PPC Kahuna Review

By Mark Ling
PPC Kahuna Review


Hey Guys,

For all you PPC enthusiasts out there, I just recorded this video showing you a tour of PPC Kahuna. It launches at 12pm EST on Thursday March 5.

It has some great tools in there and I thought that a video would be the best way you can see them for yourself so that you can tell if this will fit into your pay per click strategy.

I apologize in advance for the audio quality in this video below, I ran into some technical problems, but I wanted to make sure this is online for you to see.

Click here to load up the video

If you do decide to get yourself a copy of PPC Kahuna then I have some extra bonuses for you that you can claim if you join through the link below (limited to the first 20 people who claim them):

Link to PPC Kahuna plus bonuses

Here are the bonuses:

Bonus #1: My 'Buyer' Keywords Report PLUS video (not for sale, value $97)

Some keywords result in higher probabilities of sales than other keywords and I've compiled a list from my vast experience in Pay Per Click as to what types of keyword phrases lead to buyers more often than most others. This is an essential list of 26 keywords, plus an explanation video that goes with them. Having these should be immediately helpful to your PPC efforts.

Bonus #2: Traffic Travis Professional Edition (value $99)

Take your market research, search engine optimization and PPC campaigns to a whole new level with this suite of professional tools. Traffic Travis gives you a godlike perspective over all aspects of your SEO and PPC campaigns, so you can spot opportunities that others might miss! Whether you're an experienced internet marketer or a complete newbie, put Traffic Travis to work and your campaigns will thank you!

To claim your bonuses simply purchase PPC Kahuna using the link below:

Link to PPC Kahuna plus bonuses

Then email us with your receipt and we'll give you your bonuses.

All the best to your continued PPC Success!

Mark Ling

Ron Howell 15 years ago
I've been a beta member of PPCKahuna since it opened.

I can tell you that these guys are the 'real deal'
They know their stuff and I'm getting very good results.

Here's an excerpt from their sales page,

Begin excerpt,

"...if we were doing some slimy, underhanded trick that we were terrified Google would find out and shut down, then of course we would not share it. But the difference is we are not doing anything illegal, immoral, or otherwise "anti-Google"... we instead would rather work with Google than against them!"

End Excerpt.

These guys are Ethical Marketers!

Not like other PPC marketers who use blatantly illegal tactics PLUS and advocate that others should as well to try and fool Google. This might work for a little while, but after they get their accounts closed down I'll still be getting hordes of traffic (traffic equals money!) by using the methods I learned over at PPCKahuna!

I'm not some newbie, I know what I'm talking about. I've been making a living online since 2006.
Those who look for shortcuts and are willing to cross the line into 'blackhat' methods WILL get 'beat down' by Google eventually. Then they'll have to start at square one again and look for another way to avoid doing some work.

I can tell you that it's easier to just do the work up front and reap the rewards on the back end.

PPCKahuna WILL show you the way!

Don't be fooled by 'slick' pre-launch videos created by 'slimy' marketers that promise more than they could ever deliver.

End of Rant.