The wedding, the honeymoon, the iPods?

By Affilorama Group
The wedding, the honeymoon, the iPods?


Hi everyone!

Michelle and I are back, all married, honeymooned and (reasonably) rested! Everything has been just so absolutely wonderful, I don't even have words for it. It was a fabulous day ... I forgot my words and dropped things that shouldn't be dropped, but Michelle got it all perfect! And then it was just friends, family, speeches and celebrations and ridiculous dancing from there on in. I couldn't have asked for better!

I just want to thank everyone for your kind wishes and comments -- both here and in the Affilorama forum. Thanks to to those of you who sent us cards, too! Completely unexpected, and absolutely appreciated!

We're still waiting to get our wedding photos back from the photographer, and I'll definitely be posting a few of those here once we get them. In the meantime you'll have to put up with my poor photography skills :)

Michelle looking gorgeous.

Me and the Rockstar Recipes boys towards the end of the night. I'm looking a bit tired :)

For our honeymoon we visited Hamilton Island, in the Whitsunday Islands about 2/3 of the way between Brisbane and Cairns in Australia. Having just emerged from a New Zealand winter it was absolute heaven -- fantastically conducive to lounging and lazing and generally recovering from the mayhem.

Although we did engage in some slightly more energetic activities... here's Michelle in a floaty, paddley thing:

More (and better) photos coming soon, I promise.

In the meantime, we have something a little exciting for Affilorama members. We've got three iPod Nanos to give away to Affilorama members. They're 4Gb ones in various colors (sorry, you don't get to pick!) and we're giving them away to members we deem to be the biggest contributors to the Affilorama forum over the next month.

So if you're an Affilorama member and you haven't stuck your nose into the forum yet, or if you've simply been lurking on the forum for a while without jumping in with your two cents, then November might be your month!

Members can also look forward to some new updates in the next week or so. Honeymoon's over, time to get back to work!

More soon,

Julius 17 years ago
Hi I just became a member while you were away on holiday:)
LOL You look wasted in your second photo.
Good luck for the future of your marriage iswell.
Franck Silvestre 17 years ago
Good to see you back Mark.
Davin 17 years ago
Hey Mark, welcome back, and I'm totally happy for you and Michelle. Reminds me of some the of the days in my life. I hope you'll be happy for a long time to come. Any how cheers and good luck to you both. Good to see you back. I made my first sale while you were gone, so I felt pretty cool about that. Talk soon Davin Ogden
quamrul Polash 17 years ago
Joe S. 17 years ago

You really did it! Congrats again!

It's good to see you back as it wasn't the same without you.

Good luck to you both.
Andrew 17 years ago
Hi Mark!!!

Glad to hear you both back and fine!!!!

Best wishes and a long happy life
for you and for your future "little Marks":)))

Take care of each other and enjoy
every day of your life as it the last one!

Have a nice day.
Wendy 17 years ago
Mark! Michelle looks so beautiful!

And you look so elated.

Congratulations to you both. May the two of you have many, many happy and wonderful years ahead.