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The Reese Report


There are a lot of internet marketers out there who hard-sell new products they haven't even checked out yet. It's a bit of a dirty practice -- Basically they just take a look at the sales copy for a new product and think, "Oooh, that'll sell well!", and go out and start promoting with dollar signs in their eyes. I'm sure you've all witnessed the hype and hysteria surrounding the launch of a new product, and I'm sure you've all seen how after a few weeks it all dies down -- The publisher walks away with a wad of cash, the marketers walk away with a wad of cash, and the rest of us are left wondering what all the noise was about.

Hopefully by now you guys are aware that I would never waste your time pimping crap to you in the hope of a few affiliate bucks. I don't promote products often through this blog, (there are a hundred other bloggers out there who will, if you're interested!) but this is one product I feel to be extremely worthwhile.

John Reese's Reese Report isn't a new product. It hasn't *just* been released. It's been a proven performer and a widely respected source of information for internet marketers since early 2005. The Reese Report is published each month and gets sent out to members in hard-copy printed format (good for future reference) with an additional CD of critiques, information and ideas. What it does is keeps you well educated on the latest marketing methods. Not just the latest methods .. but also the tried and true methods. He conducts research, performs split tests and reports his results. His information is unique, not just rehashed, repackaged versions of the same ideas, and each edition contains absolute gold nuggets of information, ideas and techniques.

In case you can't tell, I'm possibly one of John Reese's biggest fans. I've been a subscriber to the Reese Report since day one (two years ago) and I've never considered unsubscribing. Why? Even though I know a lot about affiliate marketing, I'm still learning things from the Reese Report.

That says a lot.

For me (given that I know a fair bit already), not every month is teaching me something new, but I learn enough from him over the space of a year to more than justify the price of the subscription. (I've had instances where implementing advice from this man has increased my revenue by 30%. And that's a LOT considering my revenues are already pretty high.)

For newbies, the Reese Report helps you get off the ground. This man pulled over one million dollars in 24 HOURS in a campaign for one of his products, yet still delivers down-to-earth, easy to understand information for internet marketers of all levels of experience. John Reese is not just a guru, he is THE guru!

Like I said, I'm a big, big fan :)

Now for the part you all might be most interested in: For a "limited time" (which might be a "long time" -- but that's what it says on the site ) John Reese is giving away one edition of the Reese Report for free. It comes with a whole bunch of useful information, such as:

  • How a little "side business" of John made $521,829.73 in AdSense earnings.
  • How to BOOST all of your affiliate commissions quickly, easily, and without any major headaches.
  • Over 30 minutes of video tutorials.

This report is fairly indicative of the quality of information typically contained in the Reese Report, so even if you don't end up subscribing to the Reese Report, you're still getting $95 worth of information for free. (And this really *is* worth $95, not just hype like most free things.)

You DON'T have to buy anything or promise your first born child. All you have to do is download two files (although the video file is pretty large) and start benefiting from them.

Affilorama members... we're rearranging the members area either today or after the weekend. The changes will be subtle, but you'll go -- "Hey, why didn't they do that before?". We'll be getting your feedback in the forum once it happens. Hang on tight! 

For the rest of you... have a good weekend. Happy Thanksgiving weekend for you US folks -- I hope you're all stuffing yourselves silly!

Jake Hanson 17 years ago
I've been a reese report member for about 6 months and I find his video teaching of how to make money from info product and virtual real estate sites to be outstanding.

You are right this is one guy who never fails to deliver,


ps happy thanksgiving to you too!
Franck Silvestre 17 years ago
I already saw the video, and I must say that I was really impressed.

I agree wth you: John is the gurus of gurus. Almost every successful marketer is a member there. As soon as I can, I will join you there!
Vin 17 years ago
Great to hear that you have found such a bountiful & dependable source of authoritative info on the topic for which you aim to provide information via this service.

This should further testify to the potential value of your service in that members should find they are kept informed with some of the best ideas & concepts from some of the best sources since it is in your interests to seek them out.
Vin 17 years ago
Comment by JAY DEBACA:
"Is this something I should be concerned with?"
It's your copy of IE 7 running on your machine, if you are not concerned then I can't see who should be! :|