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Hi Guys,

I had a few people emailing me asking how to create a thumbnail screenshot image, so I thought I'd do a blog post about how to do it using I chose as it is free :)

Below you can see I've loaded up and this is my starting canvas (notice the similarities to Adobe Photoshop):


Now, the first step in creating your thumbnail screenshot is to take a page that you want o make a thumbnail out of and load it up in your web browser. I chose the affilorama blog. Then press the "print screen" key on your keyboard. Then click into your windown and press ctrl-v (paste). Allow it to resize the canvas if it asks you for permission.

You should now see a page like below:

Next you'll want to crop out any unnecessary stuff that is in your image. What you do is click on the dotted square box on the top left of the toolbox in Then select the area that you want to keep (ie the shaded area as shown below):


Then go to the Images menu at the top and choose "Crop to Selection"

Then go back to the images tab and select "Resize"

Now change the height to the height that you want your thumbnail to be. I've chosen 200 as you can see below (btw, make sure that 'maintain aspect ratio' is ticked):

Now you're done, you can save your image as a jpg, gif or whatever you wish.

And as a result, we have our final thumbnail screenshot below (created in

Bear in mind there is a whole lot more you can do using this handy, free image editing tool, such as drawing, applying effects and more. It isn't as good as adobe photoshop, but hey, it's F-R-E-E, and it does the trick :)


16 years ago
Thanks At this time I do not have the time to get technical in to many areas. I appreciate all of the information that I have received from you in the past.
Mike 16 years ago
Hey mark, i just joined affiliorama and its fantastic thanks for making this available to everyone. As for the photo editing tool above, does it work on vista? From Mark: Yes it works on vista.
Albert Grande 16 years ago
As usual, excellent tips and tricks, Mark. Best of all you can grab this for free.
Anish 16 years ago
Hello mark,

Thanx for sharing this wonderful application for image resizing.

Replica Watch 16 years ago
Hello Sir,

This one look like a nice tool.

would help me resizing the image for my website.

Can you please tell me from which site i can download this application

John 16 years ago
This is a well timed cooincidence because I was just wondering how to edit a screen shot. Thanks for this post.
David Busey 16 years ago
...and for those of us running Mac OS, iPhoto (bundled free with the OS) has excellent, intuitive tools for re-sizing, cropping and basic photo alterations like brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, red eye retouching and more.

Also, there's a great little shareware program called "Graphic Converter" that is another great Photoshop alternative. It's pretty powerful actually. It's not free but well worth the $40 or whatever I paid a few years back. Especially when compared to the hundreds you'd plunk down for Photoshop.

Mimenta 16 years ago
Hi Mark, I have used for a while but I prefer The GIMP which is totally free but so like Adobe,s graphics wares that you can use one and jump straight to the other with no dramas. It also has a great support base because it is also a standard inclusion in most Linux distributions as well. Having such a large user base means it will be around for a while. From Mark: Hi Mimenta, great to hear from you again. The GIMP is definately better than, it has more features and versatility to do more things. Although many people find that it is less user friendly than Paint, which is true, so it really depends on what people want to use it for. If you want to do more advanced stuff, then The Gimp is certainly better. Paint tends to run faster too.
Bob McGuire 16 years ago
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