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Revolutionary CPA Strategies

Revolutionary CPA Strategies

I recorded a really good webinar today with a couple of guys who are experts at making money through promoting CPA-based Affiliate offers.

Many affiliate marketers have barely even heard of CPA or Cost Per Action marketing - but it can be one of the most profitable ways to make an income online.

Unlike traditional affiliate marketing when you're generally trying to get people to buy a product - with CPA marketing, you're trying to get them to perform an action, for example giving their email address or zip code.

Used in combination with PPC, I've seen people pull in millions a year from CPA offers alone. And in this webinar, Steve and John are divulge their strategies that makes them in the high 6 figures a year.

Whether you are newbie, intermediate, or advanced, there are some really good tips in there and I picked up a few really good gold nugget tips myself.

Click Here to watch the replay of this incredible webinar


After watching the above webinar, I recommend that you register for my next live webinar.

It's on Tuesday the 10th of November at 7PM EST and I'm going to be holding a webinar with internet millionaire and New York Times best-selling author Joel Comm.

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  • Reply caroldunn3452 days ago

    Hey I was on the live version of the webinar last night and I'm really excited to try out the things I've learned. Thanks for the well prepared high quality presentation, your strategies made a lot of sense to me and I look forward to putting them to the test and seeing what results I get.

  • Reply Ray Turner3452 days ago

    I joined Dirty CPA tactics last night. These are comments from a new guy; new to affiliate marketing and CPA and I may not grasp the big picture. The first thing after joining for $4.95 was a barrage of offers for special reports, special webinars every month, secret lists, money making pre-made sites etc. All for only $97 per month with 4 of each special item and believe me if you saw the webinar the methods Hammer, Blitzkrieg (sic), apply very well. Their offers are loaded with opt-ins, op-outs, popups, etc. I opted out of their $97 per moth offer but they kept at me with those popups and new offers over and over and the last one (the forth) I finally accepted. It was the $27 per month offer and really it was the original offer cut to a 1/4 i.e. (1 secret word list instead of 4).

    After that I went to paypal and set up the $27 per month special insider membership. Then the whole thing started over with special special tools, even more secret lists, even better webinars etc for another $97 per month. But I just told myself "to hell with this, just opt out until they let me go".

    So I'm in. And of course to do the modules, there are several tools which you get trial use of anywhere from 7 days to a couple of weeks. They tell you the first thing is to get those tools and then start the modules but I'm sure the trial offers will run out long before they are needed in the course and definitely before the course is done. I'll say one thing if you want a taste of their methods then sign up. You'll be hit with everything they teach. But from the webinar , their URL name, and things they shared last night nobody should be surprised by their methods.

    I've taken a quick look at the training and everything will probably turn out okay in the end. If I make the kind of money they say can be made I'll buy the tools and join the memberships. I probably should have held off on this membership until I completed Mikes "Affiloblueprint 2.0" and then joined with these guys or another CPA guru. My feeling is if you want to make a lot money and don't mind pushing and annoying people this is the course you need.

    I think they are sincere in wanting to teach money making methods and helping members but my feeling is not in the way Mark wants to help us. To me there is no comparison.

  • Reply Money Tips • 3452 days ago

    Cool Webinar. I know there is big money in CPA, I need to get into it. I might have to look into getting this course. I have a friend that is making a killing in CPA and I'm still stuck in SEO.

  • Reply bmaltz3451 days ago

    I guess all the up-sells must be effective, but they SURE are ANNOYING as a buyer. You never know what you're getting into. I wish someone would just lay it all out there, up front, and say "Buy this, but you might want to also consider buying that, too, because it will ....."

  • Reply Chuck • 3451 days ago

    Webinar comes up but won't play. I just get a black screen with the controls.

  • Reply Michele Sparhawk3451 days ago

    I was on the webinar last night, also. The webinar was great, and i was so excited to find out more. If this was anything like they described on the webinar I wanted to be a part of it. One of the things that got my attention was the teaching and mentoring that was being offered. I know I can be successful, but I need someone to help me lay my foundation, and give me the required tools that i am going to need. Not only give me the tools, but show me how to use them. I went to the website, read and listened to everything, and decided to sign up. As soon as i paid I was brought to a new page saying the process wasn't done yet. They want me to be successful and not have to go through all the learning curves they experienced so they have this great offer for me. (Wasn't that what I just signed up for?) Now I am being told that if I pay $97 a month I can get a fast start, and not have to wait the months everyone else will have to wait if they don't purchase this package.Boy, I don't even get to see my welcome letter and they are already trying to sell me something else. Maybe it is great, but what is that saying about what i just purchased? Its not everything I need like you said it was? Hey, I didn't even get a chance to check it out. I am going to try the program, and I am going to be successful, but please just be honest with me and everyone else that has put their faith in you. No one likes to be taken advantage of

  • Reply Steven Iser • 3451 days ago

    Hey guys.

