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Too many guru emails hitting your inbox?

Too many guru emails hitting your inbox?

Hey Everyone,

Do you get too many 'guru' emails hitting your inbox that it distracts you away from spending productive time making money online?

Personally, I'm subscribed to over 100 different internet marketing guru's newsletters.

Some are good, most are spammy, some are appallingly spammy.

With most of them I have set up categories and rules so that the emails automatically go into folders that are categorized by the guru's name.

That way I only take a look through a particular guru's email when I have the time, or wish to check out what they've been sending out lately.

There are some people whom I subscribe to that I let go directly into my inbox, but most of them I have automatically going into categories, that way I don't get distracted by stuff.

One problem I hear from many readers is that they don't know who to stay subscribed to, who to listen to, which products to buy and so forth.

Personally, I'm subscribed to a lot of different lists, good and bad, but I have different motives to most of you. I'm subscribed because I'm in the IM niche, so when I'm in a JV contest during an IM launch, I like to know what emails the other people are sending out.

There's not many lists that I'm subscribed to for the purpose of gaining 'information'

When I want to learn stuff, I either try to reverse engineer what other successful people are doing, I buy solid business books from Amazon.com, I listen to quality business audio books in my car, I talk to other internet millionaire friends of mine on skype, I listen in on promising sounding webinars or I buy courses from very reputable internet marketers.

It's fairly rare that I learn something new from a newsletter list that I'm subscribed to because most people only send out promotions and don't actually send out any content in their newsletters. And when they do send out content, it's often too newbie to be of interest to me.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic here. What I wanted to give you was something to help you prevent getting an inbox full of too many offers and so forth that you miss the good ones and also I'd like to offer you some tips to prevent you from buying junk products.

Rule #1: Set up a seperate gmail account and let all new newsletters that you subscribe to go to that account, and categorize your inbox.

Rule #2: With your regular email inbox, only subscribe to a maximum of 5 newsletters (and less if you can help it). If someone isn't in your top 5 'gurus' or newsletters, then unsubscribe and resubsribe using your gmail account. That way you'll have less clutter to deal with on a daily basis. You may even wish to make it part of your daily routine to unsubscribe from one newsletter list each day (and move it over to your gmail).

Rule #3: Beware of buying any product that you don't understand. If you come across a salesletter for a product, and it shows a bunch of income screenshots, then it says that there is some miracle system or software that creates push button money, or traffic, then make sure that it explains what that system or software is. Don't just get blinded by income screenshots and proof of traffic and testimonials. Don't get blinded by statements such as "my system doesn't involve adwords, doesn't involve email marketing, doesn't involve xyz", those kinds of statements, while being fine to have in a salescopy, aren't enough to tell you what the product is about.

If you don't understand what you are buying, don't buy it. I've seen several product launches of awful $37 products where they make it look like you're buying some top secret system to drive floods of traffic to your websites, something you've never heard of or seen before, it doesn't involve email marketing, nor does it involve ppc, etc etc. Then you buy the product and find out that you've bought a piece of software that does article submission.

Ok, that's great, but if you knew what you were buying, you may or may not have bought that software. Article submission software can be really good, but don't just go buy some miraculous traffic generation software without knowing what it is that you are buying, or you will find that you'll regularly be disappointed.

Rule #4: Beware of short emails that lead to a hardsell of a product

If someone has your best interests at heart, and they've really reviewed a great product, then in their email they'll actually give you at least some details of what that product is about.

If you get an email that goes something like one of these then beware:


Subject: Wow, I'm impressed


This software is amazing, I've never seen anything like it. It's push button simple and I'm now driving lots of traffic to several of my websites:


You can thank me later,

Guru Name


Subject: Keep this private


This information is for your eyes only. Don't share it with anyone else:


Guru Name


Ok, if you get the occassional email like that from someone, that's fine, but if you're getting emails like that every single day from someone, then be very wary.

They are likely just seeing you as a number, they send out short emails as they are faster and easier to write and they get high click throughs. They probably haven't reviewed the product, just the salespage, so they just look to promote products that 'convert well' to sales, but not necessarily great products that will benefit YOU.

