Players with Money

By Affilorama Group
Players with Money


Hi Guys,

Tomorrow Alex Goad is launching: Players with Money

It's a series of 8 step-by-step blueprints to how he earns over $1million a year on the internet.

You'll discover everything that he does, including product development, search engine marketing, ppc marketing (up to date for 2008), Sales funnelling, Words that sell (copywriting super secrets), interviews with internet marketing experts and more.

And the launch price is only $67! (price due to rise steeply after launch).

Here are some sample PROOF videos that Alex has supplied to me to get you prepared for the launch:

Video 1: Players With Money

$200K Paydays...

Video 2: The $6643 Affiliate Trick

Video 3: Brass Knuckles from the Underground

The full Players with Money product launches tomorrow and as usual I'm offering an exclusive bonus to anyone who purchases through my affiliate link.


My exclusive bonus:

Interview with Affiliate Millionaire Mr A: In my interview with Mr A, you'll discover exactly how Mr A has built up an affiliate empire which earns him over $65,000 per month! Everything from list building to some sneaky conversion rate secrets that he uses. This interview is invaluable. Plus, you'll have resale rights so that you can start selling this interview yourself!


Update: Players with money has now closed.

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All the best!

Mark Ling

Patrick Giffen 16 years ago
Hi Mark, I've just recently signed up on Affilorama and know absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing as I'm just starting to learn from your videos. Would this product be a wise investment for someone like me with no experience but a strong desire to be successful in this field or should I continue to learn from your videos and approach this product later on? Thanks...Patrick From Affilorama: Affilorama: There is no point getting yourself overwhelmed with too much learning if you don't have time to implement what you purchase. I recommend this if you are a interested in making money online through making your own products, and the price is very low for what you get. But like I said, if you know you don't have time to implement what you learn, then you'd be better to wait (even if the price is higher later).
Njpollet 16 years ago
Mark, What if I don't have a product to sell? Is Players-with-Money beneficial from just an affiliate marketing standpoint? If it's really geared toward promoting my own product, does it help me come up with product ideas and ways to implement them? From Affilorama: Thanks, Nate Yes it does cover product and affiliate selling. Yes it is veneficial from just an affiliate standpoint and it does help you come up with product ideas and how to implement them if you are interested in product selling. 
Mel 16 years ago
Hi Mark

How can you find the products before they launch so you can get ready before hand? thank you