7 Tips for Selling Via Teleseminars or Webinars

By Mark Ling
7 Tips for Selling Via Teleseminars or Webinars


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the positive messages about the recent earthquake, I appreciate your support, it has been a difficult time here but at least my family, my staff and their families are safe.

One of my companies offices is complete 'toast' the other ones are not too bad and we should be back in them in the coming weeks. In the meantime my staff are working from home and some are working from my house.

If you want to read my story of the earthquake, go here.


So, today I wanted to give you some tips for those of you who are interested in running your own teleseminars and webinars.

For the rest of this article I'll refer to them as webinars, but they could just as well be teleseminars as the tips work for both.

Note: These tips work for running webinars in just about any niche (ie not just the 'make money online' niche). I've run webinars in the dating niche, personal development and other niches with great success. Others have done so in Forex, weight loss, dog training and all sorts of niches. The fact is, getting a bunch of people together and delivering them free live training that is great value, and leaves them wanting more information from you, leads to great sales in any niche.

Here are 7 tips for selling via live teleseminars or webinars:

1. Make sure that the content delivered on the webinar is worth the attendee's time, whether or not they buy the product that you offer at the end of the webinar. If you fail in this, then they'll never want to come back to be on another webinar. If you succeed, they'll not only come back, but they'll forgive the occassional lower quality webinar and keep coming back. They'll also be more likely to buy from you and recommend you to others in the future.

Also, by being on a webinar with you, your open rates and conversion rates from your emails that go out to them in the future go up. This is because they feel like they know you better, they know your voice now (and your face if you put it on the start of your webinar) and they 'hear' your voice when they read your emails. 

While webinars that do nothing but pitch and sell a product DO convert to sales and DO work, they are not a good long term strategy if you want your attendees to keep coming back. Also, you can run these kinds of webinars, so long as you tell your audience before they come (e.g. if you tell them that the webinar is going to be a live demonstration of a paid software product. If they know what they're in for, then that's ok).

When you deliver good content, try not to cram too much into a short time-frame. I've been guilty of this in the past, and not only does it lead to less sales at the end of the webinar, it leads to people taking away less value from the webinar than if you'd just covered a few great ideas really well. Usually 2 or 3 big ideas are enough for a great webinar, and within each idea there may be 3 to 10 'sub ideas' that reinforce that main idea. If you have too many big ideas in your webinar, people will suffer from information overload as it's too much to get them to remember and take away to implement later for such a short space of time.

They'll also leave earlier as it'll be too much for many of them to take in and leaves less time for them to get their questions properly answered (assuming you take time for live questions later in the webinar).

2. Don't cut the close too short. Make sure that you appropriate at least 5 minutes to deliver your close so that you can punch out all the benefits of the product, and also make sure that you put a further 10 minutes aside for live questions about the product.

I almost doubled my webinar conversion rates when I added extra time into them for the close so that people could ask questions about the product. Sometimes people are very close to buying but NEED that urgent question answered first.

3. Have scarcity, either have limited numbers of bonuses OR have time based scarcity. I usually like to have time-based scarcity because I don't usually like to limit the number of sales that I can make. When you tell people that they have 15 minutes to join a product to gain the bonuses from your live webinar, and that if they join within 48 hours, they'll gain 'most' of the bonuses from your live webinar, but if they join after that, they miss out on the bonuses... that scarcity works really well and it also rewards those who took the time to be there on the live webinar.

4. Make exciting bonuses. If you can't make them, get some from the product owner, often they'll have other products of their own that they can offer to you to use as bonuses. If you can't find those, then you can buy private label rights to a product that you can use as a bonus. Just be careful with private label rights products as some are very low quality and others are pretty good. If it's not something you think is good value, then refund it and buy another PLR product to use as your bonus. Sometimes you can use price scarcity as a bonus if the person you are interviewing on your webinar (assuming it's their product) is willing to allow you to sell their product at a discount for their launch.

