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Quick Idea Braindump - Semi-automated Blogging Plan

Quick Idea Braindump - Semi-automated Blogging Plan

Hi everyone,

I have so many dozens (and probably hundreds if I were to count them up) of ideas for profitable online ventures, that I thought, why not just post some of them from time to time on my blog.

I don't know if this kind of blog post will be of interest to you guys, or if it'll pose more questions than it answers.

I'm not trying to give you a full on blueprint here, this post is just a braindump of one idea I have for a profitable way of building an affiliate site and it's more suitable for intermediate readers who have some idea of how to set up a blog, customize it, spin articles and so forth.

Note: If you are completely new to affiliate marketing want a step-by-step blueprint for building profitable affiliate sites, then get AffiloBlueprint, and if you want most of the content done for you, plus a similar blueprint, then get Affilojetpack.

Below is my braindump of a plan for a semi-automated, long term profitable affiliate site.

1. Create 20 spin-ready articles (4x2 spinning). Use Affilorama Premium article spinning tool, or Rapid Rewriter.

2. Register .com domain and set it up as a wordpress blog.

3. Install any theme and customize how you like.

4. Using the spin-ready articles, spin 10 articles and post to the blog. Then each day spin 1 more article (just choose any at random) and then post it on the blog. Queue one per day to go out for a month at the start of each month. Note: each article that gets spun and posted to your blog needs to be reworded slightly to make it optimized for a keyword phrase that has at least 500+ people searching per month for it (and even 2000+ if you can find them).

5. Once a week submit a spin-ready article to www.amautomation.com and make sure to add links to previous blog posts using the correct anchor text. Spin these links so that each article that goes out has the potential of building links to several of these blog posts.

6. Add a popover (delayed) to your blog (use Affilorama Premium popover tool) to gather leads.

7. Insert an Affilojetpack followup sequence (or create your own one)

8. Mail out a live broadcast to your mailing list once a week to let send them back to your blog to check out the latest posts (I believe it'll help your SEO performance if people keep revisiting your website).

9. Depending on the niche, add CPA, or Clickbank, or Adsense revenue to each post. If you pick out 3 to 10 products at the start, then you can just set up graphics etc to promote each one and just insert it as you need it depending on what is relevant to each post.

10. Do a paid directory submission to yahoo, joeant, and one or two other paid directories. Also use submit2edge.com to submit the site to 100 directories. Occassionally use submit2edge.com to do article writing and submission to build more links.

Using this system, you'll be building a semi-automatic authority site.

Also, you should switch to using unique articles every day once the site pays for itself.

This system will work better for markets that have a lot of long tail search terms, e.g. Dog training (german shepherd aggression, golden retriever jumping, stop dog barking, stop dog chewing, puppy biting, poodle house training, etc, etc).

It may also work well for phrases that go well with city names, e.g. learn guitar in new york, learn guitar in chicago, learn guitar in miami, etc.

I hope you enjoy this post, if you like it I'll do more like this in the future. If not, I'll stick to the more regular, easier to follow, blog posts :)


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  • Reply david britton3088 days ago

    Nice post Mark this is more of what i need to keep focused on the job, a simple plan thats not too much to think about and straight forward and easy to follow. And how how you know when you have reached authority status?


  • Reply Ray Burton • 3088 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    This is a great post for newbies and intermediates who want a basic outline of a marketing plan. It confirms I'm on track to success as this is a very similar strategy to what I use with just a slight variation on the tools. Please keep these sorts of posts coming as they will be helping so many people to get on track.

    traffic to your website

  • Reply Dan Berthiaume3088 days ago

    Great post. It is a well laid out plan of attack that so many people could use to move forward in their businesses!! I think I may try that approach for my local business SEO and local listings business.

  • Reply Fertility Helper • 3088 days ago

    I really like this post! I am going to print it and start using it on another site that I am starting on and I will see how it goes. I would love to see more ideas like this! Keep on writing!!

  • Reply Jack • 3088 days ago

    I should consider to use those tools in order to increase my efficiency. Thanks!

  • Reply Marissa • 3088 days ago

    I found this post to be a total rehash of the same how-to I've been reading a hundred times a day since I got into this business. I was expecting more from Mark, like an actual IDEA, as the title suggested.

