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Traffic Travis SEO Software


Recently we released Traffic Travis v3. It is a high quality Search Engine Optimization software application that is designed to help you achieve top search engine rankings in Google, MSN, Yahoo, and more! And it is packed with features that will help you gain a competitive advantage in Pay Per Click marketing as well.

For starters, it has an excellent research tool – Page Analysis – which stands out because it can analyze your site and your competitor’s site to find out what they’re doing to rank highly in the search engines. 

Furthermore, it can analyze links, add link partners, and find out the link’s popularity.  You know that a link exchange is very valuable when the page rank is high and it only has a few external links (which means that its value is not diluted).  In short, this tool can make it very simple for you to add high-quality links.Apart from a lot of Keyword Tools, Traffic Travis has fantastic management features as well. 

You will also have an advantage over your competitors by its PPC analysis tools.  And because of it has an easy to use interface, everyone can use it – whether you’re a newbie or already an experienced marketer.

The ultimate goal is to increase traffic to your websites by automating some of the lengthy and complex tasks that you need to do in order to increase your site’s performance.  As a result, your site would create more income for you.

What are the Features?

Here is a more detailed look on the exceptional features of Traffic Travis:

•    Keyword Research

Traffic Travis has the capacity to find thousands of keywords you can use to optimize your site.

Traffic Travis Screenshot 1

•    Page Analysis

It will analyze your web pages and will give you tips and pointers on how you can improve. This is just like having an SEO expert having a look over every single one of your webpages and giving you a critique!

•    Backlinks to site

Traffic Travis can find out who’s linking to your site.  It can also check the backlinks to your competitor’s site – imagine that... you can also get many of these same sites to link to your site!

•    Graphs and reports

It will generate reports and graphs so that you can see how your website's ranking is improving for all the search terms that you are monitoring.  This is great too if you want to produce this kind of reporting for clients if you are a SEO specialist.

•    Top sites for keywordsIt can monitor the rank of advertisers for any keyword. 

•    Website’s keyword list

It will analyze your competition for you.  Find the keywords that your competitors are using and you can even determine their profitability based on its data tracking over a certain period of time.

•    Most popular keywords

It enables advanced analysis of keywords which will allow you to re-examine your ads and change it to more profitable campaigns.


1.    Traffic Travis will sort and group a long list of keywords for you, saving you time and effort.  For instance, if you are categorizing “dog training” keywords, you can easily pick out what you want and remove the odd ones.  

2.    One of the advantages of Traffic Travis is finding out which search terms people are bidding on.  If you load up a project, say “learn Spanish.”  You can click on one of these websites, see exactly what their search terms were, save these keywords, and use it yourself.  It’s a fantastic way of getting started on a campaign, by using someone else’s search terms first before you find out whether or not you want to invest further in more experimental search terms.

3.    You can also analyze your pages.  For example, type the website  For SEO phrase, enter “save marriage.”  Then, click analyze page.  What it’s doing – it’s kind of like looking over your shoulder to tell you whether or not you’ve been optimized for the search results.  If you type “save marriage” in Yahoo, you will see that this website comes up highly in the rankings.  It has been given a grade of an A.  Then, there’s one suggestion here “the phrase needs to appear every 100 words.”  So it does critique what you do, and it will show you in a nice report as well.

If I want to analyze this website with the search term “marriage crisis,” it will definitely show up with a D+ because it’s not optimized on that one.

There are a lot more features inside Traffic Travis.  It is constantly updated and the good news is – you can download it for free! 

Try it now from

All the best!


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