5. Make the webinar fun, if you are making good money from your webinars, then why not give away some prizes? Mp3 players, ipads, Nintendo Wiis, whatever you think might get people excited about staying all the way to the end of the webinar, and also to give them extra incentive to buy the product in the hope of winning one of your awesome prizes.

I don't do this on every webinar, but when I offer prizes it has helped get more attendees to stick around to the end of the webinar, and also it has helped conversion rates during the 'close' when people know that not only are they buying a fantastic product with great bonuses, but they also have a chance of winning another really cool prize.

6. If you have a guest on your webinar, or if you are the guest on a webinar, don't be afraid to ask/answer the difficult questions that the audience might throw at you. Usually the 'curly' questions are the ones that everyone in the audience are thinking, so they need a good answer to those kinds of questions in order to overcome any objections they may have and if they are answered well, conversion rates on the product you are promoting will skyrocket. Answered poorly will backfire of course, but I hope you are promoting products that are great value that stand up to scrutiny from your audience.

7. Most people are pretty nervous for the first 3 or 4 webinars that they run. This is normal, just think of it as training. Don't worry if you make any sales or not, this is time for you to learn your craft. Just do it. It's like driving a car, you won't learn by reading books, you have to get in the car and start driving several times before you become a good driver. Have fun with it and go well!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and that it sparks some interest in you running your own webinars or teleseminars someday.

Please post your comments about this blog post below.

If I get enough comments and interest from you from this particular blog post then I'll book some time in my schedule to run a live webinar teaching you in detail how to make money from running your own webinars and how to get people on them and so forth.

I'll even get one of my friends on it who is a genius at hosting and monetizing webinars, but I only want to do this if there is enough interest as I realize while webinars are very lucrative they aren't for everyone.

All the best!

Mark Ling

Barbara Gathany 13 years ago

Great ideas and comments. Would love to see you run a webinar on webinars!

Britt Malka 13 years ago
It's good to hear that you're all well.

Very inspiring blog post. I've stayed away from doing webinars myself so far, because earlier, my main audience were from Denmark, and there were no ways to do teleseminars for a Danish audience back then. Unless you could make the phone the US, and I don't find it very likely.

How big a list do you need to get started in your opinion?
Danny 13 years ago
Great post, Mr. Ling. I'm definitely interested in marketing with webinars. My first one is scheduled for this Thursday, so your tips came at a great time, thank you. Keep up the great work.
susan beesley 13 years ago
Hi Mark

Glad to know you guys are safe after the earthquake.

These are really great suggestions. We do a fair number of webinars of various kinds from Q& A sessions for our community through to our own "promo/sales" webinars.

Knowing the information you have provided will help many people put their toes into the water and give it a go.

Thanks for a very informative and interesting blog.

Chris & Susan
Troy 13 years ago
Good summary. I have also found some the following points true with any presentation:
- keep slides and graphics simple (not too many ideas At once)
- tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them and tell them what you told them

Piyush 13 years ago
Watched your post on the recent tragedy in New Zealand. Sorry to see all the destruction - but glad your family made it ok.

Great timing for your post on webinars - I'm giving my first one next week on online marketing for small businesses. Am a bit nervous about getting it all perfect. I don't have any bonuses but will come up with something by then. I'm using GotoWebinar which seems to have all the bells and whistles.

Thanks for the tips - I certainly want to make sure I provide a lot of value even if they don't buy...I've bought your products before but one other reason I continue to follow you diligently is my first experience I had on a webinar you gave where you sat to answer questions for 2-3 hours beyond the scheduled webinar time - pretty amazing.
George C 13 years ago
Excellent overview with good ideas. I'd love to learn more about what I'd need to know technically; not only to produce the webinar but to track attendees, sales, etc, etc. Thanks
James 13 years ago

Mantini here. Just wanted to say I hope all is well on your end, after that earthquake. I also wanted to say to you and anyone else reading this that there is a lot of great content and products out there on the web, yours in particular, but that too much content, e-mails, reminders and videos can give people too much information that is just too much to process. We all have only so much absorbtion capacity.
Keep the content coming, but in very tiny bites. Trust me that works better than page long e-mails filled with numerous links, video's and things that take over twenty minutes to read or watch.

