Speed PPC 3.0

By Affilorama Group
Speed PPC 3.0


Hi guys,

A few months ago Speed PPC launched. It's a software program that gives you an advantage over your pay per click competition by allow you to dramatically increase the amount of qualified traffic that you get from Pay Per Click marketing.

On April 8, Speed PPC Version 3.0 is launching. But before giving you more information about Speed PPC Version 3.0, I'd like you to have a look at this video demonstration of what Speed PPC 1.0 does, it's VERY impressive, and 3.0 does a whole lot more...

[swf]data="http://www.youtube.com/v/kAP2B_PdOq0&hl=en", width="425" height="355"[/swf]

As you can see if you are a serious about making money on PPC, this will increase your productivity by 1000% or more.

But that video isn't the half of it, That was version 1.0.

In version 3.0, almost everything about SpeedPPC has been improved. Check out the details below.

SpeedPPC Campaign Builder

This is the heart of the system. Here are some of the new features:

  • Yahoo! Search Marketing Support
    This was a hugely popular feature request. We’ve now made campaign building in YSM faster than was ever before possible.
  • Advanced Ad Building
    This feature is amazing. Simply feed in all your headlines, copy and display URL’s and SpeedPPC will build text ads that represent every variation of these. Talk about split testing!
  • Ad Copying
    Got ads that are similar to one another? Don’t re-write them any more, simply copy them from one box to another with the click of a button!
  • One Keyword Per Ad Group
    It’s now possible to have one keyword per ad group creating a perfect relevancy chain. Amazing Quality Score results.
  • Keyword Library
    Use the same keyword lists over and again? No problems! Simply add them to the built-in keyword library.
  • Improved Project Management
    You can now see all your SpeedPPC projects under one campaign view no matter where they are stored on your computer.
  • Cleaning Features
    Ensure that your keywords are clean with new cleaning filters applied to your lists to ensure no nasty surprises.
  • Multiple Campaigns at Once
    You can now work on and build multiple campaigns at once. Talk about speed on speed!
  • Improved Interface
    We’ve improved the interface yet again!
  • Excel Output
    Don’t just output in CSV format. Now output in Excel too!
  • Keyword Counts
    Instantly see how many keywords you have in each of your lists, as well as how many permutations will be built from them.
  • Secret Feature!
    A huge unannounced secret feature. :)
SpeedPPC Datafeed Landing Page Software
  • Password Protection
  • Bug Fixes
  • Interface Improvements
SpeedPPC Training and Resources
  • 10 New Training Videos
  • Updated Guides
  • Monthly Training Resources
New Bonuses
  • Expansion Lists for 186 Countries
  • 15 Professional Landing Page Templates
New Site
  • Brand New Look and Feel
  • 7 New Demo Videos
  • 40 New Customer Testimonials
  • Customer Map

Launch day is 9am EST, 8 April.

In addition, Speed PPC is having a 7 day launch celebration to help build momentum for your marketing efforts. We’re giving customers who buy during this 7 day celebration a few bonuses.


  • $100 off the normal price.
  • 12 months access to Speed PPC's in-house Clickbank Miner tool.

You're also going to receive a suprise bonus from me if you choose to purchase through my affiliate link on launch day. I'll be giving you details soon!

All the best!

Mark Ling

Rudolf 16 years ago
Hi Mark, looks terrific, but I have just ONE more question. Is it also possible to bulk-edit keyword bids, AND does it come with REAL ad place management, as Adwords simply can't keep your ad steady on one spot. This is absolutely vital if you want to maintain quality traffic, or doing splittests. Thanks, Rudolf From Affilorama: It will bulk create them, but to bulk edit, I would use Adwords Editor which is shown in detail inside the tutorial that comes with Speed PPC (this is not to be confused with the login editor that you get when you log into adwords, this is separate software). Re: Place Management... No it doesn't. I would suggest using position preference options to try and sure this up a bit more. That's a problem you'll need to address with Google. :)
Makingyouricher.com review 16 years ago
Thanks as usual for your top quality discoveries and recommendations. But you know Speed PPC, a good product, is rather too expensive for many affiliates who would have been gaining from it. I wonder if there is a thought about this...? Affilorama reply: It itsn't very expensive for intermediate marketers who are already making money from PPC and wish to rapidly scale up their income, which is who it is targetted at.
Roby 16 years ago
Hello Mark,

Am on your list and really like your style of marketing.

Thanks for the review, speedppc3 has just launched and the software has amazing capabilities.

Maybe you should also come up with a product on dominating product launches, cos you're wining this one ;-).

Keep up the good work, you deserve all the success.