    Steve Iser here - glad you guys really enjoyed the webinar! I was as thorough as I could be to help you guys understand an exact blueprint you guys can use to start profiting with CPA offers. As always, taking action is the fastest way there.

    Yes, there are a couple other offers we do make - and it's entirely up to you to join or decline. We're here to make an honest help with helping people get massive success and learn how to really, truly, and effectively promote CPA offers. :)

    Thanks again,


  • Reply Joyce Rhodes3451 days ago

    That webinar was amazing, I don't care if these guys did offer a product at the end Puki69, I've been going through it and it is solid. Even without looking at their product, they gave so much value on this webinar that I'd have to say it was the best one I've been on. J

  • Reply Wayne O'Sullivan3451 days ago

    Thanks for the webinar Mark it was awesome. I have been interested in CPA and have tried some offers out but kinda gave up on it as I didnt come right in the promotion/traffic side and decided to rather just focus on my SEO websites, but after watching this and the traffic tactics I am going to give it a go again.

  • Reply Alessandro Zamboni • 3451 days ago

    I always been attracted by CPA, but I never had courage to begin, probably because I have no high PR websites and I'm a little scared about their phone call back to me.

    I'm Italian and Webinars in USA are transmitted at impossible hours for me : if they finish at 1.00 AM it's ok, but sometimes they arrive until 4. 00 to 5.00 AM.
    So I appreciate the possibility to view their recordings.
    Thank you Mark for giving us this possibility !

    Alessandro Zamboni


  • Reply Jill • 3451 days ago

    I was on the webinar...good info..however I am reluctant to Buy again from Steve Iser. I paid $1000 for a product and got no answer to a support question but instead was replied to with an offer to try this new product, ...yeah ...really

  • Reply Jorge R • 3451 days ago

    You're right Joyce. The webinar itself was worth at least $100 for all the info they give and the way they explain things so that it's easy to take action upon what they covered. The product they offer is somehow understandable, and if it delivers more than they did at the webinar, then it's really an easy decision to make.
    Jorge R.

  • Reply David Elmes3449 days ago


    Can you PLEASE provide the Affilorama link to buy this product thru yu
    quickly guys, i dont wanna miss out

    Webinar was outstanding


  • Reply Latoya Ghant2918 days ago

    I have to say when I saw the webinar about dirty cpa I went to check it out. I went with the trial and got hit with upsells. My question became this if you are offering the copy and paste campaigns at 97 per month and once you decline you drop the price all the way to 24 per month it made me wonder how valuable is the information if you drop the price that far.

    Another thing, once inside the members area there were some bonuses missing. Keyword elite, speedy ppc, and traffic junky were not inside the members area. There were a couple of modules that were repeated from the webinar so I re-watched them to make sure I had a grasp on everything. Some other "Free" bonuses that were in the member's area were not actually free. They were products of other people that offered free trials, signing up for more webinars, and one of the bonuses link was broken and you couldn't even access the website. Google had a cache copy of the website but you can't access the website.

    I must say I a m bit frazzled and disappointed at this because I was sold from the webinar. Once inside it's a completely different situation than expected. I checked out the forums inside the member's area and there is not one person or even a comment listed in the forum. I did however wanted to try the copy and paste campaigns so I ordered the one for 24.00 per month. As of yet I have not received further information regarding these campaigns. They come out once a month but I would like to know when will I receive them, on which date, in what niche, SOMETHING.

    I sent an e-mail to one of the e-mail addresses dirtycpa@gmail.com. Google returned the e-mail saying it wasn't a valid address. So I searched around and found another email for support and have not gotten a response. I also submitted a ticket through their help desk platform listed on the dirty cpa website so we will see what happens next as I am still awaiting a response.

    I'm not bashing I'm just saying so far this isn't looking good. No doubt they are skilled in CPA but as far as training others there's still some work to be done. If you want more opinions about dirty cpa you can visit warrior forum and search for dirty cpa. I was completely amazed at what I saw and how when they first launched this same system it was selling for $3,000.

    The good thing I have gotten out of dirty cpa is the bonuses from Mark Ling from affiliorama. Just open your eyes folks and please search reviews when it comes to IM not the reviews listed from affiliates but people who actually bought the program used it and can honestly tell you what they got out of it by using their program.

    Cheers...sorry for the long comment just wanted to share my experience.

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