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Viral e-books

Viral e-books

Hi guys,

One thing I talk about in my Affilorama lessons is creating viral ebooks. "Viral" sounds a bit dodgy, but all it means is that you create an ebook that people will pass around (like a virus, but a nice virus!) and use it to either drive traffic to your site, or generate affiliate commissions by embedding your affiliate link into the book.

"Whadda wha?" -- you say?

How about we demonstrate with an example. Check out this example of a viral ebook:


This ebook comes from one of my Affilorama members. He's made quite an excellent book on the subject of making money online. Now, the "make money online" market is not one I'd normally recommend you try first, simply because it's so competitive -- I mean every man and his dog has an ebook about making money online. You could do much better to try a less crowded niche.

But full congratulations are due in this case. His book is informative, engaging, not particularly "salesy" and it's definitely something you would pass around to your friends. And that's what you're trying to achieve, ultimately. There's no good cramming your ebook full of hard-sells for products you're affiliated with, since your readers will smell the sell a mile away and nobody will pass it around. And if you're waiting until the end of the piece to include all your "recommended links" -- if you turn people off with bad writing at the beginning, there's little chance they'll even get to the end!

Creating a viral ebook is an awesome technique for affiliates to use. Not only will people pass it on to their friends, but you can let other people sell it from their websites or bundle it in as a bonus with their products -- just so long as they leave your affiliate links intact. People appreciate getting something for free, they appreciate the information, and a good viral ebook will spread like wildfire!

So definitely go and take a look at Wealthy Wal's book to get some good ideas. And some information! Remember -- you don't have to write about the money-making market!

Have a great weekend, guys!

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  • Reply Mr Ross D Giddings4623 days ago

    Right on the nail, Mark. I've had some ebooks which were nothing but advertising. Didn't waste time reading them -- straight into the bin. I wouldn't insult my friends/colleagues/customers by passing on that sort of ebook.

  • Reply Larry • 4623 days ago

    Hi Mark!

    I have to say, your series is great!

    I've just recently joined your program and it was well worth the money.

    Regarding your viral ebooks, can you point me to the lessons that deal with creating and marketing these viral ebooks? I have several ebooks that I would like to turn into a viral ebook but want to do it right both in creating them and in marketing them.


  • Reply Romesh • 4622 days ago

    Interesting, very interesting.

    Great post and thanks wealthy wal, your book looks great and I wish you much fortune.


  • Reply Yankees • 4622 days ago

    Great to see an example of another member putting their learning into practice.

    Also, just to let you know Mark, I've got my income past my initial $400 per week goal, which I am very happy with, thanks to your advice.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Reply Sssssss • 4622 days ago

    Can you do some more video lessons in your blog? like your 6 part course?


  • Reply Nathan Sharp • 4622 days ago

    Hey, I just signed up at affilorama and I am very impressed so far. I'm a skeptic but I must say I like what I see so far. It is all clearly laid out, graphic design is excellent and the lessons I've browsed at so far look top notch.

    I look forward to working through your course and making a great living online. I will be a challenge to you as I'm quite a skeptic, but I'm also willing to put the work in to succeed.


  • Reply Jinx • 4620 days ago

    Interesting idea.

    I've been thinking about writing a funny photos joke book, and pass it round via email, or perhaps pass a link to a website to download it, via email.

    I'd have to set up some joke sites first with adsense, then link to those sites from my funny pics book, and hopefully earn some adsense money. I might add a forum also.

  • Reply Kat Hodge • 4619 days ago

    Your 6 part mini course is fantastic, keep up the good work. I can't wait for more from you, you are finally someone that I can trust and relate to.


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