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Top 5 Ideas to Rev Up Your Sales for the Next Quarter

Top 5 Ideas to Rev Up Your Sales for the Next Quarter

Guest Post by Terra Goere, Account Manager from Clickbank.com

Looking for ways to make sure you meet your sales goals for 2009? Check out the ideas below and try one or two!

1. Educate yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, making money in internet marketing does not happen overnight- you must put forth a substantial amount of time and effort in order to be successful. As with any business endeavor, one of the best things you can do for yourself is invest in your education and network with other people in the industry. Two events are coming up which will allow you to do just that: Affilicon Israel, taking place June 1st and 2nd near Tel Aviv, and Affiliate Summit East, being held in New York, New York, August 9th through 11th. Dush Ramachandran, ClickBank’s VP of Marketing and Business Development will be speaking at both events. ClickBank will also be exhibiting on the show floor of Affiliate Summit. Come see us and introduce yourself!

2. Try promoting a new product.

When searching the ClickBank Marketplace for new products to promote, many affiliates instinctively go for the ones that rank highest in Popularity or Gravity. While high scores in these areas do indicate that a product is converting well for other affiliates, low gravity offers you the opportunity to uncover hidden gems. Next time you’re looking for products in the Marketplace, try searching by Low Gravity. These products have fewer affiliates promoting them which means less competition for you.

3. Network

Most successful affiliates achieve good results by networking with and learning from other high performers. All of us have our own unique perspectives on how to achieve success. Networking and sharing ideas allows you to tap into the creative energy of other people and return the favor by sharing your own ideas. When you collaborate with others, often you find that the end result is better and more creative than the individual ideas that originated from each person. Mastermind groups are a great resource, but may be expensive to join. Meetups, on the other hand, are less exclusive and less expensive and are often easier to find in your local area. You can also start your own meetup for around $50.00 USD. Click here for more information about starting or joining a ClickBank Meetup in your area.

4. Don’t spread your resources too thin.

Consider limiting your promotions to one product niche and becoming an expert in that area. The more knowledge you have about a particular subject, the more compelling your ad copy will be. You’ll also learn how to recognize the quality, high converting products in your niche must faster and leave the duds behind.

5. Track your success.

As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Therefore, use any and all tools at your disposal to track your success. If you’re a PPC marketer, you must be using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and/or Microsoft adCenter to track the ROI of your campaigns. If you promote products through your own website, you should be using Google Analytics to find out how customers got to your site, where your customers are going within your website, and where they exit from your site. You can also use your ClickBank analytics to measure the number of hops per sale and the dollar earned per hop for each vendor you’re promoting. These numbers will help you focus your efforts and resources on the products that bring you the best return on your investment.

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  • Reply rocketdocket3493 days ago

    How true. And I'm as guity as everyone else, trying to focus on something that interests me the most--mobile telephony--while ignoring other niches and their products.

  • Reply mastercands3492 days ago

    That's is a good point. In fact I was dedicate myself on products with high gravity and revenue. But I will add a third product with low gravity to test your point.

    According with one of Mark lessons: is to risky to invest in low gravity product (better to eat on the same pie where everyone is eating)

    I am still searching for the video 1.5 that affilorama refer on the previous articles.

    How many products do you think a newbie should work in the same time?

  • Reply aly sproat3321 days ago

    This is a really great post. It is important for affiliates to focus their efforts and also not lose interest too soon if money does not fly straight in. The internet is great for promoting products whether your own or someone elses and revenue from links can still come in months or even years later. A clear plan of action and taking steps at least 3 times a week to achieve your goal can help.

  • Reply John • 3068 days ago

    This is really a good point..

  • Reply Ross • 2969 days ago

    My thing right now is getting through so many offers! Everybody has the best ideas... Even in this site -- in which I find good, quality information -- distraction abounds! Even the jet-pack with all its great content and training leaves areas untouched or content is not as thorough.... Well, never give up is my motto.

  • Reply Eddie Todd2782 days ago

    Over the years I have probably looked at several hundred opprotunities and the more that you see makes the choice of which ones to follow and promote much more difficult. I started unsubscribing from email lists and have used a throw away email address for any incidental signups. The hard part for any newcomer is to focus on one product to get going and produce an income. Following the five points in this post make sense and should help get results.

  • Reply Jonathon • 2669 days ago

    Excellent post. Some good points made that are the opposite of what many teach.

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