Affiliate Elite - How I use it to dominate my competition

By Affilorama Group
Affiliate Elite - How I use it to dominate my competition


Hey Guys,
You're in for a treat today. Brad Callen from KeyWord Elite (released last year) has given me an advanced copy of of his newest software product, Affiliate Elite , so that I can review it.
There are numerous uses for Affiliate Elite, many of which are on Brad's blog.
The way I like to use it is in combination with his other product, Keyword Elite. And below I'm going to show you how I use it.
But firstly I just wanted to let you know that I've twisted Brad's arm and he's allowed me to give away 2 free copies of Keyword Elite.
I thought, what better way to decide who to give it to, than to run a competition?
So here's what you have to do. Watch the video below (showing my one of my favorite ways of using it to dominate affiliate markets), then if you want more information about Affiliate Elite, go have a look at his videos on his blog: Affiliate Elite Blog.

Video Removed

Like many great products, I hate the idea that lots of people will buy it, then not make full use of it, only for it to gather virtual dust on their hard drives. So I'm going to run this competition to address this issue.
What I want you to do is make a comment on my blog here telling me what YOU think is the best way that you can make your money back from using Affiliate elite, within 60 days of purchasing it.
The best 2 answers will be given a free copy of Brad's other great product, KeyWord Elite , which has a number of amazing features itself ($176 value).
Good luck to you all and I look forward to hearing your wonderful ideas!

Update: Thanks to everyone who left a comment. Some pretty good ideas in there! It was pretty tough, but I've decided to award the following people with a copy of Keyword Elite:

  1. zulkifi
  2. Butch
  3. Simon Q
That's right... there are three. Not because I can't count, but because I couldn't decide! We'll be in touch with you guys over the next couple of days to arrange 'delivery' of the software.
Anthony 16 years ago
Mark, that was interesting and informative video particularly as the topic you chose was the niche I am in. I do no PPC advertising at all but I am an affiliate for products related to this niche so maybe Affiliate Elite would be a good purchase for me.

Being so relevant to me, your video gave me one or two ideas about how to find out more about my competition - even though my Google ranking is very high. Like they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer still and these two tools will enable me to do just that without them even knowing. Could be fun. ;-)
Don 16 years ago
so will we need Keyword Elite to maximize the value of Affiliate Elite??
Ken MacKenzie 16 years ago
Hi Mark - well, as someone in their 60's I need to supplement my pension and therefore I have decided that information products are the way to go for me. I have already published my first eBook and am in the process of writing my second.

However, having spent a lot of money on Adwords PPC in the past to publicise my first eBook's landing/sales page (which I can ill afford) I "think" Affiliate Elite would help me substantially, particularly in finding new eBook subject matters to write about, but more importantly to
then find those keywords that are profitable on those subject matters by using the features you've elaborated on in your video like "analyse Adwords Competition" and "Reverse Google Search".

Thanks for the video. Interesting.
John 16 years ago

The main way I will use Affiliate Elite to increase my profits is 60 days, is to actually seek out affiliates for my niches. Some of them may not be aware of cross promotion with their affiliates. So there can certainly be JV's aplenty. Currently I work with JV Brokers and while it is a profitable relationship, when they do broker a deal for me, I pay them 25% for their efforts. I've started to build my own lists, but Affiliate Elite will allow me to increase my profits 100%.

Justin 16 years ago
Here is what I would do to make this product useful.

It is very simple and produces massive results.

Are you Ready for it? Here it is.

TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. That's it. You see, I would take massive action and start utilizing this great tool.

For most people, getting started is more than half the battle.

So you can see why TAKING MASSIVE ACTION, is the true key to wealth online, or offline.
Alex 16 years ago
Very interesting video and awesome tool. I can see much of the potential but I am so new and don't know what I am doing yet, that it also has a potential to get me into trouble. I think I'll wait a little and get at least a little more than basic understanding of the processes before jumping into the fray. I have no experience at all, at this time, but will soon, maybe within 90 days. Since you've closed your doors, I've had to go to another member training site, but I still look forward to your re-opening and participation in your forum.
Thanks, Alex
Sean 16 years ago
hey Mark,

I've gotta say, of all the things affiliate elite can do, the finding affiliates job is hte most attractive to me.

I'd definitely use this, hire someone to trackdown all the affiliates in one of my niches and then try to get them on board as an affiliate.

Too easy :)
Matthew Finnigan 16 years ago
I'd use the software to find out profitable clickbank affiliate programs (option 1).