And they mail as often as they can (sometimes 3 times per day) as they aren't even thinking of helping you long term, they don't care about building a relationship, they just want you to buy something from them and they want you to do it as soon as possible before you unsubscribe. I've heard some marketers tell me that they "hate customers" and they don't want to deal with them, they'd rather just refund people who ask questions.

Personally I'm all for strong marketing, hype, overpromoting at times and so forth. So long as it's a product I believe in. And there are several good products made by top quality marketers out there, guys who offer great support too, so I don't understand why some guys decide to promote such junk on a daily basis.

I like to picture the person on the other end of my emails as a real person who I want to see do really well online and in life. Often I read an email that I've just written and think to myself - Would I want my father reading something like that? (For those who don't know, he's someone that I trained up in internet marketing and is doing well online)

Rule #5: Stick to 1 or 2 systems at a time - maximum. If you buy an info product that teaches you how to make money online through following some system, then that's great, but don't keep looking for the next opportunity. Implement what you learn, good things sometimes take a little time. Try not to buy more than 2 (and preferably only 1) new 'make money system' within any 90 day period. Give yourself the time to go through it properly and get making money before expanding your knowledgebase.

It's like learning to drive a truck, you need to master driving a car first. You wouldn't learn to drive and 30 days later, go ahead and learn to drive a large truck. You'd want to be driving a regular car for at least 90 days, if not longer, before moving on to another class of vehicle.

Also, with any system, it will probably take you 2 to 3 times as long as you first think. Assuming it's a good system, the money IS still there, the potential lifestyle is still there, it might just take 3 times as long and twice as much persistence as you first thought.

Rule #6: Buy products that help you in your current plan, and that teach you things that you know that you need to know. If you already have a plan, if you already have websites etc, don't buy brand new 'systems' that are totally different to what you are doing. Buy products that complement what you are doing.

Many years ago, I got myself making money online without buying info products. I was largely self taught. But when I did finally start buying 'info products', the first ones I bought were ones that helped me send more traffic to my websites. I didn't go ahead and look for some new magic way of making money online, that would have been a big distraction, I looked for products that would help me make more money out of the sites that I already owned, and also taught me skills that I already understood that I needed to get better at e.g. email marketing, ppc and so forth.

Rule #7: It's better to take a leap of faith than to distrust everyone. There are a lot of 'gurus' out there, some are really good, some bad. Some have great systems, others are rubbish. The fact is, there is a lot of money being made online, and you can't waste too much of your time trying to decide who to trust and who not to. You have to learn how to take a piece of it for yourself. If you gain success from most of the products you buy, and perhaps some turn out to be rubbish (so you refund those), then that's better than being too cautious to try at all.

You can follow my rules above to some extent, but all in all, there are many good systems out there and you get a pretty good idea from the first couple of days whether or not a product is any good. If it's bad, get a refund and try something else. DO stay in this game, DO take action, and DO persist, DO NOT get put off by obstacles, and remember ...

... Making money online is as simple as learning how to master the following:

Leads (e.g. seo, ppc, ppv, affiliate marketing, email marketing etc)
Conversion rates (salesletter writing, email writing, surveying exit traffic, copywriting in general, etc)
Average $ per sale (e.g. upsells, recurring, etc)
Average # of sales per customer (email marketing, promoting good products, etc)
Your Revenue

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I hope you realize that this isn't meant to be a 'guru bashing' post. There are several great internet marketers out there who provide quality information both in their newsletters and in their products, and are helping make a lot of people to do extremely well online. This is simply meant to help you cut through the crap out there which unfortunately taints our industry and might hold you up on your path to great success online.

As always comments are welcomed!


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  • Reply chris wilson3113 days ago

    That's really good advice

  • Reply John • 3113 days ago

    Thanks Mark for this post. I am so wet behind the ears, it is not funny. I have been trying to learn how to market, set up my website, get traffic and so forth for the past three years. I was getting side tracked so easily by all of the guru emails. I wasn't buying so much as I was reading and trying to understand what it was all about. I have been trying to limit myself to receiving mailings from 3 to 5 individuals. It depends even then on the subject of that email. My focus has improved.

    What bothers me now, is the difficulty I am having in unsubscribing from some of these email lists.

