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Super Affiliate Strategies Webinar Recording

Super Affiliate Strategies Webinar Recording

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I recorded a live super affiliate strategies webinar. There were a great number of people that watched it and the feedback has been nothing short of spectacular.

If you missed the webinar, I've decided to put it online for a couple of days so make sure that you watch it as soon as you can:

Click here to watch the webinar recording

I covered a lot of strategies to do with:

* How to make money from building simple mini websites.

* How to find highly profitable niches

* How to gain lots of natural search engine traffic

* Pay Per Click Secrets

* And lots more

I packed as much as I could fit into this recording time and you will gain a lot of value from watching this. I'd imagine it'd be the most important hour of your week so watch the video below:

Click here to watch the webinar recording

Please let me know what you think of the above webinar below.

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  • Reply Jon Pastorizo3609 days ago

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  • Reply philip omiata3609 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Its Philip here again.It seems almost certain that I'm not going to be joining this session as much as I would have loved to. so I just want to know when next I'd have the opportunity of joining in. My question really is would I have to wait for another 12weeks at least?


  • Reply David Berensohn3609 days ago

    Great webinar with tons of great info!

    Question (ok, a few...):

    Do you purchase any of the products that you sell on your sites before you try to sell them in order to determine their quality?

    If you are creating a site on a topic that you know nothing about, how can you determine if the product is good or not? Do you care or do you let the prospective buyer make that determination?

    Do the people that write the reviews for you actually have the product and do you provide it to them?


  • Reply Charles Harmon3609 days ago

    Great webinar and very informative. Also learned some new techniques. It's great you actually explain many things in such a short period of time in the webinar. Many others would just skip over lots of things you took the time to explain.

  • Reply Lamar Steen • 3492 days ago

    I have purchased several programs and to this point have not been able to totally comprehend enough to make any real money. They were either lacking in step by step info with gaps as you say or they were so much duplicated that the opportunity to make money with them has passed. I swore I would not purchase another program plus my wife will probably not speak to me for while at least until I can prove to her I am making money beings that we are now on a fixed income that will never give us a decent lifestyle but for some reason I trust you so I am going to give it a 100 % try. I hope you are as honest as you seem and your program is all you say it is.


  • Reply Joyce South • 3490 days ago

    Thanks Mark, the information in this webinar was extrordinary. Joyce

  • Reply Colon Symptoms • 3449 days ago

    Great content as usual Mark.

    I am so glad that I found Affilorama, this is exactly what I was looking for,
    affiliate training with no hype and just great useful info!

  • Reply Payycheck fro Home • 3435 days ago

    Awesome webinar. I really like Affiloblueprint. I especially like how nothing is missed out. I thought I knew affiliate marketing before but now i REALLY see where I was making mistakes. Mainly I was spending too much time doing some unimportant things and completely skipping other important steps. I'd def recommend it to people who are wanting to learn how to make money online but arnt happy with other courses out there that skip over things.

    Mark Ling is just all over the web at the moment and doing some great work. I have to say I've bought some other products out there by gurus that even Mark Ling recommends but i prefer yours Mark because you speak in a language I can understand and you really get what its like for guys like us starting out.

  • Reply Mustafa Mor3407 days ago

    Hi Mark...
    Great Webinar... it was very helpful and had a lot of information...
    very useful...
    thank you


  • Reply Justin Mitchell3406 days ago

    Loving you free info. Trying to find the cash to buy your blueprint product..
    Look forward to seeing more..

  • Reply Ray Ray3405 days ago

    Hi glad I got your info. I spent the last year trying to find or should I say purchace diferent websites hoping to find someone that would break things down enough so that a person like myself that did not even know how to start a computer up and I had no knowledge about the Internet or websitesor any of the other ways of making a living off of the net .After I spent a lot of money and had a few of them help there selves I seen your info somehow showed up in my email.I have lerned more from your Videos in 10 minutes and only heard facts not a bunch of lies .Keep up the great work and I thank you very much for the help and easy to understand way that you teach.

  • Reply juhasen3401 days ago

    This stuff is great. I think this was the most honest presentation I've ever seen from an experienced marketer (guru ;) ). Thank You Mark, I think your tactics of taking risk and giving away great stuff will work. It seems other "gurus" just doesn't want to tell as much as You do, but I think You're gonna WIN.

  • Reply Karen Whaley3399 days ago

    I just finished watching the webinar and I am so grateful for the quality information that you shared. Even more than that, it is always very valuable to get recommendations for services such as AMAutomation and Elance from someone you can trust - thank you so much for those recommendations.

