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Supercharge Your Rank Tracking with AffiloTools

Supercharge Your Rank Tracking with AffiloTools

Hello everyone,

It's been exciting working on AffiloTools over the last few months; we've built a whole new Dashboard, an awesome Link Finder, and made a huge number of changes.

This week we just made another huge release - a supercharged Rankings module! Take a look:


Click to open full size​


What do you get with this release?


...obviously :) As before, you can track your rankings in a variety of Bing and Google search engines

We get the top 100 results for your keyword on your chosen search engine, and let you know which part of your website is doing best.

Ranking Trends

See how your keyword has been trending over the last 90 days; did you suddenly take a backhand by a cuddly black and white animal, or is your hard backlinking work paying off?

You'll be able to see this trend graph as soon as your keyword has been ranking in the Top 100 for more than 3 weeks.

Visitor Count

It's easy to get caught up in your rankings, and lose track of the real reason for those rankings: getting visitors.

AffiloTools now shows your visitor count right there in the same view so you can see which keywords and which search engines are really delivering results for you; give them the love they truly deserve.

Local Results

Rich Snippets in search results have shown to improve your click-through rates by up to 150% over standard results, so it's a good idea to set them up!

If you're not sure what I mean, here's an example:

To help you, AffiloTools now tracks 'local results': if your best page is a video, image, blog post or 'microformat' listing (e.g. a review), we now tell you!


Also fixed

  • When accessing Tools for the very first time, you would get 'Internal Error'
  • Twitter scheduled posts failed to post correctly
  • Minor UI fixes [misspellings, offset icons]
  • Rankings data wasn't working for some users; this should now be fixed.


It's a pretty amazing release, so click here to login and take a look! Thanks guys!


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  • Reply Nguyen Phong1923 days ago

    Thanks for your good tool, i will try to use it.

  • Reply Kundan Bhardwaj • 1919 days ago

    AffiloTools sounds me worth a try after reading about it and I am always hungry for traffic.

  • Reply Guy Gilbert1918 days ago

    This looks really exciting! Will try it immediately.

    Is Affilotools now also available separately or only as part of the Premium membership? What will the price be after the first month?

    Thanks, Guy

    Jonathan Love1917 days ago

    Right now AffiloTools is incorporated at no extra cost as part of your Premium membership :)

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