  • Reply Maureen • 3113 days ago

    Thanks for the very helpful post. I spend way too much time on reading through email promos and too little time moving my business forward. I plan on changing that. Any chance you can give us a small list of internet marketers that you think produce good stuff (besides yourself of course). I put you right at the top. Thanks again!

  • Reply Judd Bryant3113 days ago

    I had one this morning called clickbank Gaming, I spent an hour wondering if i should have a go, In the end, all those things they are trying to sell me, I can do myself, I am learning every day, I trust my intuition so i gave it a miss, ty for the conformation, Juddy (:{~

  • Reply Ric • 3112 days ago

    I have tried a lot of programs in the past. The only way I have ever made money is when I delete all emails in my inbox and get to work!

  • Reply Sam • 3112 days ago

    I got too many emails every single day, and start from this new year I begin to unsubscribe and delete all the gurus email. I hate to receive the same email subject everyday.
    Thank God Now I can focus on my task. Anyway thanks for great tips, Mark.

  • Reply Douglas • 3112 days ago


    I get your mail regularly. Unfortunately, I also get everyone else's also. It is a daunting task to separate the wheat from the chaffe. Did I buy something from you? Perhaps I should have if I didn't!

    Perhaps you can assist me with one so-called "non-guru guru". He is branded as Andrew Wallace - whether or not that is really his name. His product is branded as ATM and works in some way with ClickBank. He is shown to be from your part of the world, so you may have heard more about him than we are aware of in the USA. His product MAY by good, but the components delivered didn't work correctly, and his support does not respond. If you know - or know of him - could you kick his butt and ask him to at least respond to me personally?

    I remain interested in your product, although because of these problems with others purchased earlier - in particular the ATM product - , I have not had the time to pursue further - and I am somewhat "gunshy" because of the chicanery of the many carnival barkers masquerading as experts in this industry.

    Best regards,


  • Reply Anthony Basich • 3112 days ago

    Great post Mark!

    I recently cleaned up subscriptions and unsubscribed to many of the newsletters that sent me nothing but emails just like in your #4 example. I want a newsletter that I can actually learn something from.

    It's funny though how when a new "guru" product launches most of the newsletters I have subscriptions to send out promotions on the exact same day about the same "new" product. The emails are almost exactly the same too.

    I will say that there are a few good ones out there that I still subscribe to that are very informative. Yours is one of them. Keep up the great work!

    Thanks for another great post,

  • Reply Robert • 3112 days ago

    Mark, as usual sterling advice.

    I recently did a subscription "cleanup" with my main email address and removed my email from most of the lists, especially the ones that just went straight into the "hard-sell" all the time. Business is about providing value and most of these guys don't do it but just focus solely on rinsing the market for everything its worth in the shortest time possible rather than building relationships with people on their lists and building a long-term and sustainable business.

    You always provide great content and bring out solid products such as Affilorama, that people can actually make money with if they follow the instructions and take massive action. Steve Clayton is another guy that brings out great products. Although your products are not cheap, its better to buy a solid product for a few hundred dollars rather than skip between several $37 products that people never really make money with anyway. Additionally, people take a significant investment such as $500 more seriously, and hence are more likely to take action.

    After a short time in the IM Industry you realise that unfortunately, most products are bull and hype. My best advice is to invest in a solid course, even if it is likely to cost a few hundred dollars and take massive action on it. Its also a great idea to choose one that you know someone else has used and had success with, as you can't really trust many "reviews" as people just want you to buy through their affiliate link. I've never seen an Industry so clouded with marketing hype! Sometimes its a bad thing, you go from being really naive to being super suspicious! lol

    Posts like this make me glad I kept subscribed to your list : ) . Keep up the good work.

  • Reply Affliate Marketing • 3112 days ago

    Very informative stuff you have shared to us.By this everyone may know about this guru email hit in in-boxes of us.It also prevent us from spammy.Techniques and rule you have given was very helpful.I also found this Affliate marketing strategy that also helps us of this guro email..
    Thanks for this..

  • Reply Rob Nieuwveld3111 days ago

    Thanks Mark for this.

