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The Great Affilorama Twitter Giveaway is Back!

The Great Affilorama Twitter Giveaway is Back!

This contest is now over - Congratulations to @Lucie7 and @Juwoko who both walked away with Affilorama Premium for one year! But there's still another two chances to win with Facebook - read about that here.

Hey Guys,

So with Christmas coming up, we here at Affilorama decided that it would be a great time to give some stuff away!

And what better way to do it than with Twitter!

Here's the deal - follow us on Twitter, and retweet the message below to enter. At the end of the competition we'll draw out two random followers who have retweeted the message and give them both 1 years free membership to Affilorama Premium - worth $804! ($67 per month)

That's all you have to do! Follow Affilorama, retweet the message below and you're in to win.

We'll draw out two names on the 5th of January and contact them by direct message.

Good luck!

Click this link or copy the following text into a tweet:

Contest now over.


And don't forget to follow @affilorama!!

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  • Reply Fern Fischer3403 days ago

    Thanks for the contest. Merry Christmas all!

  • Reply Eddie • 3402 days ago

    I have done the twitter thing but I am not confident at winning anything. But you never know. If I do win I promise to give you guys a visit as I will be cruising to NZ on the Pacific Dawn in February. Happy New Year!

  • Reply Kari Saarinen • 3401 days ago

    Thanks Mark. And sorry others, but this time I'ts me who is going to win.

  • Reply Alberto Voli • 3401 days ago

    Hi! I also retwitted! Hope to win :-) Happy new year!

  • Reply bob seluk • 3401 days ago

    would be great!

  • Reply Celeste • 3401 days ago

    Great contest and a great model to follow to build buzz for a product and a small army of Twitter followers.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Reply Jorge Maya • 3401 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for the contest. I hope I can win.

    Happy New Year!

  • Reply Andrea SIeres3401 days ago

    Thanks Mark for the opportunity and the reminder :)
    Your content has gotten me further than anything I have done online to date! I am ready to get back to week 6 of the Affilorama Blueprint ! Hope to make some money finally in 2010!!!

  • Reply HolyWebMaker • 3401 days ago

    Wish me luck everybody! :) If the paid stuff is half as good as the free content this is a great prize!

  • Reply Ivan • 3401 days ago

    Thanks Mark! All the best from Croatia! :)

  • Reply John Leahy • 3401 days ago

    Great gift idea, Mark! Anybody would be thrilled to get Affilorama Premium for free, an I'm no different. Here's to Peace, Prosperity, and Health for the New Year. John Leahy

  • Reply Tony Rogan • 3401 days ago

    Great Thanks Mark look forward to working with you.

    Happy New Year

    Regards Tony

  • Reply Richard • 3401 days ago

    Hey Mark,

    hope you had a Merry Christmas. thanks so much for all your work and great stuff you give away. You are a fine example of how to market as you do what you teach! would be so sweet to win a years Affilorama premium. I'm in.

  • Reply Salvatore Manaro3401 days ago

    Tweet Tweet and a Happy New year to us all!!

  • Reply Clare Bristow3401 days ago

    Hi, thanks for the contest - i've retweeted.
    Here's to a prosperous 2010!

  • Reply John • 3401 days ago

    This is more amazing on top your already great service and coaching.


  • Reply Mark Wengler3401 days ago

    Great offer - keep it coming :O)
    Allilorama rock's
    All the best
    Mark W.

  • Reply Sue McDonald • 3401 days ago

    Hope you have had a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year of 2010. May we all proper and continue to help others with kindness.

  • Reply Emmanuel Mba • 3401 days ago

    Thanks Mark for the opportunity to enter for the contest. Wishing you the very best of the Best of the New year

  • Reply Melba McDonald3401 days ago

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a WINNER!!!

  • Reply Tex Gshwandtner • 3401 days ago

    Tweeted out to 180k followers ~ @tweettex @onlinetoolman @loa_lover @golfing_nut

    Good luck with your contest and Happy New Year

    Oh yeah - would luv to win :)


  • Reply Shawn Higginbotham3401 days ago

    Tweeting complete. Great offer

  • Reply Yuli Handoyo3401 days ago

    Great work Mark, Thanks for give us opportunity.
    Everybody want to be part of your great success.