  • Reply ed mason3398 days ago

    Great webinar!!! It was good to see you do some things multiple times, making it easier to follow each step. Can't wait till the next one.

  • Reply Charlie Mazzulla3397 days ago

    Mark, Thanks for the blog boot camp. You pick the niche. I was waiting for the boot camp befrore jumping in. Now I am. Since my budget is a lot lower, I have to write more articles. I have been in simulators since the Commandor 64 days, so I remember and have a few problems that I can address. Again, thanks.

  • Reply Mark Wengler3397 days ago

    Hi Mark
    Just loved it :O)
    Looking forward to join your Affilorama courses
    All the best
    Mark (from Denmark)

  • Reply Adam Bossen • 3389 days ago

    GREAT info. Now thats what I call a webinar. Very gracious of you Mark.

  • Reply Adele Hardie3366 days ago

    Great info, thank you Mark and so cool to hear a "normal" voice! LOL I've signed up for your free stuff cos that's all I can afford right now and I do really appreciate the help that you have offered. I'll be back for the rest as soon as I can.

  • Reply Tony Wilkins3354 days ago

    Thank Mark for putting together a great webinar for the newbie to the affiliate program.

  • Reply Gregory Hoeft3351 days ago

    Thank you mark, very grate info, hope to be inside soon! the baby newbie.
    I have a long clime ahead.

  • Reply Marie McNeely3345 days ago


    Every comment is positive. Doesn't that hurt your credibility?
    I listened to 90 minutes and frankly wished you could make your points more efficiently. Lots of blah, blah in between.


  • Reply Mark Ling3341 days ago

    Hey Marie, I'm not sure how positive comments will hurt my credibility. I take your suggestions on board and we do work hard to make the webinars more efficient, however everyone is at a different stage in their internet marketing which means that sometimes we have to explain things in a little more detail to bring everyone up to speed.

    Remember we are not trained lecturers or teachers, we are people who are doing extremely well online and teaching what we do that makes us successful. I do my best and keep taking comments on board to help explain things better and better and think that I've improved from year to year.

  • Reply kleist3339 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    I am so sad I missed the webinar - is there any chance you recorded it for late comers?

  • Reply Brenton Lewis3338 days ago

    Great Job Mark, Im sure Marie is worried because she feels that you may have had those people make those comments for you. There will always be haters. But you are rich so dont worry.

  • Reply Brenton Lewis3337 days ago

    Question: Is Traffic Travis compatible for mac? Or is there an alternate program you can recommend for a MAC user.

    Many Thanks

  • Reply optimizare seo3329 days ago

    thank you for this webinar.....i've already forwarded to some of my colleagues.

  • Reply ammu • 3327 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    I have been learning so much from your site.Thanks for your wonderful videos and information.

    Thank You

  • Reply Erana Burland3310 days ago

    Hi Mark
    Thanks you for such an informative webinair presentation. Even for a newbie, I did get a lot from it,,, especially how to recognize profitable niches and much much more. I am quite excited about getting started on designing my very first webpage, thanks to you Mark and the resources you have kindly put at my disposal. I know it is going to make the whole experience much more enjoyable now that I have a starting point..

  • Reply Ally • 3296 days ago

    I personally hate videos because they are such a HUGE time waster -- so I can't believe that I watched the entire webinar. Really excellent content, good enough to make me think seriously about signing up for Affiloblueprint 2.0. One question -- if I sign up, do I get sent lessons weekly, or do I get to access the lessons at my own speed?

  • Reply Jeffrey Clay3236 days ago

    Great info, as usual. However, PLEASE INVEST IN A BETTER QUALITY MICROPHONE.

  • Reply eric anger 3225 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    Very good made webinar ,exellent explanation about affiliate marketing I just loved it ,at the moment my wife is allway watching here facebook so I have only some time to do mine. I have to figure out to get another internet line to consentrate more on this very interesting stuff.You did the wright thing that you show the people out there fist what is this all about not to ask for a bunch of money and that for only a short time so you have to deside fast but you don't know the basics and that make me made,I my self I have to investigate first and read what others have there comment on it and than I deside if I buy it I have to know more about everything because there are so much ,
    that you get ripd off. But to your affilorama I saw that looks very good and explaind perfectly I just loved it !!
    All the best Mark to your little Boy,and to your wife and to You and many blessings!! I will stay in touch Erich (from the philippines, and native Austiran )