Nida Sea 13 years ago
I'm interested in learning how to utilize webinars to make more sales. Actually, I'm still trying to record my first Youtube video with no success. So, hopefully I can learn more on a webinar that will explain these tips or others in detail. Thanks!

- Nida
Tom D. 13 years ago
Thanks Mark. Excellent material. I'm looking forward to future posts. I hope to implement many of the ideas you listed.
Peter 13 years ago
Hi Mark,
Another piece of the puzzle well explained. Can't wait to get more.
Brett 13 years ago
I'd be interested in a live demo / walk through of the process. I've heard of webinars getting an almost exponential close rate vs. sales letters, etc. - which make sense. If you're delivering really great content, you've got people's undivided attention.
Kai Druhl 13 years ago
Hello Mark,

I agree that getting started is the most important thing. On my first webinar, I didn't make a single sale, and I didn't get any questions at the end. But if produced a pretty good mp3 recording, that I am now using as a bonus. So, quality is king, if you want to repurpose your webinar. Have you tried handouts on a webinar; does it make any difference?
Michael 13 years ago
Glad to hear you, your family & employees are well after the earthquake. I appreciate the ideas you've shared. Limiting the scope of the webinar to just a few big ideas, to avoid overloading your audience definitely makes sense. Would love to attend your webinar on webinars. Thanks!
Anthony 13 years ago
A very informative post, Mark. Thank you. It's a lesson in itself when a straightforward list distils the essence of a particular online business practice - in this case webinars - to show that they're so much easier than might have been expected. A webinar about webinars could be really exciting, just looking out for the points you have identified. Thank you again.
Dorothy Hinto 13 years ago
I am so sorry about your country and the earthquake you just had. We watch the news and see all the disaster that has happened.
This article is very good. Thank you for sharing.
Dorothy Hinton
Mark 13 years ago
Some good tips, would love to see how its really done with some training from you Mark. Bring it on!
Sharon 13 years ago
Doing my own webinar makes my knees knock together. Though I am sure it just a matter of making a start and continuing on with it.
I look forward to more info when u have the time Mark.
Thank you :)
Ken Soszka 13 years ago
Wow, glad you are relatively okay! I am putting together a webinar for my website business. Is there a company that anyone here recommends for webinar hosting? To me, GoToWebinar looks like the best by far, as far as features, and handling registration/follow-up tasks. However, if I could get GVO to work well for about 10% of the cost it would be beneficial. Do any of you have experience with either vendor, or maybe one that I have not discovered yet? Thanks!!
Tamie 13 years ago
Sounds Great Bring It on I think I would love to recieve that information and give it a try....
Steve 13 years ago
Hi Mark,

As usual, great delivery. I would certainly attend any training on setting up webinars as it is something I will be doing in the near future. Already learnt a lot just from your post.
Rita 13 years ago
Earthquake make me very thoughtfull. Am happy you are all safe. Excellent your 7 Tips post. Thanks..
Dave Adamson 13 years ago
Great post once again, i'd be interesting in this webinar. Usually unavailable at the time you do webinars so if this is recorded I'd be very interested in viewing the reply.

Dave Adamson
Richie 13 years ago

Hi Mark,

GREAT content! I can only imagine how excellent your content
would be in a more in-depth webinar. Please do this webinar,
it will be greatly appreciated and not just by myself, I am sure.



Janice 13 years ago
I'd like more info, so a webinar would be great - thanks Mark
Maggie Holley 13 years ago
Hi Mark,

Echo the sentiment that we are all glad you & yours are safe & well- and commiserate with all those that lost loved ones- and/or all they own....A timely reminder to practice gratitude- and take action!
I have done 1 Webinar- and the idea that you are largely talking to yourself( the great void) unless you have a guest and lively Q panel may need to be mentioned!?
Point 6 is important..Most people find it hard to ask those 'uncomfortable' questions that people DO ask- but they speak to your credibility & integrity as much as the guest expert/product being launched..