    Happy holidays for all

  • Reply Max Wellmann • 3400 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    My thanks for all your e-mails with marketing tips and suggestions over the past few months.

    My best wishes to you and your staff for the coming year

  • Reply vishalk3400 days ago

    Hope to get the free membership too for a year.


  • Reply Scott Reeverts3400 days ago

    i retweeted hope its me

  • Reply Andre Arnett • 3400 days ago

    I have my entry in and hope to win a membership. Thanks.

  • Reply Kaew • 3400 days ago


    Thanks for that, I appreciated it
    But just wonder How big for people who tweet and re-tweet.

    Anyway I will join and excited to know the coming result. Who gonna win it.

  • Reply bruce • 3400 days ago

    What a generous offer.
    Would like to win, need the backup.
    Seasons greetings

  • Reply Rizwan Ullah • 3400 days ago

    I want to contact with this program but I have not alot of money

    therefore; you may please be arraged free of cost (if possible)


    Mr. Rizwan

  • Reply marsinah • 3400 days ago

    I did retweet....and wish I'm in it.. This will be a my best ever present for our 26th wedding anniversary as I want to change my life forever.....

  • Reply starss Tan3400 days ago

    I also try to retweet. First time using it. Hope i do it rightly.. :)

  • Reply William Tera3400 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for all the great coaching this year really looking forward to the new year and what Affilorama has in store. So cool to work with a fellow kiwi. Go the All Blacks!....... Thanks again.

  • Reply william eckard3400 days ago

    Done !...... Better late than never. Happy New Year everyone!

  • Reply AHMAD KHAIRY • 3400 days ago

    I did it, a hope i win it,........ya rab

  • Reply focus • 3400 days ago

    Great way to encourage the group! Best of Success to those that win the Prize and Best of Success to those that don't - :)

    We can all Win in Twenty Ten with determination and FOCUS -

    Thanks for the offer guys and Happy New Year to All -

  • Reply caoimhin o dea 3400 days ago

    I did it too

  • Reply willson • 3400 days ago

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    But this study revealed this to be incorrect!

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  • Reply Cynthia Watts3399 days ago

    I've got my fingers crossed!!!

  • Reply Eric Dominguez3399 days ago

    hope we all win! how cool is that? (", lol that'll be a wonderful gift from santa!

  • Reply John Cooper • 3399 days ago

    Hope I win in 2010.

  • Reply Douglas Case3399 days ago

    Retweeted & Following. Good luck everyone.

  • Reply Marwan Fadhel • 3399 days ago

    Dear Sir,/Madam,
    I wish you good in Last of this year and the begin of the New Year 2010,and I hope great christmes for every body in the world,and I hope that I selected as on of the winner of the one year subsecrebation from affilorama!!

    Tanke you,
    Marwan Fadhel

  • Reply Footprints • 3398 days ago

    Wishing you all a prosperous and blessed New Year.

  • Reply RobT • 3397 days ago

    Yea i did r/t too would like to win
    thanks RobT
    Happy New Year

  • Reply Shirl • 3397 days ago

    Thanks love it!

  • Reply rupali • 3396 days ago

    did the same....

  • Reply Christina Love3393 days ago

    Happy New Year Mark,

    I did all my retweets the 2nd day after the giveaway started. I am hoping to win so I can free up some of my subscription money to bring in another member to affilorama to help me raising fund to help teachers educating children at the underdeveloped countries in the south pacific.

    Good Luck to you All!

  • Reply emmanuel • 3391 days ago

    I am a novice and want to start right here at affilorama............i will be so happy to be a winner

  • Reply norma radcliffe • 3376 days ago

    man I'm so pissed I missed the date I got into my messages too late, busy with family stuff on holidays but pls let me know of other contest. I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed christmas and new year.

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