • Reply Graham in UK • 4421 days ago

    Hi Mark
    It's nice to know we've got something to aim at, thanks to AffiloBlueprint I've now got my first website up! www.GermanShepherdDogsToday.com
    Now, I have to get backlinks and hopefully some sales!
    Great course, videos easy to follow
    Graham in UK

  • Reply Anna • 4420 days ago

    Thanks :) See you Thursday then!

  • Reply Yowie • 4420 days ago

    Hi Mark
    Great videos, sounds like what I need (brand new). I'am in but will be away on launch day 7.30am
    25th June 09 (Darwin time) till Fri 26th June in evening.Can I pre-order to receive bonuses or wait till I get back. Thanks

  • Reply Danny Jones • 4420 days ago

    Hello Mark
    I put this site up per Frank Kern's Infomillionaire, and used pay per click to drive traffic
    I made 1 sale and actually was ahead of the game, kept running the pay per click and ended up
    spending twice what I made. I can't figure out how to keep from going in the hole with PPC
    This has happened everytime I use PPC..so expensive
    Will affilliate blueprint be able to help with this problem...I'm stuck!

  • Reply Mona • 4420 days ago

    Great Videos indeed. Thanks Mark. You Rock... I must commend you that never I saw any affiliate marketing plan so much easily explained. I can tell that I got a lot of insights from your videos and this will help me a lot in my future affiliate business. Keep those videos coming.

    God Bless,

  • Reply Loretta Wake4420 days ago

    I love your accent. I could not understand you at first. My ear finally became adjusted to your accent and I enjoyed the information you had to give.

  • Reply Simon Slade4419 days ago

    @Yowie Sorry no preorders :) We will be up nice and early here in NZ too!

    @Danny Jones Yes AffiloBlueprint covers PPC over 3 weeks so we should be able to help you out here.

    @Everyone Thanks for the nice comments and feedback - it is much appreciated!

  • Reply Anna • 4419 days ago

    Hello help! (again lol :) Can you pls tell me if you think the product will stick around for 24 hours? I might not be able to buy for about 18 hours - can you tell me if it will still be around? Thanks!!

  • Reply Omoba • 4419 days ago

    The price for the affilobleprint is too much, is it a lifetime payment, monthly or it is for a session of the webinar? How much is for the Premium? I seems to heard you mention $47, is it monthly, yearly or for a session only please elaborate?

  • Reply Ryan • 4419 days ago

    12 Week bite-sized format? Does that I need to wait a full 12 weeks to access the whole course?

    Or can I get full access the very first day I buy?

  • Reply Simon Slade4419 days ago

    @Anna It is opening permanently so you won't miss out. Maybe just miss the early mover bonuses sorry :(

    @Omoba Its a one off payment for the AffiloBlueprint course. You get one month's free trial of the premium service too and if you like it, its $47 per month after that.

    @Ryan You get access to all 12 weeks from day one so you can go through it at your own pace :)

  • Reply Ryan • 4419 days ago

    1 very important question before I buy:

    Will Affiloblueprint work if I use shared hosting?

    I heard from some other SEO guru that in order to rank high in organic listings, you need to have 1 unique IP per domain. The problem is I am using a hostgator shared server ($9.95/mth) instead of a Virtual Private Server ($100+/mth) . Will I be required to sign up for a VPS for Affiloblueprint to work?

  • Reply Bestie711 • 4419 days ago

    Great vids. Very informative. However, Mark, you mention that after a while, it's time to become an "authority" on that niche. Why not be one right from the start? I'm not sure I understand this, because it sounds like you're saying "oh, go ahead and build any damn site, then after 2 years, start becoming an authority on it." Sorry, just an observation.
    One question though, regarding being pessimistic and making $50 a week; generally, what's the time frame? ie once a site is up and running and all is in place, how soon can someone start to see some money come in? Weeks, months? It's nice to have a ballpark figure.
    Thank you. You rock bro.

  • Reply Moira Anthony4418 days ago

    Brilliant really enjoyed and wooohoo signed up for blueprint

  • Reply Christer Hedberg • 4418 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    it is really refreshing to watch your "down-to-earth" marketing and presentations, actually giving you some useful advise and suggestion how to go about with IM.

    I personally am pretty fed up with the never-ending american "brainwashing" hypes that you get to watch everytime they want to launch something ( I can faintly recall that you were a guest at one of these events, no names mentioned, which actually surprised me, as I regard you as a pretty serious person when it come to business)

    I am probably old-fashioned, but I actually want information - not entertainment - when I watch I a video covering a particular subject,

    Anyway, i find you presentations very useful and watch them whenever I can ( I am also subscribing to you twitter account, finding it very good.)

