The sun starts shining and we are back at work!

By Simon Slade
The sun starts shining and we are back at work!


Happy New Year affiliate friends!

Hope you kicked back and relaxed over Christmas and New Year and enjoyed catching up with friends and family.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get back into affiliate marketing and see what opportunities 2009 holds!  Our office here in Christchurch, New Zealand reopened this week (to some nice hot weather), so we're back to support you 100%.

We're also looking out for some new people to join our magnificent team. If you or anyone you know fits the bill for the exciting openings below, then we'd love to receive your application.

You can check out the details through the links below:

These positions are based in the sunny garden city of Christchurch, New Zealand, and come with all the usual perks we offer our fabulous staff.

You'll also be thrilled to hear that we are going to be blogging a LOT more over the next few months, so you can look forward to receiving piles more tips and insights from me and the other marketing experts in this room.

If you have any urgent questions, pressing concerns, or would just like to learn a bit more about something related to affiliate marketing then please post your suggestion below. The best request will receive a free 12 month premium membership to Affilorama (now that’s what I call a great start to the New Year!).

Ciao for now,


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Aaron Dwyer 15 years ago
Hi guys

My father in law is recovering from a major health setback, and now no longer being able to go to work in the normal sense. I want to get him into affiliate marketing, but don't know what to show him first. What do you recommend as being the easiest (doesn't have to be the quickest) method of affiliate marketing he should concentrate on to get started and get some dollars on the board.

As soon as he makes his first dollar with affiliate marketing I just know it will boost his confidence and his healthy recovery more importantly and give his life direction again.

Effrim Volkoff 15 years ago
This is a newbie question, through and through, but I want to ask someone that is not in the process of selling me their next awesome, will-make-me-money-no-matter-what, etc. thingy.

So the question is this - Can you make affiliate marketing work with a website, a product and traffic? You hear all about this program and that program to get traffic and you have to spy on all the keywords, and you need to use wordtracker and keywordelite, etc, but can it be done the old fashioned way, by doing your own research using the free google tools and other search methods, or are you going to be left behind by those that are spending $100s a month just to find the right long tail key words?

I've tried not to ask this in a specific way, as I know everyones results will be different. But assuming a level playing field can you make a go of it on your own? Of course if/when the money starts coming in you can spend on the power tools and go to the next level, but is it silly to think "I'll throw up a 1 page affiliate site, grab a product that seems to be converting well for somebody, and set up my Adwords campaigns and just wait for the money to start rolling in?" Has that happened for anybody?

Thanks for the opportunity,

Tony 15 years ago
SUNNY Christchurch??!!

Lots of churches, though...

Tony Page

Cremorne Point, Sydney
andrew mac 15 years ago
When you’re new to new to affiliate marketing how do you stay patient and persistent while you are waiting and nothing much is happening for the first three or four of months?

Note: while your waiting the budget is depleting?
andrew mac 15 years ago
When you reach a goal of around $500 a month, what's next?
How do you take it to the next level?

Owen Ian
Ryan 15 years ago
Hi there

I would like to know which is better for creating affiliate sites around.

Blogs or Websites?

I have read online that blogs are good for rankings, but on the other hand it's difficult to customize?
But I have also noticed (with the tiny bit of knowledge that I have) that many websites are doing good in google? I might be wrong...they might be blogs?

What is your take on this?

andrew mac 15 years ago
How can our sites be found and recognized by the search-engines? PPC can be expensive so how do we get that so called "free traffic"?

Owen Ian
andrew mac 15 years ago
Should we run more than one affiliate offer at once?
either on the same page?
or on different pages?

Owen Ian
andrew mac 15 years ago
Even if you have a popular and useful website can your really make money with AdSense?

Owen Ian
andrew mac 15 years ago
Articles marketing the art of writing spell bounding copy that compels the reader to click on the link in the resource box to your website.

This is very time consuming how can we speed up this process?
How do we get more links from articles back to our affiliate offer?
Should we link directly from the article to the offer or should be link to our website?