Then I'd go ahead and find out all the keywords used by the website owner of the affiliate program that I'm trying to promote by reverse google searching it in Affiliate Elite.

After that, I'd set up my own targeted landing page site (promoting the affiliate program), complete with relevant articles on other pages (with a small link from my page, just so that google spiders my site and sees there is a lot of unique, relevant content).

And I'd then go to adwords and yahoo and bid on those keywords and start tracking my results!

I've already got a copy of Keyword Elite (it is fantastic) so this isn't an entry in the contest, I just thought I'd put in my answer for fun!
Simon_Q 16 years ago
How I plan on making over $176 (in fact THOUSANDS) using Affiliate Elite…

The Goal is:

“To make a new product that can compete against other products and take a part of the market share, or act as a supplement product for another product or idea that works well already on the market.”

Step 1) Find profitable markets to promote as an affiliate marketer and ‘Reverse Google Search’ the most profitable web pages on the internet.

• Find hot popular markets using AE and build a list of the hottest most profitable keywords that make the most money in Google Ads using AE.

• With this information you know what Ads make money – and what Ads to buy to make the most money (i.e. burning money to make even more money)! Not only that, you will also avoid LOSING MONEY on experimenting in the dark with the benefits of AE.

• Use AE to find the most profitable Adwords listings KEYWORDS on the internet for your particular product or affiliate related product. I would also isolate and remove, where possible, ineffective keywords that I have been using to promote my products in the past and concentrate on the highest ranking keywords that AE lists.

• Use AE to “Reverse Google Search” to find the Title AND the Contents of the MOST profitable Goggle Ads on the internet! With this information you have a basis of what you need to write in order to be successful and hopefully even improve on your competitors own ads! I’ll soon have the highest click through rates on the internet!

• Using this information I would have already made MORE than $176 by not losing out on biding on non-profitable Adwords!

Step 2) Start my own Ad campaign.

• Create a simple one page site marketing the top three selling products in my chosen hot market that I’ve researched in step 1 using AE.

• SEO my site using the top Keywords discovered using AE.

• Spend the next week promoting my three products using Goggle Adwords and the top converting ad blueprints I’ve discovered using AE.

• While the three top affiliate products are selling… build an opt-in email list and run polls to conduct market research on the products that I am selling. Keep an eye on the refund rates and the selling rates of the top three affiliate products in selling.

Step 3) Use this information to start developing a product which will better the other top selling products out there.

• Create a new product that improves on the three products I have been affiliate marketing and setup online sales page and an affiliate account for my product so other affiliates can promote my product.

• Use Affiliate Elite to get contact information of super affiliates in our market –including email, their name, phone number and snail mail address.

• With this information I could would start by contacting the SUPER AFFILIATES (the ones that sell the most products in my related markets) personally and invite them to take part in promoting my new improved product! OR I could pay someone to contact them using my pre-written sales copy. Since I know EXACTLY who to go to in order to market and promote my product, it’s a job that I wouldn’t even have to do myself, AE makes it so simple it’s just a job that involves time and someone to sit there and send out the information to prospective Affiliates. Even if I only got one affiliate every day and each affiliate sold an average of one copy a fortnight and each copy makes me 15% of the selling price €39.97, I’d easily make over $1438. After the first 60 days you’d have more affiliates and more traffic generating even more in sales. In reality I’d be expecting A LOT more sales off my super affiliate as these guys aren’t your regular internet markets. We all know the top 20% of guys make 80% of the money.

• I’d continue to grow my affiliate base using AE to get information on the commission rates of our competitors’ affiliate programs and approach the affiliates in our market to promote our product with a higher commission rate than our competitors (or another unique selling point, perhaps we have a better sales page, a better product with less refunds and the same commission, etc).


• By using Affiliate Elite you really have a huge benefit over the competition because you get to spy on them and find out what they are doing that works and doesn’t work, that way you get to benefit from their mistakes ;-)

• Find out what competitors are spending their money on PPC wise and track which words they stay with over a couple of months, then spend money on those exact same words rather than wasting your own money. The same goes with Adwords, find out which ads are making the most money and use them as a starting point to instantly make profits and hopefully improve on even further!

• Using the plan above about you could EASILY make you’re money back from AE within the first few days and eventually, say in a years time, you could earn thousands more than without it.

Thanks, Simon.
PhillDoc 14 years ago
Interesting post you got here. I'd like to read a bit more concerning this matter. Thanx for sharing that material.