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Traffic Travis Professional Giveaway

Traffic Travis Professional Giveaway

Hi guys,

We've got some more great news to share with you (well we're pretty excited about it anyway).

Our very own SEO and PPC software, Traffic Travis, has just hit the 100,000 download mark on CNet.com!

If you're not yet a user of Traffic Travis, you will probably be familiar with it as the software that Mark uses in many of his lessons.

Having been sitting at CNET's number 1 spot for free SEO software for quite some time now, and also boasting a 4.5 star Editor's review, Traffic Travis has grown exceptionally in both popularity and performance ability since its launch in 2006.

It was initially built for Mark's private use, and is continually used by all of us here at Affilorama, so you can imagine that we take great pride in regular and ongoing updates and improvement to Traffic Travis.
Just as we wanted to share Traffic Travis with you guys to make your life easier, we also want you to join in our celebrations of this exciting milestone.

We're giving away copies of Traffic Travis Professional (worth $99) to 10 lucky users!

To enter you simply need to share your love for Traffic Travis by completing two easy steps:

1) Join our Traffic Travis Facebook page by ‘liking' it here: http://www.facebook.com/seosoftware

2) Link to the Traffic Travis homepage from your website or blog with the following text:

<a href="http://www.traffictravis.com">SEO Software</a>

Once you've completed both of these steps, just send an email to support@traffictravis.com with the page URL from your website where you link to Traffic Travis.

Don't delay! This competition will end in just 14 days time on Sunday June 6th.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday June 8th.

And if you haven't yet got yourself a free copy of Traffic Travis, head to http://www.traffictravis.com/ to download it right now.

Better still, if you'd love to get your hands on a copy of Traffic Travis Professional right now, you can purchase it here.

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  • Reply Nick Fauchelle2976 days ago

    I still remember the very very first version ;-) Sure has come a long way.

  • Reply Sydney Chiu2976 days ago

    yeah!! very nice!! People are starting to realize Traffic Travis is very useful! and Indeed very useful SEO tool!

  • Reply Stephen • 2973 days ago

    This is more about Mark's generosity than Traffic Travis. I have always been surprised, amazed actually at all of the free information Mark has furnished to anyone who logged on.

    I mean a powerful, multifaceted content rich learning experience. Then all of a sudden about two, maybe three weeks ago every big name "Guru" I have read about for four years or more began giving away EVERYTHING - FOR FREE!

    I wonder why? Yeah, Mike Filsaime started giving away some of his products and Eban Pagan mentioned his success was based on giving away some secrets.

    But nothing in the way Mark has shared so much with those of us trying to get a handle on this Online Marketing Stuff! The so called Big Dogs could see what was happening and climbed on board the Affilamotive Express before all they had to eat was Kiwi Dust!

  • Reply epic traffic systems review dude • 2960 days ago

    Well deserved for such an awesome piece of software. Congrats and thank you for providing a free tool that helps over a hundred thousand people.

  • Reply Anoop kc2744 days ago

    We are facing errors on the same. We cant get exact results from google or yahoo or bing.
    What to do ?

  • Reply yougpeter2363 days ago

    I don't understand.How keyword finding tool is working.
    Let's say i wanna find out how many is searching for keyword " quick loss diet" let's say I check out in Google. OK i see that keyword is searching 90000 times exactly searching 590 times. Ok now i will check in Traffic Travis .WOW It is showing that this keyword is searching 1102 time is a day.How this is possible?

    Please tell me how this program is working .Where it takes this info.

    Thank you.

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