The 173k Teleseminar

By Mark Ling
The 173k Teleseminar


Hi Everyone,

I'm writing to you today to tell you about a couple of friends of mine who recently made 173k selling bird cages online. They have a great rinse and repeat formula and have done this many times over in other niches too. Plus they have taught others how to do the same.

The reason I'm telling you about this is because I recently recorded a live teleseminar with these guys where I grilled them for every piece of info that I could about what they've done to achieve this.

Others also asked their own live questions on the call too.

You can access the recording of this ground breaking teleseminar here

In short, I grilled them for over an hour asking them how they went about creating their 1.2 mil a year online business and how others like you can replicate it for themselves. Live people on the call also asked their questions.

Make sure that you take notes and clear any distractions before playing this. It is packed full of valuable information, so even if you don't buy their Niche Blueprint product on launch day, there is a lot of great info in here for you to learn from.

Topics covered include:

  • Finding profitable niches
  • Market research
  • Driving traffic that converts
  • How they frequently made 173k from selling birdcages
  • How they profit from dropshipping
  • And lots more.


You can access the recording of this ground breaking teleseminar here

Kent Fischer 15 years ago
I really enjoyed the four videos on Niche Blueprint. Before I signed up for afflioblueprint I accidently signed up for Volulsion. I thought they supplied products I got to pick from to sell. I did research on drop shippers and obtaining lists This idea is not new to me. I think since I have fallen behind in my afflioblueprint, I should take Marks orginial advice. He said concentrate on putting out my first website following his instructions as best I can. I am gradually making progress and now have a site published with over 40 articles, I still have to put in links, newsletter boxes, and keywords. I missed that when I wrote my articles. Perhaps when I complete my first site , and make a sale, I will order Niche Blueprint.