    I would very much like to join you Affiliorama 2.0, but unfortunaty, being unemployed due to GFC,
    I have to keep tight when it comes to spending money ( my wife won't let me :-) )

    Maybe sometimes in the future, I will manage to become a member of your Affiliorama 2.0 team

    Kind regards
    ( from a "neighbour")

    Christer Hedberg
    7 Barry Place
    Cherrybrook NSW 2126
    ( Originally coming from the Alps in Europe - Bavaria -
    I love your country - very similar to what I have come to love )

  • Reply paulie694418 days ago

    Hello again and thankyou for answering my last question... I have another two related questions please if I may:

    1. In the email correspondence I recently received re AffiloBlueprint it said that there was a definite five (5) day opening to the the product, the reasoning was to keep numbers to manageable levels ie to be fair to participants. But in your answer to Anna (above) you say that it is open "permanently". I am confused? Which one applies because this is contradictory. Also in a related email I was sent a link, to the product, it seems the product can be bought anytime - so where does the 5 day opening come in? Can you please elaborate?

    2. Also, related to my first question, re having to be a premium member to keep accessing newer AffiloBlueprint modules, you answered Avidpoet above re his question :

    @avidpoet Absolutely not :) You will still have access without paying anything more.

    But your answer to me contradicted this, indicating that there will be a new version (3?) of AB coming out next year and intimated that if I bought the product now that I would have to be a premium member (ie keep paying) to access the new components.

    This is contrary to other information I've read which I've been sent by you re the product, ie only a "once off payment" that gives access to the product plus all future updates etc. I therefore assumed that once I paid I could access all future modules, resources etc related to the system as a whole not just the particular version I bought into. I have not read anywhere where it says the access to updates is restricted to the same version, perhaps this needs to be disclosed - if that is the case. This promise was one of the drawcards of the product to me. Are you saying that it is in fact, not true that this is a "once off payment"? If not I may probably rethink my purchase because I was led to believe otherwise.

    Keep up the good work and best regards

  • Reply Christer Hedberg • 4418 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    just an innocent question:

    Is it ok with you, if I use the videos (or any other videos whuch you have created) on by blogs, then promoting your Affiliorama 2.0, via Blogs & Twitter & Free Traffic ?



  • Reply dreamer874418 days ago


    I hope you don't mind if I try to answer a couple of your questions

    In previous launches of AffiloBlueprint 2.0, there were only a limited number of days to purchase. Starting with this launch, Mark and his team have decided to keep it open permanently.

    Regarding the price, from my understanding, the $197 gives you instant access to all modules in AffiloBlueprint plus any additional informative videos and material that Mark may create at a later time.

    The $47 is only for the Premium membership, which is basically a separate membership offering more webinars and additional hints and tips. You do not have to subscribe to this membership.

    As for a newer version of AffiloBlueprint being released next year, maybe Mark will be kind enough to offer current members a discount if a new version is released. ; -)

    Paul, I've been a member of just the AffiloBlueprint 2.0 course since late 2008. Though personal circumstances are keeping me from getting my affiliate business going at this time, trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed with the amount or quality of material available in the AffiloBlueprint 2.0 course alone.

    You will find plenty of helpful information in the course itself as well as in the forum. So, if you can afford to join, you should seriously consider purchasing.

    Good Luck,

  • Reply paulie694416 days ago

    Hi Deb (and Mark and Team),

    Thanks very much for taking the time to reply to my questions. I appreciate your input and thankyou for clarifying those issues for me. I have been doing lots of research on the Web re affiliate marketing and I can honestly say that Mark's materials are by far THE best I've seen out there, so I definitely will be buying AffiloBlueprint. The free resources on this site are really great and we are so lucky to have been generously given them by Mark. They have helped me so much. I appreciate the professional attitude and the honesty of Mark and his Team too. Thanks guys... finally, an approach that makes sense! :) Thanks again to you all! :)

  • Reply Ted Taff • 4413 days ago

    Thanks Mark, that was some good info, and great affiliate keys to success. Love to see more of your stuff...
    Ted Taff

  • Reply frank kelly4410 days ago

    Hi Mark

    Great videos once again

    I biught Affilo Blueprint in April - am I eligible for the Outsourcing Blueprint that you're currently offering to new purchasers?



  • Reply Gerard McNally4392 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    What a great website! I am currently subscribing to an affiliate program, which I find complicated and I'm not getting very far at all, I have learned more from your site in one week, than the four months I have been signed up to my AP. I'm certainly going to be coming back here on a regular basis.

