Top 5 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

By Cecille Loorluis
Top 5 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs


Web hosting is essential in building a website. Even if you buy a domain name, without a hosting server, your site will not be online. But more importantly, having a good hosting service means your site has reliable uptimes, can handle large influxes of traffic, and loads quickly, among other benefits. 

Add to this the fact that 571 websites are created every minute.

And just like that, we have our niche of the week: web hosting affiliate programs. :)

Don't Target "Web Hosting" Keywords

I knew before I launched Traffic Travis that finding good keywords in the web hosting niche was going to be a challenge. This is such a competitive niche, and it clearly shows in the results I pulled up in Traffic Travis:

Web Hosting - Traffic Travis Results

Don't get discouraged, though! Think of a sub-niche and focus on that instead. Look for ways your affiliate product is being used and see if you can target those keywords. For example, web hosting is a necessity for any website, including blogs. You can make your website about building blogs, so target keywords related to that instead.​

How To Make A Blog - Traffic Travis Results

You would still be writing reviews on web hosting providers, how to choose a web host, etc, but they will all be in the context of creating a blog. You also do not have to get stressed over ranking for web hosting keywords since your main keywords are about creating a blog.

There's always Ubersuggest if you run out of keywords to target. It's also a great tool to use if you want to get ideas of what to write for a specific keyword.

Top Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

I was not expecting any web host affiliate programs in ClickBank, so I was not surprised when my search in the Marketplace did not return any significant results. There are one or two, but these aren't worth looking into. There are better web host affiliate programs you can try. Some are listed below:


DreamHost - Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Dreamhost gives affiliates USD $97 for every referred user who signs up for its web hosting service. Affiliates get an additional USD $5 for every referral those same users make.

Dreamhost manages its own affiliate program. You don't even have to be a Dreamhost user to be an affiliate.


HostGator - Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting providers online, probably because it has a variety of domain registration and web hosting packages to cater to individual needs.

Like Dreamhost, HostGator manages its own affiliate program. Unlike Dreamhost, it offers a tiered commission system. If you get 1 to 5 sign ups a month, you get USD $50 for each. The more sign ups, the higher the commission you earn for each.


FatCow - Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Fatcow is a web hosting provider similar to HostGator. You get a flat USD $100 for every sign up. Currently, Fatcow offers affiliates USD $25 for every successful referral to its "Cheap Sheep" plan.

You need to register for the affiliate program directly on the Fatcow site.


BlueHost - Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Bluehost offers affordable hosting plans and 24/7 support. Affiliates receive a USD $65 commission for each referral.

Bluehost manages its own affiliate program so you can sign up directly if you want to promote the hosting service. It also provides tracking and campaign tools affiliates can use.

WP Engine - Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

WPEngine has the best service plans if you're looking for a fully-managed WordPress Hosting Platform. It also has the biggest affiliate payout in the web-hosting niche. You earn USD $200 for each sign up. You can refer affiliates, too, and get USD $50 for each of their referrals.

You need to register through ShareASale to promote WPEngine hosting plans.

Get Them to Your Site!

​It might seem like it's too early to think about a link-building strategy when you're still in the early stages of putting up a site, but it pays off in the long run. Having a link-building plan in the early stages of setting up the site ensures that you will be able to jump right into driving traffic to your site as soon as it is up.

Blog and Forum Commenting

There is plenty of information sharing that goes on in blogs and forums. You'll always find questions like "who is the best web hosting provider?" on affiliate marketing and SEO forums. Weigh in and you get to promote your site and web host.

Blog and forum commenting is also a great way to reach out to your target market. It's excellent for not only building links, but also making your site known in the niche.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best methods to promote and drive traffic to your site. You can try advertising on these social media sites, or set up a Facebook page for your site and promote your web host affiliate program there.

Social media sites vary so what may work for Facebook will not necessarily work in Twitter. Have a look at what social media sites you will promote your site on and how they work so you can optimize your marketing efforts through this method.

Amazon Kindle Marketing

E-books can be a great way of driving traffic to your site and promoting your affiliate products. You can create an e-book on how to build a site and include links to relevant articles on your site, or your affiliate link for the web hosting program.

You can then share this e-book in Amazon for free, or sell it for a low price (such as $0.99). That way, you can earn money while promoting your site or affiliate product.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs: Lofty Ambition or Probable Success?

The web hosting niche is very competitive, and it's really no wonder given the number of sites built in a day. It's going to be difficult finding keywords to target and getting a unique angle for the site. The commissions are the biggest I've seen so far and given the huge challenge this niche presents, I would still go into this niche.

The way affiliate marketing works is that you pick a niche, select the keywords, find products to promote, and build the site. Then, you drive traffic to the site so you can start earning commissions. You can do the same for a web hosting niche site. But be prepared to give 110 percent. It's going to be tough, but the commissions will keep you going for sure.

If you already have a blog where you have steady following or readership, then you are ripe to promote a web hosting affiliate program. You can either write a review, or add a banner on your site's sidebar. It's a great way to monetize any blog or site.

That concludes this week's NotW. I hope you enjoyed and learned much from it. Do you have any suggestions for next week's niche? Any feedback on this week's niche? Leave your comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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sathish kumar 7 years ago
can i create one website which promotes all 5 webhosting given in this above blog ?
Justin Golschneider 7 years ago
Hi Sathish! You could certainly do that. :) I often promote competing products. The important thing is to make all of them sound good and help visitors figure out which one of the products you're promoting best fits their needs.
Clay 7 years ago
Great articles. AccuWeb Hosting provides recurring commission till the product is active.
Read Hosting reviews 4 years ago
How to success in affiliate marketing? Im doing affiliate marketing for more then 2 years, still i cant able to paid.