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Emil's #1 reason why MOST affiliates fail...

Emil's #1 reason why MOST affiliates fail...

Hi Everyone,

It's Mark Ling here. I've just received a guest blog post from Super Affiliate Emil Paz. I met Emil in person in Las Vegas a few months ago at an internet marketing event that we were both speaking at.

Note: You can actually watch the recording of my presentation from that event by signing up to claim my new "Top 6 Super Affiliate Millionaire Secrets" free report here:

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Before you do that though, make sure you read Emil's Blog

Post below...

From: Emil Paz

Hi Affilorama readers,

It's Emil Paz here. I've been a super affiliate for a number of years and I'd like to share with you today the  #1 reason why MOST affiliates FAIL.

Here's your answer:
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(hint: it's not Google's fault...)

I can summarize it all down to two words:

Information + Overload.

There's just so many things you need to do when you promote a product as an affiliate -- especially if you're using PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising.

You have to find a good product or offer, research the market, keywords, discussions and demographics, build your site, write your ads - and the list just goes on and on...

- Too much stuff = Information Overload
- Information Overload = NO Action

Well me and my team from PPC Bully have just released the "magic pill" for this problem.

The best part is that it is completely free!

Seriously. There's NOTHING to buy... No upsells, no "pro" version. Nothing.

I've made a video for you to check out right here:
==> Click Here to watch a video of why most affiliates fail PLUS download our new free software

If you go to our site via the link above, you can download our new tool for free.


All the best,

Emil Paz
Guest Blogger

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  • Reply Christian Montealvo3385 days ago

    info. overload is true and real.
    gracias for the clarity.
    stay focused...

  • Reply JJPerkins • 3383 days ago

    Thanks a lot, one of the very few toolbars I can see myself getting use out of, some really handy features.

  • Reply Irving Green3381 days ago

    I am so grateful that someone has hit the nail on the head regarding INFORMATION OVERLOAD. I get bombarded with 100s of emails weekly to try this idea or that new invention. This toolbar will reduce all of that great job. Thanks!!

  • Reply Brad Bylsma3375 days ago

    Thanks Emil.

    Yeah I admit it Info. overdose,...guilty as charged.
    It's worse than an addiction to coffee,....maybe worse.

    Having everything I need in one toolbar could save the day.

    I downloaded yours and SEOQuack to compare.


  • Reply MorselolfMifs • 3371 days ago

    I like this place really much.

    This is really a great website.
    And it is not like other money orientating site, the info here is very valuable.

    I am definitely bookmarking it as well as sharing it with my friends.


  • Reply Steven MacCormack2918 days ago

    Being a total IM rookie....or whatever you veterans call it, I think it's newbie....I'm buried in overwhelm!!! how much friggin' crap is out there?!?? anyway, I signed on for Affiloblueprint and I'm really enjoying the classes! Thanks Mark! Hope you and yours are getting through this rough time after the quake...my thoughts go out to you all! and thanks for the guest post Emil. any body got a go to list of who to listen too ( obviously besides Mark and Emil) and who to avoid like the plague??
    many thanks.

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