    I get a lot of newsletters and many are the same and after a while I get to 'know' about the tactics and just let it go where I do not see any added value for me.

    One thing I would like to learn about and that is to

    automatically categorise e-mails.

    I have tried to find it at gmail but without result.

    Can you or anyone else help me out on that and for instance say if yahoo also has this facility?


  • Reply William King • 3111 days ago

    You can't imagine how I hate spam and how much get annoy from it i loose my temper as soon as I see some spam in my inbox and my attitude is like how dare someone to send spam in my inbox. So for news letter I have made a separate account but I don't visit I guess their is nothing much in newsletters rather I have bookmarked the site and watch them on daily basis if some new content has added like masscuts etc this method is pretty decent rather than newsletters

  • Reply Don Bengert • 3111 days ago

    Hey Mark,
    Great advice and to the point. I have been applying this as one of my new year rezzies...I have noticed that the 'Guru's', per say, do have some worthwhile stuff and it is duely noted. Focusing on 1-3 objectives in this game of life on the internet can keep you on the right track. Thanx again, Don

  • Reply amanda sonia3111 days ago

    I couldn´t agree more. Thanks for yet another great post.

  • Reply Mark • 3110 days ago

    Great post as well as a really helpful website in Affilorama. Its a funny coincidence but I too have setup a folder/filter system for the deluge of emails I get. Its also interesting and comforting to know that I am far from being alone in the challenges of going through the daily email. I strongly suggest others emulate your folder system to help them with their email blitz. One other thing people might find helpful in going through all the offers that say "for a limited time only" is if an offer doesn't come to you at the right time don't worry there will be another one just like it up around the corner. Trust yourself and the path you are on. With ethical guides like Mark Ling, Steve Clayton, Ben Shaffer, and John Thornhill, to name a few I believe we are in good hands.
    Paul Steinberg

  • Reply Shaun Y • 3110 days ago

    Thanks for those great tips there Mark. As always, you've shared a lot of valuable info there that we can each take away. I only wished this list was made available at the very start of getting into this somewhat shady world on IM :)

    Many thanks,

  • Reply Sanjay Gupta • 3109 days ago

    Great Post Mark !

    its really a great stuff & the rules you mentioned above are indeed helpful to avoid distraction to a great extent...

    some of the rules are being followed by me already though.. i could take a note of couple of ideas which would be an added advantage over the others...

    thanks again & best regards

    Sanjay Gupta

  • Reply 3109 days ago

    I get about 140 e-mails a day and like you say - some of the e-mails are worth looking at but i must say you have an excellent idea of making new addresses to send them to. This will clean up my inbox for better things.
    I`ll be setting up new addresses to get my guru e-mails from now on - - Great Idea - Thanks .
    And another thing is when you get an e-mail that says" check out this new video -it will show you how to get traffic " for whatever reason. They just want you to signup and not to often will what they offer be of much value.

  • Reply jpmy weww3108 days ago

    i have four email accounts, one is my personal one, one is my business newsletters, one is my personal news letter, one is my business internet marketing accounts etc. The easiest way i have found is to make 5 hotmail accounts, and pop them over to a gmail account. You can filter all the emails as they go to the gmail automatically in different folders.

    Gmail has a feature called Multiple Inboxes, this way you can view all inboxs at the same time, but they are separated in boxes. so i have snapshop of all emails in one place, but they are still separate boxes

  • Reply Mark Smith3107 days ago

    Good post, helpful for many marketers. We lost too many time in reading, not in creating. Thanks,
    Mark V Smith

  • Reply Bassey • 3105 days ago

    Thanks Mark, those tips are amazing and are truthful........ thanks, I look forward to receiving more useful tips and information from you.

  • Reply Doug • 3105 days ago

    My favorite is where you respond by buying the: not $147, not 119, Not $97, but for today only (only 57 copies left) $ 47.00 (site will be taken down tonight). then only to find out that you have bought from a guy who only constantly sends you some other's "greatist thing since sliced bread" program, as an affiliate, of course to make you $ 6,732.09 a day while you sleep, with just a couple clicks per day for another $ 47.00. The sales pages and squeeze pages all look alike and the spreadsheets offered as "Proof", can be made up by a 5th grader. Is this what they call: "Paid for advertisments"?? Paid for by idiots!

