Praise where praise is due

By Affilorama Group
Praise where praise is due


There has been a lot going on in the world of internet marketing where internet marketers slander other internet marketers, and so on and so forth.

I'd like to buck that trend and let you see a list of 3 of the worlds top internet marketing gurus. These people have been consistently producing fantastic quality information, I'll list some free things they have to give away below:

Brad Callen: Visit to download and print out his free book on search engine optimization (Simply fantastic).

Ken Evoy: Visit for his free Affiliate Masters Course ebook. This is even more great free information for you about how to make money from affiliate programs.

I hope everyone enjoys the above free resources. Of course they aren't the only great gurus out there, but what they provide for free is exceptional.


Mark Ling

Kristen Burgess 18 years ago
you've given me yet another reason for me to look forward to affilorama Mark. I really respect Ken Evoy's advice and teaching about internet marketing and what I've heard from John Reese is good too. I'll have to look up Brad Callen as I haven't heard of him before.

Thank you again for the great resources you provide, even to those of us who don't own the product yet!

Adrian 18 years ago
Looking forward to it!
George 18 years ago
Hey Thanks Mark!

I just printed out that SEO book and it looks great! I had trouble downloading that Affiliate one but have emailed Ken Envoy.

Thanks again for providing such a great blog.
Skeptic 18 years ago
I like all those guys you've mentioned, I didn't realise there was a free copy of the reese report, thanks for the link.

I was thinking of getting a copy of plrpro after checking out their site from your last couple of blog posts. Can you really make good money from private label rights articles?? Looks almost too good to be true.

Sarena Madden 18 years ago
Skeptic, you're going to have to change all your misconceptions and approach this with faith that it is possible to make money online from lots of different ventures.

I make a full time living from affiliate programs, and also earn about $350/wk from my private label rights sites and aim to improve this to $1000 a week by the end of the year.

I've heard friends tell me I'm lucky and they couldn't do that, but really, it wasn't luck. I made it happen. I listened to advice and I took action and continue to do so.

I've been going for about 18 months now and feel that the whole internet has changed my life for the better.

I joined affilorama a month ago and have found it to be the most comprehensive resource that I've come across on affiliate program marketing. Who knows how much I'd be making right now if I'd come across this sooner?

If you truly can't believe that it's possible, then why not follow all the step by step information that mark gives you in his 90 day roadmap and then prove it to yourself that it doesn't work?.. I don't think it's possible, it's a good solid strategy to make the most money you can from affiliate programs and do so in the long term.

Also, since I joined affilorama, Mark has added about 15 new videos and software updates. He's even recorded video lessons for other members and posted them on the forum.

If you want to make money you've got to take action! Don't rubbish anything until you've tried it.

Sarena Madden
Buzz 18 years ago
Hey, thanks for the tips.

I'm looking forward to the transcripts next week!

Wally 18 years ago
Hey I've just finished the 90 day roadmap and am very impressed. I want to private message you with my site idea because I don't want others to see it on the forum is that ok? I'll show it to others later, I just want to get it going first.

Sile 18 years ago
Hi Mark - just been through your intro vidoes on affiliate programme and am recommending them to everyone I know here in Italy.

Thanks for always over delivering. This blog and your website have dynamite content!!


15 years ago
hi really2 new..i joined u guys only yesterday...with too little info on trying to figure it out here.. if u dont mind me asking..i could not find ur 90 day programme..where can i look at it??
Kathaleen Dunford 14 years ago
Hi Mark,

Sorry but you said "a list of 3 of the worlds top internet marketing gurus."

Now am I going blind because I can only find the names of two marketing gurus together with their free products?

Looking forward to receiving a response from you or a member of your great support team.