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Using Psychological Tactics in your marketing

Using Psychological Tactics in your marketing

A while ago I ran a live teleseminar with Mark Joyner from mindcontrolnow.com about how to use powerful human psychological factors in your marketing.

I wanted to get Mark Joyner on this particular teleseminar because he is a well known expert in the field of 'mind control marketing' and has spent years researching and testing the different ways that psychological factors play out in marketing.

Whether you like it or not, influence plays a strong part in our daily lives, whether parents are influencing their children to do the right thing, or politicians are influencing you to vote for them.

What you'll learn here is a LOT of valuable information about how the human mind works and how to use it to your advantage to ethically turbo charge your sales and conversion rates.

This is definitely a must-listen-to audio recording and while it has been on my guruviews page for quite some time, I decided to re-post it to my blog today for the many of you who have never listened to this call before.

Click here to be taken to the page where you can listen to the Mark Joyner 'How to Use Mind Control in Your Marketing' interview.


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  • Reply Ashawndra Edwards3771 days ago

    This seems really interesting I might have to take you guys up on this and figure out Mark Joyner's Mind Control :D

    Ashawnrdra Michelle

  • Reply Colin- ethical income blogger • 3770 days ago

    A great classic interview Mark (& Mark). It was great to hear it. I often struggle with the whole aspect of copywriting and manipulation. Mark's answers helped to put it all in perspective. It is true that if we set out to be leaders and influencers for good, then we are already involved in mind control activities.

  • Reply Ray Gollis3770 days ago

    Great Interview!

  • Reply wikiAnswer • 3768 days ago

    Very Useful Indeed ! I always struggle with the whole aspect of copywriting and manipulation. Mark's answer really helps in marketing products to turbo charge the sales and conversion rates.

  • Reply Kaye Dennan • 3767 days ago

    Mind control is most definitely used in all sales areas and internet selling is no different, except that you cannot read the body language at the same time!

  • Reply Michael • 3763 days ago

    Before even listening to the interview, I had to figure sales and mind control are joined. But the last commenter is right, not having the body language can be hard.

  • Reply Leslie Sansone Williams • 3762 days ago

    Thanks for the audio. Understanding this is essential to bringing the customer to a positive conclusion.

  • Reply Kari Farmer3760 days ago

    I love Mark Joyner. He was literally the turning point in my marketing career. Basically I met a WHOLE bunch of frogs before I got to meet him - and he was the first person to actually help me and get me moving in the right direction. Listen to him!

  • Reply Melissa • 3760 days ago

    This is Definitely essential. This is something I am focused on more and more these days. It is one thing getting people to your site but once you have figured out how to do that you really beging to see that the key is actually getting them to open their wallet and to do what you want them to do. Thanks affilorama, as always you come up with some good stuff and you get the right people involved.


  • Reply SoMo • 3756 days ago

    Kind of abstract but I like thinking about theories sometimes instead of pure concrete strategy.

  • Reply Ajc_pprofits • 3755 days ago

    Yeah its interesting stuff, most people will usually perform an action if you tell them too.

  • Reply Business Strategy • 3749 days ago

    Conversion is key-- what an interesting post! Very true. You can't rely on concrete "tactic" to start to get your viewers to actually open their wallets.

  • Reply eric • 3740 days ago

    i think conversion is important, don't get me wrong. but an amazing site with little to no traffic won't be worth a dime. so start by targetting the right niche and only then think about the writing

  • Reply Daniel Rim • 3740 days ago

    Sure very interesting and useful audio. Got a very innovative idea of using psychological knowledge in online business. Thanks you for sharing good information.

  • Reply Keydren • 3454 days ago

    You have the monopoly on uesful information-aren't monopolies illegal? ;)

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