Owen Ian
andrew mac 15 years ago
Should you buy a keyword research tool to help you find all the relevant long tail key word phrases or should you just be contents with the keywords you can gleen for free from tools like:
google external tool
google trends
free word tracker tool

Any help on this would be appreciated

Owen Ian

andrew mac 15 years ago
Before I start building my affiliate empire should I research a niche or find a couple of affiliate offers to pursue?

Owen Ian
andrew mac 15 years ago
I don't know how to create a website let alone a useful or interesting website. I see you offer great free training right here in Affilorama on this topic but what if I'm not interested in website building. Is there a faster way to get a website up and running so I can sell my affiliate offers?

Owen Ian

ps Thanks for the great free training Affilorama (it's more than just web site building)
Sig Kappel 15 years ago
Stick to one project and follow through. How is it done?

One of my greatest holdbacks from making my first sale in affiliate marketing is deciding and more-so sticking to a choice of product to promote.

So I'll go with say, a fatloss product, and for a while i'm on the ball things are going great, then I'll find a speed reading product and will get all excited about that.

It's an emotional game, I get real revved up about one thing but lack complete follow through because the work really dulls the excitement, especially after a few weeks of setting up a landing page, then keyword research, then ad placement, then tracking...

So sticking with one promotion, or managing many. I don't want to become unmotivated and I also don't want to spread myself too thin.

How do you keep yourself emotionaly pumped about promoting a product when weeks go by and you have not seen any profit?

I would love just to wake up early psyched about lancing new campaigns!

Viv Deighton 15 years ago

My question is even difficult for me to put into words...but here goes.

I have a new site that I am working on (WordPress Theme) my niche is one that by default creates a very wide spectrum of subjects relating to and around people, home, lifestyle, careers etc. The name of my website sort of gives credence to a wide spectrum of content and issues. My questions are:

1. How on earth do I structure my main and secondary keywords for this type of site?

2. I realise that there are a wide range of products that I could sell as an affiliate - but how many is too many?

Look forward to your feedback.

Ryan 15 years ago
Damn Owenian, why do you have to spam this comments section with so many comments? One is enough I think!

Naresh Kumar 15 years ago

Can Affiliate Marketing be called a 'Sustainable Business' since affiliates would always have to rely on Product Creators to make good products and offer good customer service? Then there is always a chance of Product Creators removing their products off the self, leaving their affiliates in the lurch.

Jason K 15 years ago
Say that you're marketing a product through article marketing, one of the best ways to get free traffic. But you're tempted to start marketing another product as well, in hopes that you could make more money faster.

Your goal is to make $1,000 a month in passive income.

Do you stick to the first affiliate promotion until you get to that first $1,000 a month, or do you take on another affiliate promotion on top of the first to get to your goal quicker?

In other words, do you focus your attention one JUST ONE promotion, or do you spread out your time between two separate promotions to reach your goal quicker?
Naresh Kumar 15 years ago

My long term objective is to live a '4 hour work week'. Will Affiliate Marketing, more than any other Internet Marketing business, allow me to have a passive income, while I am away doing what I love without worrying too much on being away from my work?

Mirko 15 years ago
My question/request is a basic one: what exactly is a longtail keyword and how exactly do I find the right one?

The second one is something I would call an "evergreen": How do I find a profitable niche?

Noel Lyons 15 years ago
How do we best build scalability and leverage into affiliate marketing, so that anybody can build a REAL online business in these volatile times?
Peter 15 years ago
Hi Mark. I just signed up with one of your programs and cant wait to get started using your fomulae and methodologies now that I'm going full time as an internet marketer. Slice and Dice this question as it suits you. As the leading "Affiliate Guru" on the web, here's the question I would like to put to you.

1. What are the top ten steps, in sequence that you would suggest to build an achievable and sustainable monthly income that begins within 90 days? Lets start small and say $1000/month.

2. What are the ten next steps that you would suggest to expand that monthly income into a sustainable business? Again lets be modest and say achieve an annual income of $40,000?

3. What are the key components you would say are essential for success?

I really look forward to your thoughts on this.

