Web 2.0 Traffic Secrets Interview

By Affilorama Group
Web 2.0 Traffic Secrets Interview


Hi Guys,

Yesterday I recorded an intriguing interview with Mr K, an internet millionaire who is an expert at getting lots of visitors to his websites. We discussed a lot of in depth strategies including many web 2.0 traffic generation tactics.

There is no 'pitching' in this interview.

It is pure content.Go listen and learn a lot of cutting-edge traffic secrets for yourself now:

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Please feel free to comment or ask questions below.

All the best!


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Patrick 15 years ago
The download speed for the mp3 (Web 2.0 Traffic Secrets Interview) sucks! I wish gurus would not use free hosting or low bandwith hosting. This is the age of the broadband not 56k modems. My mobile phone can download faster. Please put this mp3 on some descent hosting. Thanks From Affilorama: Actually we pay over $1000 a month for this server. Not cheap hosting. I'll find out from RackSpace what the story is, I think that it may just be that too many people were accessing the file at the same time. I'm not sure, I'll find out with rackspace, or possibly the problem may be at your end. 
Scott 15 years ago
Hey Mark...thanks for the audio...didn't listen yet but wanted to let you know that I downloaded in less than 30 seconds. It helps if the user has a decent connection! I know at times my connection bogs down....just the way things are.

Will let you know what I think of the audio

James 15 years ago
Why do people complain about FREE information? Geez....

Thanks for the audio Mark.
Bill 15 years ago
Great info Mark. You always provide so much real content! And it's a shame some people find a way to be negative and complain even when you give them a gift. The appropriate response should have been a simple "thank -you"
Mike 15 years ago
Thanks Mark! You are a true giver my friend. I was wondering if there was an efficient linking strategy implementing web 2.0 and I think this one looks good.

Mike 15 years ago
Mark, I'm implementing the linking strategy, but when I post to my twitter with the squidoo url, squidoo turns it into a "tiny url" instead of keeping the original url. Will this still have seo benefit? Mike From Mark: I think it will still have the same benefit, but you'd have to show me so I can make sure I know what you mean. 
Patrick 15 years ago
Hi Mark
I forgot where my last post was about the download speed.
Well done you've improved the speed. Still slow but much better than it was before and speed is OK for files than are not too large.
I downloaded from your site "mrk_traffic-secrets.zip" size 26.5MB in 1 min 54 secs transfer rate 238KB/Sec.
Oscar 15 years ago
Thanks Mark, this is a fantastic info, i can't wait to start applying this valuable tips. No problem with downloads.
almomsInons 15 years ago
Does anyone know of a good article spinning script. Looking to take my articles and PLR articles and spin them.

Steven Walsh