  • Reply howard johnson3217 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    I am very pleased, happy, and delighted that i discovered affilorama. i first got the affiliate bug after listening to another affililate marketer brought in by Robert G Allen. I've always wanted to earn mone online but never really knew where to start until i watched there video. Its amazing how once the ball gets rolling, how other important people come into your life to expand your knowledge which has brought me to your site and wealth of information. Before i go, i just wanted to make a testament if i can. I have been unemployed for 2 years now, my benifits just ran out, and my savings have depleted. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer is my last and only chance to get out of this rough place. I was just about to give up because i don't have the money to pay Google, but now because of this site and information you provided, i know i can do it. So thanks and i will be checking everyday for other posts you out on here and send to me in my email. God Bless

  • Reply Celie Johnson3173 days ago

    Hi Mark, thanks so much for the info, I see you have a connection with Adam Short which is great. I can't afford you both and already have his programme, you later maybe! Thanks a lot.

  • Reply Bill Morgan • 3173 days ago

    Great use of 90 minutes. If I can't make money off that, given I have some knowledge of the things you were talking about, then something is wrong with me. Probably laziness because you gave everyone the basic tools they need to be successful.
    It's clear that only those who buy your product will get EVERYTHING, but EVERTYTHING isn't needed just to get started.
    A lttle success with the elementary things and people will be begging how to do more to get better.
    Nice job.

  • Reply sue • 3165 days ago

    This is awesome, new to this and from new Zealand, wellington which is even better since you guys are from Christchurch, great place was born there....looking forward to all the reading and watching and then earning

  • Reply Eric Jacobs3162 days ago

    Just read through the 5 steps information you sent. Very interesting information, however, as a newbie , who has purchased lots of packages, I am caurious to say the least. That said, always looking for that package that will finally make the penny drop, perhaps this is it. I look forward to the launch, onwards and upwards.

  • Reply Sarah Vane3162 days ago

    well wow (no pun intended), I have just watched & taken notes - you have been very generous. As for microphone - sounds like you've got a bad cold which I can handle no probs. Have just started looking into micro niches, keywords etc & you have certainly helped fill out my choices of research tools & what I'm lookin' for, I don't think anyone can expect everything to be laid out, a good start is here. Now I'm exhausted & children are like a tennis match running in front of computer, so we all need a break before I get up mid morn for AffiloJet ...

  • Reply ED Silva3161 days ago


    i just watch your new video and thanks for the important great info
    embed in it...
    Keep it coming so we could catch you up..


  • Reply anwar • 3160 days ago

    i whant more about this

  • Reply MAGDY MOHAMED MAHMOUD ESSA3160 days ago



  • Reply quoc thanh ngo • 3160 days ago

    Hello Frieds
    My name is quoc thanh ngo and I'm living in Viet Nam. I want to make some money online for the life and pay debt but this is the first time that I make te money online. I don't know how to do. Would you help me ?

  • Reply Adam Kim3157 days ago

    the video is taking so long to load... is there anything wrong... does anyone else have the same problem ?

  • Reply Rita • 3156 days ago

    Its taking too long to load the video and sound is very low and not clear. am not happy about that.

  • Reply nitin mistry3148 days ago

    i personally do more PPC to CPA offers but this video was great information to take my strategies to mini niche sites.


  • Reply Jorge Couto • 3148 days ago

    Hi Mark
    Great stuff man, thank you very much for "freebie" me this webinar record. Along with Traffic Travis there were the most valuables gifts i remember to received in a couple years. By the way, the webinar page on Firefox is a little bit out of range, but don't worry about sending more and more good stuff.... there's allways another browser around :).
    Success man, i know you will.

  • Reply ali madi safi3144 days ago

    Thank You So Much For This Incredible Videoo You are The Best In This Major

  • Reply Sanjiv • 3134 days ago

    Great work Mark. Really appreciate the info that comes out of your work and your attitude to help your members.

  • Reply John Hargs3127 days ago

    Great stuff Mark, I'm with Wealthy Affiliate and it's taking a while to find my way. As for the microphone, I understand as a Kiwi because we get a lot of rugby injuries like broken noses and it can affect the sinus area. Even with a brilliant microphone, with our accent, we can struggle.

    Cheers, John, Auckland,NZ.

  • Reply glen hine3094 days ago

    Excellent ! Thank you

  • Reply Jay • 2713 days ago

    Video would not work for me Mark, did you already take this down by chance?

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