    But it did help. It made me realize that I just need to hunker down and focus on content and link building for the sites I already have and quit reading frickin emails!

    I don't want to dog Mark too bad. If anyone wants to see a live AffiloJetpack site, the one I've linked to here (SEO Marketing Tips) is one I created from Mark's AffiloJetpack program (which I do recommend, especially for the emails - just pick ONE and don't move on till you're making good money). I've been slowly building a list from this site. I've also done almost no link building. Pretty much just built it, optimized on-page, and relied on Google to find me.

    I would like to give a little advice to everyone here, and this is from the heart. PLEASE... Pick ONE THING and focus on it. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as there are 2000 plus searches/month and amazon is making sales of similar products (look for at least 10 product reviews). Then just research well, write quality posts, offer something free to build your list, and market the holy hell out of it. Ezinearticles, Onlywire, IMAutomator, automatic twitter plugin for wordpress, etc. Everyone's got tons of IDEAS.... but none of them will do you any good if you don't IMPLEMENT them! FOCUS & DO. ONE THING ONLY. And stop reading emails. There is no other information you need at this point!

    Good luck everyone, and happy marketing!!!

  • Reply Sharon • 3088 days ago

    Really appreciate it Mark, keep them coming please :)

  • Reply Marc • 3088 days ago


    Just so you know, not to long ago I bought 200 directory submissions form submitedge, but it turned out to be wasted money. You get the submissions, but that doesn't mean you get your link in the directories. On top of that, most of these directories don't seem to get indexed. The result is thus rather disappointing.
    I see you promoting them in this post (and you probably make money on it). I thought I let you know.

  • Reply Ros • 3088 days ago

    Although I'm a newbie, I can follow what you are saying, Mark, and can see that this makes sense. Good to read a blueprint which is succinct and helpful - the "how to's" I can find in lots of other internet marketing sites.

    Would love to see more of your braindumps! Thanks.

  • Reply Phillip Hillier • 3088 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    Great idea! From all my research into internet marketing this 'braindump' has hit the nail on the head!
    Not sure about recycling articles too many times though - fresh content is best.
    Back to my niche research :)

  • Reply Mark F • 3088 days ago

    Loving it Mark. Please keep them coming mate. Thanks! :)

  • Reply Chris Jacques • 3088 days ago

    Hi Mark
    I agree with the comments set above. A Great Post. From the newbie on the block your Brain dumps are very much appreciated. So please do more like this in future.

  • Reply Mark Ling3088 days ago

    To @Neokanobi and @Marc and others. You could skip the submit2edge part and use http://www.uawiz.com instead, that way you could submit the articles in spin format to make sure that they get submitted uniquely to each article site. Either way, the package at submit2edge is cheap and the goal isn't to get 100 to 200 backlinks, it's to get 5 to 15 backlinks (ie I don't expect a mass submission service to give me lots of success, but every bit counts).

    This plan is going to work mainly on low competition phrases, I've seen other affiliate friends of mine make thousands doing things similar but less comprehensive than this plan, but only focussing on very low search volume (ie 50 to 100), low competition phrases and churning out pages per day by the dozens.

    @Marissa I guess there is no such thing as an entirely unique idea as we are all influenced by those around us and I have seen others succeeding with a similar but different model to this, and have had my own success with experiments with similar models that I've run in the past to draw on here. At the end of the day you are correct, you need to stay focused with one idea. And yes this is similar to other lines of thinking you may have seen online before. Perhaps next time I'll post something more out of the box, e.g. my idea for making children's books on ipads, or my idea for a free virtual personal trainer software for weight loss that makes money through getting paid for yahoo toolbar installs or something.

  • Reply Larry • 3088 days ago

    As a newbie I found this to be an informative article - thanks.

  • Reply Darryl Hudson3088 days ago

    I've been building my sites in this fashion from the beginning as authority sites, I have two of them ranking well in google for the keyworks I'm using... I combined two niches into one site, which I use for my personal blog. I have about forty-seven post on this blog so far and I'm adding post regularly and monetizing with Adsense, Clicbank, also CPA offers in the Self Help & Relationship niches. I started building this site back in Dec. and I'm getting decent traffic, but I never thought about paid submission, as I own software that can submit for me or having someone else write some articles for me, but I have a couple of guess post from some friends I meet at Facebook that have nice blogs. I'm getting about 200 visit a day and now I'm ready to start posting to eZine Articles to build back links to my sites and do some article marketing also. Nevertheless good post Mark keep'em coming.