  • Reply Bettina von Mutius3104 days ago

    Yes, this is a really good post. Right now I am in the mood to kick everybody outside my inbox and to start all over again. It is so easy to get to much stuff and to get lost in all these informations and yes I sometimes bought a product to quick.
    I will try to set up my inbox as you suggest and see if it is going better.

    Thanks in advance Bettina

  • Reply Jack • 3102 days ago

    So true. I have reduced e-mails from so called affiliate guru's from 30 to 10. Reading this post, I know I was right.

  • Reply Neo Kanobi3101 days ago


    GREAT TIps as always.

    I totally agree with you on focusing at most in 1 to 2 systems initially at a time and after you have mastered and you are starting to see some results move to the next ones preferably that will help enhance what you are doing.

    I agree with most of the comments it is a very daunting task trying to sort out all the emails that you get trying to sell you something or promote the next miracle solution most of them are SPAMS.

    I like your idea in creating a GMAIL account to have most of the IM email go to and only use your email to the few that you know they are good and really offers you quality products or services. (I wish I had done that in the beginning to avoid all the SPAMS that I get now a days) :-)

    Keep up the great work.


  • Reply itzallan3101 days ago

    Hi Mark, thanks for the helpful information and insight.

    Yes, definitely, the email deluge issue can be a major problem. If there's anything that can snatch you off course, it's that daily tsunami of email. The garbage that comes through most of those emails is laughable. It's also sad, too, because all the low quality information that gets sent down the email pipeline gives the internet marketing industry a shady reputation. It makes me more determined to not be that kind of marketer and to offer value that not only helps other people transform their lives positively but also help restore people's trust and confidence in this industry.

  • Reply Kai Druhl • 3100 days ago

    Hello Mark, I appreciate your advice to stick with one system and to make it work. Unfortunately, in Internet marketing, training people itself becomes a thing to market. Using scarcity tactics, product launches etc can lead the beginner to make buying decisions that are not in his best interest.
    Thanks for offering sound advice.

  • Reply jane snowberger3100 days ago

    Great post Mark, I thank you for an honest and helpful post.

  • Reply prof tun3099 days ago

    Great post! My gmail was bombarded with so many mails and i can't read them anymore.
    It is time to solve. I have to categorize as you advise and have to unsubscribe many.

  • Reply Ken Weiss3099 days ago

    Mark, I love this site, and what I have learned here is invaluable. I can't believe two major earthquakes in NZ in less than a year. Growing up in San Francisco, I know about devastating earthquakes. I hope you, your family and employees are safe.


  • Reply Joan Stalker3099 days ago

    Thanks, Mark, I couldn't agree more. I already automatically categorize my guru e-mails but there are a few that I have chosen to unsubscribe from lately because they offer little value, send far too many e-mails and are spammy. You and your disciple, Matt Carter, always offer great value so I make a point of reading your messages because I always learn something. Thanks for all you do!!

  • Reply Ginnie Renaud3098 days ago

    Good info.. I don.'t think I can go around looking for more gurus.

  • Reply Stephen D Souza 3098 days ago

    Let me tell your what really annoys me!!!

    When a so called "GURU" comes out all guns blazing, boasting how great their product is and instead of devoting their time and energy helpingthose that bought the products, a few days later off they go promoting someone else's produsts even though they are in direct competitionto there own.

    Yhis tells me that they are only after the almighty dollar, and do not even truly believe in their own products.

    Another issue I have is the back end product sell.

    I would rather experience a product first and then when I am sold on it I will be only too happy to entertain other products by that person, and not the other way around.

  • Reply akira3098 days ago

    thanks Mark, great advice, I am guilty of chasing so called 'shiny objects' and buying guru products because of the hypey sales page... no more... will def have to weed out my inbox, its currently cluttered with too many useless offers....

  • Reply Ian Mason3094 days ago

    I love the way all these systems say you only need 7 clicks or 2 mionutes to set up and then if you pay for them you find you have to buy a new domain name and hosting before you can even make a start

  • Reply Sonya Messer3090 days ago

    Thank you for the article. As someone who is fairly new to this marketing industry, I am glad to read about what I have been experiencing. I have decided to stay away from "the shiny" offers and stick to one. Your article made sense to me.