It's true there IS a 'fine line' between delivering solid content- and giving too much information.
If people are overwhelmed /confused, they will not buy at the time you want them to- preferring to assimilate the info!

Look forward to seeing a training on doing webinars- especially on the technical side of 'taking the controls' -as that was a bit nerve wracking for me!
Stay well,

Ann Fitzgerald Hardy 13 years ago
I found your information very useful, but wants to know how to actually set up such a webinar. I have toyed with the idea of posting demonstration videos on my blog but am clueless as to how to go about doing same. Could this be formated as a webinar? or are the two miles apart. I am sure you will respond. I am a total novice when it comes on to internet marketing although i have clickbank membership and needs to be generating an income.
Lee Fecteau 13 years ago
To find a good example of how a webinar should be done, check out Chris Farrell's webinars. You can watch for free (with no opt-in or strings attached). I have written about his success story in my blog, if interested. He was formerly a DJ and is really good at explaining things clearly in a way even beginners can understand.... I especially like his webinars on Facebook and creating videos. I think you will too.
Carmen Brown 13 years ago
Great tips Mark. I would definitely be interested in a webinar about this!
BILL HARTRIDGE 13 years ago
Thanks for all the Great Tips over the years,I've been following for almost 2 yrs now,never a bad one.

As for another Webinar,that would be just great.

Thanks Again,

Bill Hartridge
Jennifer Filgate 13 years ago
Yes, please do more training on webinars! I've been thinking of using this strategy to help build my list for a while now. More advice would be helpful. Especially on how to get the interviewee on board, what platform to use, etc.
Patrick Connolly 13 years ago
Thanks Mark. Great to hear that Affilorama is relatively OK.
I'd be interested to know how you cope with time zones. It's tricky enough to get a time for all the time zones in a single country let alone every country. I seldom see one that's at a time suitable for me. I expect that's something that has been thought through. I'm no night-owl.
Patricia Johnson 13 years ago
Hi Mark,

I am so happy to hear that you, your family & employees are well after the earthquake. Earthquakes can be so brutal....My prayers will continue to go out to you and the people of New Zealand.
Yes, please do a webinar on this topic. I am quite interested and have a few friends who are interested also. Thank you for this article and all that you do.
Karen 13 years ago
Glad to hear you are recovering from the earthquake, I thought of you when the quake hit the news. You are blessed that you, your family and staff were safe, things can always be fixed or replaced, but not people. Should you decide to do the webinar for this, I hope you have a replay as I am struggling to get through tax season and my own business is on hold and suffering. The url listed above is the blog currently running, I have not been able to find the time to finish setting up my website through you. Also, with my husband having slipped on the ice and broken his right ankle and my 88 year old Aunt I help is in the hospital in another state, it is particulary stressful currently. I will be retiring on 6/30/11 from my current 'job', after 25 years in the field. It's absolutey time! I had hoped to have everything in place prior to tax season starting, did not happen, and now falling behind. I guess this would fall into one of the 'failure' categories we all go through. Can't wait to get started again! I know I can do this! Thank you for continuing to provide support to all of us, especially us 'newbies', you keep coming up with great ideas!
Gregory Schneider 13 years ago
Great stuff Mark. Thanks for the work you have put into this site, Very much appreciated :-)

Badal 13 years ago
Great post eagerly waiting to learn how to setup a webinar. Hey Mark, It would be better if we are also given some info about resources required to run a webinar.
Rita Mooney 13 years ago
Hi Mark,

Glad to hear all is well with you and yours.

Excellent post and very useful tips. I would love to know more about webinars and would greatly benefit from further training.

Thanks for a great community and for all your hard work.
Raymund 13 years ago
I've attended a lot of crap webinars before. I don't know why webinar hosts don't know how to properly engage to their listeners.
Lawrence Wheeler 13 years ago
I love the way you crafted this article it gave some priceless tips, the world is shifting toward the info product business and running webinars are very important to longterm success. Keep up the great articles were listening :)