    A BIG thank you.


    Gerard McNally

  • Reply Sydney Chiu4390 days ago

    test - nice post

  • Reply car pictures • 4265 days ago

    I enjoyed reading this blog, you totally knocked it out of the ballpark! I have forwarded a link to my bro, and shall surely be returning back for more.

  • Reply Geoff Bennett4251 days ago

    Great videos. Thanks Mark.
    Geoff Bennett UK

  • Reply Daphne Spurlock4215 days ago

    Hi Mark

    Thank you for all this great information! Your are the best teacher! Thanks for keepin it real!!!

  • Reply Colin Hayvice4206 days ago

    Hi Mark & Team

    I really enjoy your your honest no b......t method you get your teachings across.
    I have realised that nothing is free on the internet, especially when marketers offer something for free at the start of the communication. You are one of only two people who I think are honestly offering help to newbies wanting to start in internet marketing
    Regards Colin

  • Reply peter green • 4155 days ago

    great video mark, you're the best......

  • Reply John land4114 days ago

    Great video.. Highly inspirational but i just want to know if anyone has actually used Affiloblueprint to build some website and got any orders?? Plz mention here if anyone has..

  • Reply ampie_g4113 days ago

    @johnland Yes, we do have a number of members who have had success with Affiloblueprint. Some of them posted on the forum. In fact, there is a thread specifically created for Affiloblueprint success stories but only AB members have access to it.

  • Reply Nick • 4103 days ago

    Mark, if I purchase the Blueprint course, do I get all the videos at once or are they spread out over a 12-week period? I have the time to dedicate more than 1-1.5 hours per day to your training and I was hoping the entire package came as one so I could get my online business started in much less than 12 weeks.
    Please advise,

  • Reply ampie_g4103 days ago

    @Nick You'll get access to the whole course at once so you can go over the lessons at your own pace. :)

  • Reply eric anger 3984 days ago

    hi mark,
    I saw you great video it's exellent done,I am planing to leave the philippines next week and hope to join soon in sept to signe in . I am getting nuts to my emails to many want to sell me there products its getting out of my hands I just ignor there ebooks,it makes me just confusing.So hope to stay in touch,
    all the best,erich

  • Reply Nico Moorrees • 3925 days ago

    Thanks Mark,

    I have enjoy the video with yours wise lesson.

    I will thank you for your inspiration en information.


    Nico Moorrees

  • Reply Dragon Tan3438 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Kudos to you and your Affilorama staff.

    I have enjoy every stuff your have taught and I am looking forward to joining you in AffiloBluePrint to learn what internet marketing is all about and of course to make money along the way.

    I like your presentation and your material and I think it is cool and one of the best if not the best course avalable on this subject.

    I must agree with Isabella7y and Colin. The rest out there is just great salesman with great promise but nothing effective.

    Thank You.

  • Reply Dragon Tan3438 days ago

    Kudos Mark and Team,

    Cool stuff. I agree with Isabella7y and Colinhvc about the rest out there. Just plain salesmanship and super promise but nothing effective. You most likely be left hanging dry and need to purchase more stuff.


  • Reply Mark • 3424 days ago

    Well, great information as usual, but I guess the problem is not scaling. People have problem on getting their site of the ground. People struggle to make $10 dollars a day. It sound too easy for people that are already doing it, isn't it.

  • Reply kelli goodsir • 3400 days ago

    Great video- very informative -but the main issue is not creating the sites but getting subscribers and traffic It would be great if you could address this

  • Reply Anne Faller • 3343 days ago

    I would like to purchase the Lessons for $77.00

  • Reply Anne Fallere • 3343 days ago

    I would like to purchase the Affiliorama Lessons for $77.00. I haven't paid for it yet.

  • Reply Arthur Cansdale3251 days ago

    You use TrafficTravis a lot on AffiloBlueprint But I have a mac
    computer and you cannot download this for this computer.
    Can you recommend any thing else.

    Thank you

    Arthur Cansdale

  • Reply carrie brown3248 days ago

    Thanks Mark.

    How do we get a copy of the magazine?


  • Reply Ken T • 3237 days ago

    Hmm, weird. There's no sound in the first VDO. The second VDO is fine.

  • Reply kenj Jasdw3130 days ago

    Unfortunatley Mark is still posting this video from 2009 in Jan 2013 as if nothing has changed in 4 years, getting traffic to affiliate sites in 2013 is very difficulr thanks to all the Google updates, I'd like to see Mark repeat his success in 2013 before buying into this old of date blue print

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