  • Reply Yangman • 3080 days ago

    This article is reasonable and outright down to earth advice for those who just embarked on online marketing. Too much hype is a clear sign of a product or system that is mediocre in performance, and you can most probably find alternatives that are freely distributed online if you bother to search for it.

  • Reply mjs233062 days ago

    Yes I do get many e-mails that it sends my head spinning and I get so confused. This one saying this is the best way and that one saying.... you know I could go on. It sounds so easy to do but left on your own just flops. I tried with other GURU's but just could not get it right. I hope I will be able just to focus on your programme and see if it will be easier than others I see.


  • Reply STEVE WILSON • 3060 days ago

    Thanks Mark, I am in that position right now. Just coming down from 1,000 emails, we have rented property as well so this adds to the list. Going to go through your list later to follow your tips.
    All the best, Steve

  • Reply Yangman • 3055 days ago

    As a newbie, I think it's good to get all these mails.....to get yourself really confused, because after all the confusion comes a clear mind and that's when you are ready to rock.

  • Reply 3039 days ago

    Thank you Mark for the insight into what emails to be on guard of. I wished I would have read this thread two weeks ago, before I bought into two totally different online ventures. You are so right about the learning curve for each system. My head is so full, it is kinda funny. I have to keep the conformation email open so I can log in properly, easily confusing what one system teaches from the other. Live and Learn. Good post!

  • Reply Veronica Danquah3000 days ago

    Hi Mark! Thanks for the lesson great info! I will definitely consider focusing on only 1-2 systems at a time, starting online I've been bombarded with drop shipping, Ebay selling, affiliate marketing, and so many other forms of making money online, I spent so much time trying to research each sector instead of choosing one to focus on. After this blog i've decided to choose one to venture into - Affiliate Marketing using Affilo-JetPack!!! I've learned and benefited so much from this site! Thanks so much! I'll be sure to keep you updated on my success!

  • Reply Terry • 2999 days ago

    Thanks Mark it was very useful information as I spend too much time going through emails.

  • Reply Sonja Breazeale2998 days ago

    Great information Mark! I have been lurking around the site for several weeks and have definitely taken advantage of all the wonderful lessons, both printed and videos. My problem with buying systems or programs is the overload on bonuses. As a newbie I want the meat and potatoes so I can get several sites operating.

  • Reply Jon Poland • 2996 days ago

    Mark -- I could not agree more with your post. Information overload is the kiss of death in this business and subscribing to too many guru emails simply adds more fuel to the info overload fire.

    I recently received an email from an IM guru who stated that only 10% of his emails are now being opened. Because of this finding he has now come to the conclusion that email marketing is dying. I firmly believe that if a marketer provides great value a high percentage of their emails will be opened by subscribers. The problem with this guru is that more than 90% of his emails are nothing but promotions and his subscribers are getting tired of this crap.

    Email marketing is not dying. It's only dying for those who do not provide value on a consistent basis.

  • Reply johnyjimmy2996 days ago

    Good sensible advice Mark. I like it that you think of your email recipient as a real person and imagine what your father would think - keeps you real eh ! Cheers JJ

  • Reply michael • 2989 days ago

    great post Mark, i just unsubscribed from some of this IM Gurus who claim to give you online riches without stress, but their mails are ment to lure you to buy and not to add any value to you. PLease, what is your take on EWEN CHAI'S SUPPER AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAME and SITE BUILD IT (SBI). i'm new in the online business

    thanks for the info,

  • Reply susan • 2987 days ago

    Great article, right timing too, i "ve been on the internet mktng, never made a dime just buying softwares and programs left right and center, but this what i needed. God bless

  • Reply Mike • 2984 days ago

    makes a lot of sense, as continually clearing out the inbox/s can become like a full time job, as well as a great distraction.

    Great post

  • Reply Marilyn Pajanel • 2976 days ago

    You always a good GUARDIAN to all newsbees that bombarded by the lies of GURU's....
    million thanks Mark, Your so true of helping trying hard beginners like me....

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