Enjoy the sunshine!


Joy Filmer 15 years ago
Hi Everyone, this is my first post as a newbie to Affilorama. I have been looking at the Squidoo site and am seriously thinking about putting up some good content pages with affiliate links to start off with. Has any of the newbies used Squidoo yet? Any advice from anyone one regarding this site? Some years ago I was involved in setting up a website for a government department here in Adelaide, Australia using HTML and I have had first hand experience of how frustrating and time consuming creating a professional website can be - I felt using Squidoo to get off the ground whilst creating a website might be a really good way to go - maybe this will help you Owen??

Dallas Lyon 15 years ago
I'm pretty sure I could do the job; too bad moving to New Zealand isn't an option for me right now, or I'd be all over it.
Terri Frommer 15 years ago
Hello Simon,

Handing out a free 12 month premo mem from Affilo makes you the man of the hour!

Accounting? Keeping track of those multi Click Bank accounts? What is the best software and methods? (So we can keep from loosing our cool.)

2009 is going to be fine, Terri
Girish Modha 15 years ago
I am a complete newbie.
Is there a "paint by number" system to earn on the internet?
as it is I am completely overwhelmed and confused.

Daniela Veit 15 years ago
Is there any place where one can find a list of profitable affiliate programs that pay, for example, 50% and above commission, sorted out by niche, regardless of which affiliate network they are listed with? For instance, let's say someone is interested in promoting products related to pets, is there a directory where one can see a list of all pet products affiliate programs, along with the payout percentage and the affiliate network they belong to?
Joy Filmer 15 years ago
I think my first posting yesterday was in the wrong section - sorry guys! First one too! Mark, I've been going through the tutorials and checking out all the websites you recommend as I go. My question for you is this - when I checked out the CPA sites to see if I could sign up - it appeared to me from the questions they ask, that you need to have considerable experience as well as your own website, and a certain number of website views per day, before they will even consider your application to join! Mark, could you please tell me if there are any CPA sites that do not have such stringent guidelines for joining and/or is there any way around this if you don't have all the experience they require? Thanks Joy
Andrew 15 years ago
We've been told over and over that you have to have passion for what you are doing to succeed. I certainly believe this is true. So how can you make a blog or a site that you started before you became an "internet marketer" - one that started purely out of passion and interest - bring in some money?

Keeping in mind that it may not be possible to retire on this income since niche research and the other foundation-building aspects of IM were not followed initially, how do you start to spin a site you are passionate about into something that is more than just a hobby?


Fair Winds,
Brian 15 years ago
You always have great free stuff at your site, its a pleasure to read,

I visited Christchurch many years ago when you had a "wizard" in the square.

Very nice place

Bobby Donick 15 years ago
Hi All,

Stick to the project and see it through.. a snippet of a reply I read above.

I agree...keep plugging away and feel momentum take over. I used to be in construction and the most rewarding part of that industry is finishing a job, taking a step back and reveling in your creation. Probably the one thing that keeps me going, and of course, the inevitability of making my first dime one day.

I started this affiliate marketing thing through affilorama a good 18 months ago 'Thanks Mark'. Granted, procrastination was my partner for a long while, I finally acted upon what everyone that knows is saying, and feel confident things will come together if I persist. Again, I have not made one dime yet, but believe I will if I continue down this path.

I would love to see encouraging testimonials from newbies that have the ball rolling and are beginning to make some money. Some details about how they piece together their own puzzle, since we all see a slightly different picture while painting.

Look forward to any reply and a prosperous 2009.

Take care all,

Bobby D.

mark PTOLEMY 15 years ago
*Gulp* Reading that Bobby D has been doing this 18 months and hasnt made a dime almost made me have a panic attack!

It would be so reassuring to read about people actually making a living (other than "gurus") from affiliate marketing. The concept is simple, yet all I seem to see are people wanting to sell this scheme or that scheme.

I want my efforts to be rewarded financially, so I can live a lifestyle I want. So, if anyone here can offer any calming words...please do so! : )
samantha 15 years ago
the best think is keep it going