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Niche Socializer Bonuses Announced

Niche Socializer Bonuses Announced

Hi Guys,

Niche Socializer launches on April 7 at 12pm EST (New York Time).

Niche socializer is all about dominating a niche through social networking and then using the power of owning your own niche 'Facebook-Style' website to make profits. It comes complete with the software required to build this kind of website.

If you missed the live Niche Socializer webinar that we recorded on Sunday, I highly recommend that you watch it right now because it showcases the full power of what this incredible software can do:

Click Here to watch the Niche Socializer Teleseminar Replay

Great news, we've put together a super high value Mega Bonus package for you that you can claim if you decide to join Niche Socializer through our link during launch week.

Important: How to Claim Your Bonuses

To claim your bonuses you have to:

1. Clear your cookies (search google for 'how to clear your cookies' if you are unsure of how to do this).

2. Click the following link and then purchase Niche Socializer (Launches Tuesday 7 April 12pm EST)

(Removed link as it no longer exists)

3. Email support@affilorama.com with your receipt and we'll give you your bonuses.

Here are the details of your mega bonuses:

Mega Bonus #1: Private 2 hour LIVE webinar bootcamp with Andrew X from Niche Socializer and Mark Ling ($1997 value)

This amazing webinar will include the live creation of a Niche Socializer style website, one which you can keep an eye on while it grows and flourishes in the future. There will also be a live Q and A session during the webinar and the marketing strategy for the site will be revealed here too.

You'll also receive the video recording of this mega webinar, so you can use it as a blueprint for your own profitable NS website!

Mega Bonus #2: 6 months access to Google Ambush (normally $77/month = $462 value)

This is the software everybody wants, but nobody's been able to get, because we've kept it under wraps.

It's the simple way to avoid all the grunt work mere mortals normally have to do when they set up an ad campaign — find keywords that don't stink, tweak their keyword bids, and all the rest.

That's because this groundbreaking software (brand new to the market) is based on something so simple it'll shock you...

The Google Ambush Software System is Simple:

Step 1: Use our software to find a profitable niche. Not just any niche. You need one that will line your pockets.

Step 2: Use our software to pick keywords with laser-like precision. It's not enough to slap together a set of 1,500 loosely related junk keywords. That's how to go bankrupt. You need the cream of the crop, and that means you have to know how to find them.

Step 3: Fire up your PPC Factory. This is really the "secret sauce". You need to be able to target the best converting keywords with killer ads based on the ones already raking in huge profits on Google.

Step 4: Generate your landing page automatically. Online advertising is a science. If your landing page isn't up to snuff, Google will slap you senseless by knocking your ads down and charging you crazy money to make them recover.

Step 5: Track your performance. Think of PPC as a series of guesses. You have to refine your approach as you learn more. Specifically, you have to know which keywords put the most money in your pocket so you can focus on them. But this tracking needs to be automatic, not manual, or you'll pull your hair out trying to do it when you need to.

Step 6: Do it AGAIN. Once you've done it once, the key to creating jaw-dropping profits is to do it again... and again... and again.

Mega Bonus #3: Google Ambush VIP ($297 value)

This Deluxe video series means business, and will turn your future Google Ambush profits from special to extraordinary, giving you an unfair advantage over the rest of the software members who were not wise enough or speedy enough to take advantage of this limited offer... not to mention all the thousands of affiliates unlucky enough not to have taken this opportunity in the first place.

There are several videos involved in this VIP area including:

* The "Monster Niche Product Finder" Series
* The "Free Affiliate Video Cash Machine" Series
* The "PPC Blueprint" Series
* The "Affiliate Goldmine Indicators" Series
* Plus so much more.

Mega Bonus #4: Google Massacre (As Sold for $97 USD)

  • You'll learn how to sneak up on your competition in their cozy little markets where they suspect nothing...and swoop down on them like a whirlwind
  • We'll give you traffic tactics that will make your visitors do your bidding for maximum profit
  • When you're done, you'll be armed with ruthless strategies few other people know or even imagine are possible (this is not anything you've heard before)—and may the bloodletting begin!

Saying this gives you a competitive advantage is like saying Genghis Kahn had a temper. This is total competitive domination on an unprecedented scale. We don't believe in being dainty in the online profit war.

Mega Bonus #5: Outsider SEO Video Course ($497 Value)

Once you build your Niche Socializer website, you'll need to get visitors to come and frequent your website so that you can build up your social community. This is the perfect companion video course to teach you the latest strategies and tactics for getting free visitors to your website!

Mega Bonus #6: Authority Site Formula ($497 Value)

Discover the latest strategies and tactics for building content sites effortlessly and how to manage them. You will also learn how to leverage and capitalize on all of the greatest web 2.0 properties so that you gain maximum exposure and traffic to your Niche Socializer website. I'm talking about strategies that will allow you to start generating traffic to your website immediately!

Important: How to Claim Your Bonuses

To claim your bonuses you have to:

1. Clear your cookies (search Google for 'how to clear your cookies' if you are unsure of how to do this).

2. Click the following link and then purchase Niche Socializer (Launches Tuesday 7 April 12pm EST)

(Removed link as it no longer exists)

3. Email support@affilorama.com with your receipt and we'll give you your bonuses.

Note: Niche Socializer will only be open for a maximum of 7 days, then they will close the doors to take proper care of all their initial customers.

All the best,

Mark Ling

P.S. Watch the video below to hear how four normal everyday people used the power of Niche Socializer to build an incredible online income and business in no time at all:

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  • Reply Custom motorcycle guy • 3668 days ago

    Awesome...loved the webinar :) I think this is just what I needed. Sign me up!!

  • Reply Gary Hutchison3667 days ago

    what url do we use to buy through your affiliate link?

  • Reply Cosmo Keenan3667 days ago

    I honestly can't wait to have my own niche community!

  • Reply steve grossmann3667 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    Great Webinar, I learn such vast amounts of knowledge for the guest that you have on


  • Reply niche socializer scam • 3666 days ago

    cool. How to buy?

  • Reply bmaltz3666 days ago

    Mark,. your link, above to buy Niche Socializer is actually to PPCF 2.0.

    please update witht eh correct link.


  • Reply Robb • 3666 days ago

    Mark, not sure if you can help. Im trying to purchase nichesocializer but having trouble with the merchant being in Austrailia. and they dont take Discover card. have you seen any other issues?

  • Reply Mark Ling3665 days ago

    I just received your blog comment and have talked to Andrew from Niche Socializer, he said he can arrange an alternative payment option for you that will accept discover. You’ll have to email him at: andrew@nichesocializer.com. Plus mention affilorama so that we know to credit you with the mega bonus pack.

  • Reply Mark Ling3665 days ago

    For anyone else who emails andrew requesting alternative payment options, don't forget to mention Affilorama so you can claim your mega bonus pack from us :)

  • Reply Monique • 3665 days ago

    For some reason, I am unable to playback the teleseminar past the 30:33 mark. Can you help me? Thanks!

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