Webinar Video Replay: Secrets to Outsourcing

By Mark Ling
Webinar Video Replay: Secrets to Outsourcing


One of the most critical features in my own success online has been my ability to delegate tasks that I don't like doing. This has enabled me to free up more of my time to work 'on' my business, rather than 'in' it.

The great news for you is that Last night I recorded a marathon live video webinar with Daniel Turner from http://www.myoutsourcemethod.com.

In this webinar Daniel shared precisely how he goes about automating every part of his business (SEO, Graphic Design, Article Writing, Support and so forth).

It was incredible and the response from the people on the webinar was fantastic. I highly recommend that you go watch the replay of this as soon as you can:

Click Here to watch the Outsourcing Secrets Webinar Video

I should warn you this went waaay overtime. In fact it was scheduled to go for 90 minutes and it ended up going for 3 and a half hours.

It went this long because Daniel and I wanted to make sure that we covered all aspects of outsourcing in detail and it included great information on the following:

* Where to go to hire the best staff for each different type of activity, whether this be for one off small projects or for regular ongoing work.

* How to outsource your search engine optimization.

* The critical checklist you MUST follow when hiring people for small projects (ie $200 or less). Miss any of these and you risk getting a job done poorly.

* How to spot from a mile a away the fraudsters, cowboys and low lifes who are there to rip you off and do absolutely no work at all
- the scary thing is there are more people like this than you think!

* Essential link building tasks for your seo staff

* The key factors and SEO methods that are proven and guaranteed to get first page positions for virtually any keyword - these are the same methods that clients pay them up to 10k a month to implement

* The 2 key elements that you MUST have for outsourcing SEO, if you fail in these 2 key elements you will NOT achieve the results you expect

* Where to hire full time employees from for only a few dollars an hour (and yet they are super high quality, speak great english and are very loyal!)

* The 2 guaranteed methods to get a good result in any outsourcing process you go through - Warning: If you miss these two methods you have failed before you even started.

* Plus lots more essential outsourcing secrets.

Go here to watch the replay:

Click Here to watch the Outsourcing Secrets Webinar Video

Jon Pastorizo 15 years ago
Hi Mark,

This is a very good post. I hope that a lot of the forum members will be able to attend the webinar. I sure wish I can but I am at work until 5PM PST! I'm sure you will have a recording of it so I'd still be able to learn from this webinar.

It sure made me smile to see that my home country Philippines is one of the top countries to outsource to!

Mike McBride 15 years ago
Nice resource Mark, you always seem to have what I need when I need it. Keep up the good work.

Karma, slow but sure.
Gary Gilliam 15 years ago
Hi Mark,

Just wanted to mention to you how grateful I am that you take your teachings very seriously and to the point without a bunch of fluff and hype. I also want to thank you for being so involved with your members, it shows great commitment on your part. Oh I almost forgot, thanks for the outsourcing webinar as I know that it will be a great source of quality information as usual.

payday loans 15 years ago
every one of those maps are great, i will try to use them, the info is great
Mary Francis Proctor 15 years ago
Seriously I am very grateful to for the information, keep up the good work.
Amie Cabello 15 years ago
I'm presently attending your webinar, and as a Filipino virtual assistant, I am very flattered that you always acknowledge the Philippines as a great place for outsourcing and hiring the best staff. It made me very proud especially when you mentioned that Filipinos are great. Keep up the good work and more success to your business. I also want to express my gratitude to a great lady, Ms Brigitte Charlon, for inviting me here.
Dale 15 years ago
Anyway you could convert the webinar to mp3 for my iPod?
Aliza Stein 15 years ago
mark - it launches today, correct? (wednesday, oct 10th)

is the launch on the same page http://www.myoutsourcemethod.com ?

thanks, Lee
Mark Ling 15 years ago
Lee: Yes it launches today.

Dale: I could convert to mp3, however the problem with that is that we showed a lot of stuff on screen so I think it would reduce the effectiveness of what you learn if you simply listen over the ipod. That said, it would be better than nothing. Let me know if you still require that.
wentzel 15 years ago
When is this thing going live today? Aust EST? Or can we get a early link? My CCard is melting in anticipation!!! Great webinar yesterday Mark thank you.
Mark Ling 15 years ago
It is already live and has been for quite a few hours: http://www.myoutsourcemethod.com
Franck Silvestre 15 years ago
That was an awesome webinar. Although I am not really new at SEO, I learned many golden nuggets.

Thanks again Mark,

Ben 15 years ago
Webinar is very helpful it can really help a lot. Mark you are true about you've mentioned the two key elements Infact i have two staff in Philippines right now and they are very reliable in terms of works.. Keep up the good Works.
Shane Masse 15 years ago
hey mark, I've had trouble watching the video without it cutting out on me, i think its the terrible weather we've been having, but i don't. I was wondering if you had a link to download the webinar so I wouldn't have to worry about it cutting out.

I was also wondering how much it cost to do most the outsourcing a month.


K S Lincoln 15 years ago
Quite closer to the beginning Daniel Turner was talking about systems and mentioned a couple of books you could read to learn more but can't make out the names of the authors? Can anyone help?
BIll Kernodle 15 years ago
great webinar !!
Jaydenlucas 15 years ago
Hi Mark,

First of all, thank you for sharing this post because it has been a lot helpful especially when it comes to valuing time to business, staff and personal life as well. Valuing time for me has been a great relief to manage the business through outsourcing of tasks and dissecting business opportunities in the process. This way, the manager and its staff can easily gain successful results in less time because projects are highly distributed according to expertise. Also, I got this idea from this website at: www.massoutsource.com which offers free videos to reveal more of the outsourcing secrets especially for those belonging to the "startups". A friend gave me this another resource and thought of sharing this to everyone here as well.
Charles Kidd 15 years ago
This is absolutely amazing I will definitely come to your blog everyday and thank you for the great webinar.
Mark Person 13 years ago
Whooooh! Super agree! i definitely too is doing outsourcing. there are really some tasks or some fields that are really new to me. it would really take time to learn new idea. it would be better to have some to do it specially if you have another business or job to do. try to search some other tips on the net about outsourcing. again thank for this post and links you have given dude!
i'lll be waitng for your new post Mr. markling..
Marret 9 years ago
Myoutsourcemethod.com link doesn't work...
Melissa Johnson 9 years ago
Hi, Marret! Thanks for letting us know. We'll take care of that.