  • Reply Mark Wilson3088 days ago

    Thank you very much mark for this great blog post. It surely helped me a lot. I've been trying to make money online, I know you'll be mad at me 'coz I still haven't had my own .com site until now. I've done several keyword research but I think I'm just a little scared to take some risks.. =)

  • Reply Daniel B* • 3088 days ago

    Mark this is great I loved it people remember it's only a brief overview you need to work out the nitty gritty yourself.
    Mark I look forward to reading more of these types of articles in the future.

    Please,Are we allowed to download the blog article to a swipe file for future reference?


  • Reply Jeremy • 3088 days ago

    What about the plugins, and where do you get the articles from to spin? I would like to make this site a money spinner: http://www.retinolfacecream.com.au and would welcome any input.

  • Reply Sue Sweet • 3088 days ago


    What a great post! I really hope that you continue doing these "brain-dump" idea posts in the future.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas with all of us!


  • Reply MIng Jong Tey • 3088 days ago

    Thanks Mark!

    This is a proven blueprint as I am using it with slight modification!

    Ming Jong

  • Reply John • 3088 days ago

    Great article with some constructive suggestions that I can put to use immediately.
    Keep the ideas coming.
    With this kind of quality material from you I am looking forward to your next email.


  • Reply Markus Evele3088 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    Keep these posts coming.
    I have begun to discover that there is as much gold in many of the blog comments as there is in the post itself.
    Your ideas stimulates discussion and alternative (sometimes even negative) viewpoints. Either way it all contributes to a greater understanding of this minefield called IM.
    One never stops learning!
    Thanks for teaching.

  • Reply Mike • 3088 days ago

    Hey Mark
    Thanks for this great nice little straightforward plan which I am definitely going to try out.

  • Reply Yolande • 3088 days ago

    Thanks for the Braindump idea(s)...in my opinion the value you always offer is just what newbies
    and intermediates can use to move forward. Keep 'em coming. Much needed.

  • Reply Troy Todd3088 days ago

    Thanks for the tutorial Mark.
    A newbie could take this free info and start making money with it in just a short few mths.
    They just need to stick to it and focus.


  • Reply Willem Espach • 3088 days ago

    From time to time we all need somebody to switch a ligkt on to make the penny drop. Your blog post did just that for me as I am suffering from info overload and not really knowing what to do with all the info.
    Will give a try and keep you posted.
    Let the dumps keep on rolling!!!!
    Enjoy your day and God bless!!!
    It is sunnny today in the RSA

  • Reply Bassey • 3088 days ago

    Hey Mark, just wana say thanks for the tips. I listen a lot to you, and that's the reason I am staying subscribed in your list.......thanks also for your free membership site.....it is one of the site that educate and exposed me into affiliate marketing..... please keep pushing in more cool contents....thanks and stay blessed.

  • Reply Linda • 3087 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    It's a great thought to dump your ideas like this - keep them coming - who knows which ones will be the diamonds for those who are motivated to follow your ideas on.

  • Reply andrew • 3087 days ago

    thanks for this Mark.

    Are you saying that the beginning you will be posting the of the original 20 spinned articles each day, so essentially you will be having hundreds of pages of the same content just rewritten in a different way? I don't think google will give your site any authority doing that.

    Also emailing your list to come back to read the same article is going to build much trust with them, you really need unique content if you want to be asking people to come to your site again

  • Reply Pureza M. Pantino P. Orias • 3087 days ago


  • Reply Chris • 3087 days ago

    I like the mind dump. Its good to see the big picture summarized in a few short paragraphs. Was interested in the way you get organized in advance and then just turn it on and have a ready supply of material to keep feeding it and see how it produces.

    Would love to see more!

  • Reply Meg • 3087 days ago

    I m planning to START my own BLOG and for this I m gatehring as much as Informations so that I will not going to FAIL in it...I have searched many useful stuff for this...and read several post and articles by various KING bloggers. So this is also going to include in my LIST. GREAT I have collected enough thing till now.

  • Reply Mark Ling3087 days ago

    @andrew You raise good points, but the purpose of this kind of site is not to target the high competition search terms and secondly the plan is for a very good 4x2 spin, when done properly the articles come back as about 85% unique, so it's not a problem as far as google is concerned.

