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Top 10 'Top 10s' for the Internet Marketer

Top 10 'Top 10s' for the Internet Marketer

We've been pretty flat out here at Affilorama for the past week getting AffiloBlueprint launched but here's a quick post for our loyal blog subscribers! This week I thought I'd do something a bit different. I don't know about you, but I love top 10 lists! There's just something about them that's really interesting and also easy to absorb.

So, I've collected a “Top 10 Top 10s” for internet marketers. Many of you will recognize some of the blogs that I've linked to here, and may even read them regularly. I think it's no coincidence that these blogs were also the ones that had the best “top 10” list. So make sure you have a look and maybe consider subscribing to these blogs – they are really worth it!

1. 10 Ways to Avoid Writing Insecurity

Sometimes getting started is one of the hardest things in writing – ten tips on how to beat insecurity when you're staring at a blank screen!

2. 10 Questions Every Blogger Should Ask Themselves Before Posting

It can be too easy to just hit “publish” without first objectively analyzing what you've written and being critical enough to only let high quality content through. Ten essential questions for self-evaluating your posts.

3. Top 10 Tips for Twitter … and Life

Twitter is the latest and greats social media fad – and many affiliate marketers are trying to figure out ways to leverage this exciting medium. Don't forget these 10 fundementals!

4. Internet Marketing - The Top 10 Deadly Sins Of New Internet Marketers

Sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what TO DO. Ten “deadly sins” of internet marketing that you can avoid.

5. 10 Success Strategies for Internet Marketers

This is an audio recording of a seminar by Jay Berkowitz of Ten Golden Rules that was recorded at Affiliate Summit West in January. Really in-depth strategies for internet marketers – check it out!

6. Top 10 Secrets of the Marketing Process

Short, sharp and simple – as only Seth Godin can be. These 10 secrets could we be called 10 fundamental 'must dos'.

7. 10 Tips for Criticism Without Harming Your Reputation

Sometimes it is necessary to post a criticism, whether in an email, on your blog or in person. Make sure you review these ten great points before you jump in and potentially harm your reputation and your business!

8. Top 10 Resolutions for a More Profitable 2009

We are continually told how difficult 2009 is going to be – but it doesn't have to be! These 10 tips are generic for all small businesses, but they are just as applicable to internet marketers.

9. 10 Tips to Socialize Your Affiliate Site (Part II)

In this two-part post, the folks over at Affiliate Classroom has compiled 10 great guidelines on how to help increase user interaction on your site.

10. 10 Tips for Being a Good E-Mail Affiliate

Still one of the staples of a successful affiliate marketing business – email marketing. 10 tips for maximizing your success!


Hope you enjoy these! Let me know what you think, or if you have any other suggestions in the comments.

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  • Reply Jeanny Diao3728 days ago

    Very interesting points...very informative... a must-read for affiliate marketers.

  • Reply John Alexander’s Foreclosure Fortunes • 3728 days ago

    Here the very nice article is given for the internet marketers and also a good tips are given, its very helpful for the internet marketers..
    I read all this points and its really a very interesting tips for the internet marketers, i think after read this the internet marketers are come to know the how to do the more marketing on the internet....

  • Reply Vince • 3727 days ago

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