The importance of good links - Guest video by Marc Lindsay

By Affilorama Group
The importance of good links - Guest video by Marc Lindsay


Hi guys,

We've got a special guest post today from Marc Lindsay of PLRPro . Affilorama members will know Marc from his contributions to the Affilorama members area on SEO and private label rights article topics, and regular blog readers will know him from the interview transcript I provided a few months ago.

Marc has made a video showing what happened when he removed some high-PR links from a site of his. The affect on his traffic and search engine rankings was pretty dramatic.

Watch the video (video removed sorry)

I think this is an interesting video firstly because it brings to mind the importance of having good links to your site from authoritative sites. Secondly because it again raises the issue of the importance of pagerank. One thing I want you to consider when watching this video is whether the pagerank of the sites Marc had linking to him was an important factor, or whether it was a case of the sites being authoritative and relatively on-topic, with their pagerank merely being a useful indication of the importance of the site.

In other words, do you think Marc would have experienced the same effect if the sites were *completely* irrelevant to his own, with the links not SEOd for keywords, but the PR of the linking site remaining the same? What do you suppose would happen if any of these factors alone changed?

It's important that you conduct the occasional experiment like Marc has done here to see what works and what doesn't with your own website. Affiliate marketing is far from an exact science, but there are things we can all do to make sure we're not shooting in the dark.

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p.s. Marc has created a guide called "The Players' Handbook for creating a Virtual Real Estate Empire". It is very good and gives you a step by step blueprint as to how to profit from your own VRE Empire. Get your free download of this handbook from (and no, that's not an affiliate link).

Sean Morrissy 16 years ago
hey Mark,

Interesting video. From what I know about SEO, I doubt those links would have given him too much of a boost if they were completely irrelevant. I believe this has to do with a patent Google brought out not too long ago, something to do with "Topic Sensitive Page Rank".

The patent itself is pretty confusing (google it), but I guess the crux of it is, if the topics aren't related, then the link won't be worth as much. Thats how I read it.

Essie 11 years ago
Check that off the list of things I was confseud about.