    As far as bringing people back to your content is concerned, most people only read 1 and possibly 2 blog posts when they read a blog. If you bring someone back to your blog, perhaps 1 in every 6 emails that you send out, then the chances that they have read a similar spun post are low as there are 20 of them, and once the site is making money, you'll make sure they are all unique.

    Of course you don't have to follow this plan, it's just an idea of mine, although pretty much all my online plans seem to work well, I just don't have time to implement all of them, which is why I thought I might just start posting a few of my different 'braindumps' on my blog from time to time to see if some of my readers may want to implement them.

  • Reply JC Dean3087 days ago

    ya know,

    The more I think about this the more I excited I get about the possibilities.
    Every one should listen to the Alex Goud interview in the "guru views" then come back and read this post again.

    Alex made his fortunes targeting long tail keywords, and I think this post make it easy to do the same.

    Mark Thanks, I think this is a million dollar Idea!!!

  • Reply TRACY CHATMAN • 3086 days ago

    To be quite honest the more information you share the better off we all can be. One thing I've learned about this industry is patience, persistence and knowledge..... Those three are a must.

  • Reply 3086 days ago

    Hi everyone,

    Thank's Mark. I'm loving all the info, and as a new traveller on this IM road, i'm beginning to see how i can make a living online, and eventually give away my day job. I'm discovering it doesn't have to cost a fortune to start out, and i'm feeling almost informed enough to get out there with a Wordpress site, my own domain, start blogging/article writing in the next few week's.
    Please keep these 'brain dump's' coming, and thanks for a great site, that i'm also just discovering.

    Best wishes, Greg.

  • Reply David Birkett3085 days ago

    Thanks for the Braindump Mark... Keep 'em coming.... It's fertile stuff :-)
    @Greg: Go for it mate...

  • Reply Tex • 3084 days ago

    Great value, Mark!
    I am going to try that with my website

  • Reply Anita • 3083 days ago

    This is a good post and if people take action they'll see results. I'm using a similar method on one of my blogs. Another idea is to also use content from article directories but you'll also have to leave a link to the author. It's a way to get keyword rich content. Also make use of the PLR articles you have lying on your hard drive and packing dust. All that information shouldn't go to waste.

  • Reply Sue Fegan • 3080 days ago

    This was great I can see how the Jetpack system follows some of this same ideas.
    I am an idiot I do not know what a 4x2 spin is.
    I use Rapid Rewriter and do a minimum of three rewrites for each sentence......
    Hope this is not too late in the sequence of things to get a response...

  • Reply Dazlyreza Dazlyreza3080 days ago

    Great tip, I love it when you explain it step by step. And it is a very workable model for an affiliate marketer.

  • Reply Mark Shaw3077 days ago

    Wow. You make it all sound so easy. But awesome post. I will check out the amautomation tool too.

  • Reply Carol Lee Frank3074 days ago

    For a newbie affiliate Mark, I did not find this article hard to understand at all. I hope that you continue the great work that you have obviously committed yourself to in helping others. Thank You, Red

  • Reply William King • 3074 days ago

    Well, I guess you have focused more on article spining than needed.
    For the newbies I will suggest to bulid relationships in your niche this is the key of success because you are not going to rank well in the beginning so the only medium to drive the traffic will be social media.

  • Reply Nick Glas3067 days ago

    Good basic, but useful stuff. Thanks for the updates.

  • Reply Viola • 3056 days ago

    It is so good to come here and find good info that I can implement right away.

    Now my downfall is I don't always implement....I mean to do it but if I don't do it within 1-2 days it's out the door, it's lost.

    Anybody in the same boat? Any solutions?



  • Reply Mary Trider • 3054 days ago

    It was very interesting for me to read that article. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

    Mary Trider
    jammer cellphone

  • Reply Ralph Andersson3053 days ago

    Nice article, hav to save some monye, so i can buy some product from you.

  • Reply Nikki • 3028 days ago

    As with Sue above, I'd like to know what 4x2 spin is as well.

  • Reply reverse call lookup • 2861 days ago

    Same with the above... what is 4x2 spin?
    But interesting strategy...

    @viola I was in the same boat, but it is because that I'm forcing myself to do strategies that I'm not suited/good at

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