Social Media Marketing on the Go: 10 Mobile Apps Reviewed

By Radhika Basuthakur
Social Media Marketing on the Go: 10 Mobile Apps Reviewed


Social media marketing can get hectic. Whether you’re promoting your blog, promoting your products or simply being social and building relationships online, being good at social media often means being on the ball 24/7. Thanks to smart-extension-of-my-arm phones, though, you no longer have to stay deskbound while you maintain your always-on social presence.

Here are 10 of my favorite social media apps. They make sure I can keep an eye on social media, whether I'm at my desk or at home, and even while I'm traveling. 

1. Tweetbot

Tweetbot is an iPhone app (no Android version ... yet) that makes Twitter management easier. If you’re a power tweeter, it lets you manage multiple users and mute certain topics (or users) in your timeline. It also syncs with the iCloud so you can bookmark away on your iPhone, iPad or even your Mac. A newly updated version of Tweetbot has recently become available and it’s aimed at making your friendly neighborhood Twitter bot even friendlier and more useful.



Tweetbot 3 for iPhone from Tapbots on Vimeo.

2. HootSuite

HootSuite Social Media Marketing

 If your social media efforts involve more than just Twitter and you’re juggling multiple clients or multiple channels of communication, you really need HootSuite. HootSuite lets you multitask like a pro. While the desktop version provides a great experience, the mobile app will make sure you are up to date with every Twitter mention and every new Facebook comment, and you can even set up feeds to keep track of key phrases you’re interested in or follow along with Instagram posts.

It’s super handy if you’re collaborating with a team: You can keep track of who is working on what, and the detailed analytics also give you a great indication of your performance. You can also use it to schedule posts and cross-post to multiple platforms at the same time.

Sprout Social is another great option but I have only recently started using it. Until I learn more about it, I'll remain partial to HootSuite.




3. Buffer

If you aren't using Buffer yet, you really NEED to get on the wagon. You can share content to multiple platforms, and Buffer will choose the best time of day for you so your fans aren’t overwhelmed with a barrage of content only at certain times of day.

Buffer is now integrated with a number of sites and even has a Chrome plugin so you can keep scheduling content for sharing. Rest assured your social media audience will receive a steady flow of content from you.

4. Flipboard

Catching up is fun with Flipboard. Keep up with social media, blogs, videos and photos—all laid out like your very own personalized glossy magazine. You can customize it to deliver the news and updates you want and, of course, it’s well integrated. When you want to share you'll have plenty of options, including Buffer!


Flipboard for Mobile


5. Downcast

If you’re a podcast addict like me, you’ll agree that even though this isn’t technically social media, it deserves a place on this list. I follow some social marketing podcasts and the Downcast app lets me keep up and tune in when I please. You don’t even have to worry about iTunes and can simply subscribe via Downcast.

6. feedly

Ever since the death of Google Reader, I’ve learned to really love feedly. I subscribe to hundreds of blogs and feedly is a great way to keep up with everything while on the go. I personally love the interface and think it makes the articles really easy to read, even on a phone. If you want to share, there are plenty of options including sharing to Buffer—which is the best!

7. Google Analytics

Love data? Then you need the Analytics app. Keep up with your data and make decisions on the go with this app—no reason to leave your numbers behind ever again.


Google Analytics App


8. Mention

Listening is an important aspect of good social media marketing and Mention is the perfect tool for keeping an eye on what’s being said about you online. You can monitor brand mentions and track keywords, and you can keep up with the conversation by responding via the app or having the details emailed to you. Move over, Google Alerts!


Mention for multiple platforms


9. Dropbox

Dropbox is not a social media app per se, but it helps me keep up with all the additional documentation that is part of the package when managing a social media presence. The Dropbox mobile app is great and lets you easily view your content schedules, client edits, social media strategies and more even while you’re half asleep in bed.

10. Instagram

I really couldn’t do a post on mobile apps for social media without Instagram. Sure, it has a Web version now, but Instagram is designed to be a mobile social media app and boy does it excel with that. Such a simple concept but such great execution.

If you are a regular ‘grammer for your brand, your website or even for yourself, you know that the Instagram app is a great way to keep the world up to date on that perfect latte you had for breakfast or your view of the beach. But jokes aside, brands are doing great things with Instagram by posting a real, human side of themselves with their photos. For this reason, I really believe Instagram is a must-have app on your phone.




So that’s my favorite 10 at the moment, and I reckon I work much harder thanks to being able to take my work everywhere! Seriously though, even if you have all these apps you should probably take a break sometimes. But after the break, do come back and tell uswhat are your favorite social media marketing apps? Do they make life easier or do they just add to the pressure of working 24/7?

Justine Moore 11 years ago
Great list! I seriously don't know what I would do without dropbox. I use it constantly for work, and everyone I work with does as well. Also, Instagram is great too. It's definitely becoming more popular for businesses, and it's a great way to market yourself.
Fomax Tech 11 years ago
Thanks for sharing the great tools for social media. For twitter , Tweetdeck is good as i am using. Pinterest, Evernote is also good to use.
Nelsan Ellis 11 years ago
I'm a conference manager and the one app I couldn't live without is Around Me. It just makes sense. If you're in a city you don't/hardly know, Around Me is a great app to find the everyday things you need...