A Useful Website Color Scheme Tool

By Mark Ling
A Useful Website Color Scheme Tool


Hi everyone,

I've been going back and forth with a wordpress theme development company to help me design a new wordpress theme for some of my affiliate sites and we ran into issues trying to communicate the color scheme options.

Then I found a great free tool called Color Scheme Designer and I used it to create several color schemes to communicate to the designer.

Seeing as the tool was so useful to me, I thought many of you reading this may also benefit from it as I know how frustrating it can be to get a mix of colors for your website that looks right. Especially if you're not a graphic designer yourself.

Take a look below at a couple of color schemes I created in about 10 seconds using this tool:

Click here to see my blue theme


Click here to see my purple theme

You can use this tool to adjust the scheme colors, just click 'adjust theme' then 'adjust variants'

You can see what your color scheme will look like on a webpage by clicking 'light page example' or 'dark page example' below the color scheme.

I prefer to stick to 'Mono' color themes, though you can have a play around with all the various settings.

You might noticed a bug or two when using this, just do a hard refresh on the root domain, colorschemedesigner.com, if that happens and you can keep playing.

I'm keen to hear your comments, have fun!


Todd Wallace 13 years ago
Two others sites I have used for ideas are ColourLovers and Adobe's Kuler.

xw uwsp 13 years ago
I tried the different color, the tool pretty cool.
Winston Thomas 13 years ago
Is the tool strictly for use with Wordpress?
Or can it be used with Static Websites as well?
Red Denal 13 years ago
This is very helpful Mark. Thanks for sharing. This could be more helpful if already integrated in a wordpress or blogger platform application.
Tim 13 years ago
This is great resource. I visited it a couple of times a year or so ago, and then forgot about it, so thanks for the reminder. Personally, I think the complementary ones are just awesome, makes it possible to create a quite professional-looking site.

I have just been having a look at the suggestions by binaryhaiku, and I think they could be very useful as well!
Holly Day 13 years ago
Exactly what I was looking for as I'm working on a new site right now and desperately needed ideas to match colors together.
Bill 13 years ago
Great, we are always looking for "easy" does it's Thanks,
sex 13 years ago
Two others sites I have used for ideas are ColourLovers and Adobe's Kuler.
Richard 13 years ago
Muchos Gracias Markos,

Just what I needed to color a wp fanpage theme..I have left the job because of being indecisive with this part of the project. Now I can move forward.. thanks for the email. Your purple theme is a stunner.
Hans 13 years ago
Thanks! this was very useful for me. I have a lot of sites and actually all my life I have been randomly selecting colors I felt went with each other. I never stopped a second to consider it actually was a kind of "science" getting hues and varients to match up.
David Nielsen 13 years ago
Thanks Mark, really nice. I have one, but this is better...
Sue Jenks 13 years ago
wow, this is a good tool! Thank you Mark Ling. It makes designing sites so much easier and quicker.

I could have had this tool when I was doing all my other sites. lol!

Franklin 13 years ago
Cool.. just wondering what else I could use it for, who knows maybe in the future... thanks for the free info..
Joann Schmidt 13 years ago
Thanks for the tip, Mark!
Brad Waller 13 years ago
I saw your email and had to check out what you had. Lo an behold your favorite is my latest favorite as well. Nice to see you agree that this is a great tool. One other I have used in the past is http://www.colorjack.com/
Kathy Adams 13 years ago
Very nice tool. Thanks for sharing.
Sanjiv 13 years ago
Thanx Mark,
That was useful. This will help change colors in the blog to give it some variety. I sure will give it try.
Darryl Hudson 13 years ago
Thanks Mark,

I really look forward to your post here at Affilorama and thank you again for this one, because I'll add this as well to my list of resources that I have already.

I would like to share with everyone also some of my resources that I use to build my affiliate & Clients site with, I hope that member here will find these resources useful too.

Color Picker

Thumboo Thumbnail Generator

What’s Its Color?

Color Hunter

Color Palette Generator

Color Scheme Designer

Great Post Mark Keep Us Informed

Best Regards,

Darryl H.
Hamant Keval 13 years ago
Hi Mark

That is a great and very useful tool.

I use colour picker that I have on my desk top but this one looks very good


Rich Kent 13 years ago
Yep, I've been using Color Scheme Designer for a long time. It's a great tool for coming up with website colors.

What's especially good about CSD is that you can select complimentary colors and even tetrad and so on - which is great for finding font colors that stand out with your theme colors. Great tool!
Diane 13 years ago
Hi Mark

Thanks for these ideas and links. It's good to have some easy references, as colour combinations on websites can certainly encourage you to keep reading, or make you want to leave post haste. Keep up the great work.

Linda 13 years ago
Thank you Mark. I haven't been using anything like this when I design my sites. Interesting!
Lynda du Cros 13 years ago
This is a very handy little tool to have! Good timing too. Just yesterday I had a bit of difficulty explaining to someone the colour scheme I wanted for my next site. This will make it much easier. Thank you!
Mary 13 years ago
I have been using this for years. It is a great tool.

And for those who want to build more flexibility, check out Adobe's Kuler. http://kuler.adobe.com/ it is also free
norma 13 years ago
Hi Mark, hi everyone,

Thanks for the great post, i'm a newbie and i'm about to start downloading and working on my first affilojetpack.

I would like to know how to use and incorporate the color scheme designer tool when creating my website?


Best Regards

norma 13 years ago
Hi Mark, hi everyone,

Thanks for the great post, i'm a newbie and i'm about to start downloading and working on my first affilojetpack.

I would like to know how to use and incorporate the color scheme designer tool when creating my website?


Best Regards

Andy Hewing 13 years ago
What a great site, so many good features, keep them coming and thanks!
norm crenshaw 13 years ago
Mark! What an awesome tool! Thanks for telling us about it, I'll be using it a LOT!
Paul 13 years ago
Thanks Again Mark,

Hope is all well over there since the hurricane.


web tasarım 13 years ago
thanks for the useful post, this color picker very easy to use
Kyle Ransom 13 years ago
thanks for the post this is a great tools for Wordpress Blog
Julian Stone 13 years ago
Fantastic, I never knew such things existed, as someone who constantly agonises over theme design options it's much appreciated, thanks!
Riverjumping 13 years ago
Really nice tool. I like the way it lets you adjust for more muted colors, light intensity, etc. It makes good use of the color wheel. Colorpic is a tool that I use frequently. When you find a colors you want to use, you can create a palette in it. It stores them handily. http://www.iconico.com/colorpic/

Mike 13 years ago
Thanks - Thats a cool tool.

I have been looking for something like this
Paul Fletcher 13 years ago
Thanks Mark

Made a much better colour scheme with this tool


Mado 13 years ago
Thank you Mark I like colours thank you for this tool
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I’m really loving the contents of your blog. Hopefully you keep posting regularly. Thanks.
Patricia, promotional products 13 years ago

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the color scheme. And the sample above is my favorite color. Nice post!