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Selling Information Products

Selling Information Products

Last week I recorded a live teleseminar with Andrew, an expert niche marketer, who shared a lot of his secrets to creating and selling information products.

He makes over 7 figures a year doing this and uses Clickbank as his payment processor and affiliate network.

The teleseminar was recorded live as audio only as Andrew was in New York calling in from his hotel on his way through to London.

I thought that this teleseminar was so valuable that I decided to have it turned into a video. What we did was create powerpoint slides and place them right throughout the audio to make it even more engaging for you at home (plus so you'll know the exact spelling of all the various web addresses and other terms used in the call).

To watch this newly converted-to-video version of this amazing 'Secrets to Clickbank' teleseminar click the link below:

Secrets to Clickbank Video

OR... If you'd prefer to download the audio-only version of it, then right click on the link below and select 'save as' to save to your computer.

Secrets to clickbank Audio


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  • Reply 3341 days ago

    Thanks heaps Mark!

  • Reply Randy Kemp • 3340 days ago

    Thanks for the video. It contains some interesting info.

  • Reply Kontaktlinsen • 3340 days ago

    Great and thx for this.

  • Reply 3340 days ago

    I'd always wondered about this, until now... Very informative!

  • Reply Andi Putra3340 days ago

    This is cool. Thanks, Mark

  • Reply Rorey McFarland3340 days ago

    Got my gears turning after this one. Thank you

  • Reply Sean Morrissy • 3340 days ago

    Good stuff Mark, Andrew definitely knows what he's talking about.


  • Reply gabrielle • 3339 days ago

    This is very informative, helpful and easy to digest. Please keep it coming. Great help..Thanks so much!! www.sabetsu.com

  • Reply SSR • 3336 days ago

    Definitely a good idea adding the slides to the video. thanks

  • Reply Mark Davies3336 days ago

    looks good thanks

  • Reply Danielle Bernier3335 days ago

    Again, this meeting is very rich in tips about product research especialy if you are not to sure of what to promote.
    Investing the time to find a niche is worth the effort.Thank you both for being so full of great ideas .
    Generous as always Mark!

  • Reply affiliate making money • 3130 days ago

    I am a affiliate marketer too but failed miserably in the first few years but after learning all the techniques from the failure i stand still high above competitors, i use only free tools and make money.
    If i knew about affilorama before i started i would have been very successful by now. Thank You , i need your help to succeed even further personally

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